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Curse of Vanishing Minecraft | Full Guide 2022

Curse of Vanishing Minecraft

In Curse of Vanishing Minecraft, Whenever the participant holding the item fails, the Curse is used on almost any items, armor, fishing rod, ax, and so on. This spell works throughout the inventory for goods as well. And until the object upon which spell cast disappears, it disappears for good. You’re not even able to locate the missing thing. The primary reason for adding such enchantment to Minecraft is that you may challenge yourself not to die. The spell should use on every object in Minecraft. That enchantment can also be used on guns, shields, and elytra, though. If you are nasty and like witchcraft but sorceries, then again in Minecraft, you can try this spell. 

In addition to the Disappearing spell, another conflicting treasure enchantment also introduce by Minecraft to reduce that paranoia called the Curse of Binding. It was an evil enchantment. You may use buried jewels, loot boxes, fishing, or perhaps even trading among villagers to gather the enchantments.

You may have thought that perhaps the vanishing spell was something to do with yourself disappearing. I felt the same when transformation first took place throughout Minecraft, not feeling ashamed of it. It’s a disappearing spell, though, and just used on objects and armors. Usually, when you inadvertently or deliberately die throughout the Minecraft universe, the objects held in your stock are dropped further into the earth. Then, other players can certainly take advantage of your downfall and collect your valuable jewels when you’re in multiplayer mode. In connection with them, adjust its Minecraft Difficulty level.

Various Platforms

There are many different objects, blocks, enchantments, potions, guns, and mobs in Minecraft—so you may be excused for not understanding everything about the match. Minecraft added two new wealth enchantments named the Curses of Binding and the Curse of Disappearing in patch 1.11 with PC/Mac.

Curse of Disappearing, introduced in 1.2.0 with Bedrock Edition through 1.11 Java Edition, is indeed a Curse Enchantment throughout Minecraft. It’s a ‘Treasure Enchantment,’ which means that this can’t collect from the Enchanting Table.

What does Minecraft Curse of Vanishing do?

Treasure Enchantment implies that in the game, it should be naturally produced. Fishing, including trading with peasants, either by Loot Chests (dungeons, towns, temples, etc.). You may want to talk directly to librarians, who are interested in selling Enchanted Books via their lowest point to acquire the book by trading.curse of vanishing minecraft

Each instrument and heavy armor item in Minecraft is consistent with Curse of Vanishing, such as Swords, Axe, Pickaxe, Trowel, Bow, Fishing Rods, Hoe, Protect, Tridents, Crossbows, Headgear, Chestplates, Leggings, Boots, as well as Elytra.

The use of the Curse of Vanishing Enchantment 

The Disappearing Enchantment Curse seems to have a much greater pool of objects on which it can put. In addition to armor, the Scourge of Vanishing could place on guns, shields, tools, as well as Elytra. It could also discover as just an enchantment book but instead placed onto either of those products using the Anvil.

When you die with it fitted or in your inventory, rather than the object falling to the floor, That Curse of Disappearing makes any enchanted item entirely disappear.

The Curses of Vanishing results are minimal, such as the Curse of Binding—but Vanishing does have its uses. For just one, you can locate an upgrade to both a tool, sword, shield, or armor through chests, fishing, even trading, including Binding. You may take the object off (and perhaps even drop it) to fix or enchant it any further, unlike Binding. However, it’s gone forever if you die only with a cursed object fitted or even in your inventory.

With mapmakers, that Curse of Vanishing also has further uses. By deleting collected objects upon death, more challenging adventure maps in Minecraft may punish players. And other adventure maps may ensure that you don’t keep potentially game-breaking items beyond where the map maker allows you also to have them.

On their computers, PvP servers may also profit from its Curse of Disappearing. Since dying eliminates the items, players could enchant their weapons with the curses and then fight, believing that other players will not have their equipment toward them later, even though they die.

There are other applications for both enchantments, but instead of survival, such uses will be more than likely restricted to map-making, including customizing. Even so, in Minecraft, “limited” is seldom a barrier to those that are imaginative enough.

The Disappearing Book Of Magic.

Your success depends on finding that enchantment book. The best way to get the disappearing book, indeed, is to exchange it with such a Village Librarian. To exchange the enchanting books with both the village librarian, you also need to establish some bookcases and a podium.

Curse of Vanishing Minecraft

You can’t get the enchantment quickly, although, in Minecraft Bedrock Version. Then you’ll have to utilize third-party apps or turn the curse-having Xbox one version environment to Bedrock Edition.

Here are a few ways of locating the Book of Disappearing Enchantment:

Command of Enchantment

Method 1: Using the Command of Enchantment

Although using Minecraft Enchantment Commands can help you have the cursed book quickly when you’re in the Minecraft JAVA (PC/MAC) version. The order for the disappearing enchantment is already here:

/enchant @p(name of player) vanishing curse 11

NB: 11 here signifies the number of books that are wanted.

Method # 2: Trade with such a Librarian from the Village

The easiest way to locate the book is by following the enchantment commands. For trading. Next, go near a town and discover a librarian ready to exchange the things for a disappearing curse spell book, whether you have some bookcases as well as a podium.

So, since you want a podium and maybe some bookcases, this move is simple and inexpensive.

Method# 3: Try River Farming or Find Loots throughout the Ruins of the Underwater

When fishing, there is much less possibility of catching a Minecraft Disappearing Book. It’s 2 percent, about. However, looting in the rubble will give you a better chance of discovering the book of enchantment. That treasure enchantments would find naturally, as I have said earlier. That’s just a question of time, even luck.

Loot into Temples as well as Dungeons again for enchantment books (Desert Sites, Underwater Ruins). Throughout Minecraft, you could also locate a spawn chunk to grab the essential loot at once.

How to use the Minecraft Curses Enchantment?

For the disappearing enchantment recipe, you require three things:

  • An Anvil 
  • A Book of Disappearing Curse Enchantment
  • The thing to be cursed

So, those are the steps for using the enchantment of Minecraft Vanishing: 

  • Have a book from Disappearing and put it in the stock. 
  • Place another Anvil nearby and within the Anvil, place the object you would like to curse, as well as the book of enchantment that is disappearing.
  • In your inventory, put the cursed object, noting that the item has a curse.

Remove Curse of fading magic in three Easy Ways

In various forms, the effects of the spell could nullify. That is by putting the cursed object in a shulker box while the other sets the game rule to keep inventory real.

Also, several other approaches like merging the cursed object with another item again from the crafting framework and using the grindstone. You could think that the enchantment cannot reverse. Some 100% of its working ways to get rid of the evil spell are out there.

This method can also be called White Magic. Hey! Whatever!

Here are some helpful ways for any object to get rid of the disappearing enchantment:

1. Match the Cursed Product with much The same Product But Un-enchanted 

  • With that same simple creation trick, the curses can reverse like the curse of undeath.
  • This cursed item and the comparable item, but just not cursed, are what you need.
  • Connect the crafting table and put the cursed object and then another un-cursed product in the same place.
  • Merging the two things will break the spell and fix the damage of the object, including Armor, Diamond Sword, etc.

2. Allow the Keep Inventory

Keep Inventory

  • Enabling that Keep Inventory deactivates the Curse for good, rendering it utterly useless for the evil enchantment. I do not even know more about Bedrock Version, frankly speaking. However, this move works fine on PS4.
  • You must give JAVA and Bedrock Version a try, and then let me know if this movie has succeeded. It’s not for you people.
  • You can see a choice in the Hold Inventory named Gamerule. Place it to Real, but in Minecraft, that Curse of disappearance will not be of any use.
  • If you have no inventory, then don’t think about it at all.

3. Using a Grindstone


  • Grindstones use to eliminate enchantments, but just not curses, on instruments or weapons. Even if you were using a grindstone on some gun, all enchantments added to a specific tool appear to disappear alongside their Minecraft curse.
  • Is from the other hand, such a move also found to be ineffective by some Minecrafters.
  • Still, don’t be afraid. To cure only the disappearing Curse and not other enchantments, too, though, you could use a grindstone on even a fishing rod. Now you’ve got to remember how to do that.

Important Facts about Minecraft Disappearing Spell 

While using the Disappearing Spell on any object, there are some significant criteria you have to know. How then can you apply the disappearing enchantment while considering all the following points?

curse of vanishing minecraft

Here are some details that you should know more about curses of enchantment:

  • When you perish holding the object, the enchantment alone does not vanish. It remains on the field.
  • The XP rate must be 4 for the disappearing book to function correctly.
  • You could use the enchantment through mechanical trolling.
  • The only way to have the enchantment book would be by selling, and combining another enchanted item only with the un-enchanted product is the complete removal of the Curse.


1. Is the disappearing Curse good?

On every object it’s on, the Curse of Disappearing is a unique enchantment often colored in red. This spell, a literal curse, is indeed a boost. Although not as harmful or irritating as the Curse that Binding, this is a real hassle to deal with and a significant risk to take to have it on a grave and costly object.

2. In Minecraft, maybe there’s some way to break curses?

Yes, by mixing the cursed object with another object which is un-cursed, the Curse may remove. When using a grindstone, that Curse could also uplift.

3. Would the Curse of loss function for inventory retention?

Allowing Hold Inventory deactivates the enchantment, including its Curse of Disappearing, making it entirely useless. By definition, this game rule/setting will switch on. When switched on, Curse of Disappearing enchanted items will always disappear whenever you die, even though Hold Inventory turns on.

4. How are Minecraft’s unusual enchantments?

Looting is an uncommon enchantment in mending minecraft that allows mobs and unusual mob drops to get more falls from either player. The much higher the rank, the greater the probability of a player having rare loot, therefore more. That is particularly useful among players, including Bramble skeleton skulls(+1 percent) and Ender pearls, finding rare loot. 


Thus, the Curse of vanishing minecraft is much like the Curse of attaching a treasure enchantment. Each of these enchantments was wicked and will not use for the right reasons. The disappearing Curse is used not to let anyone have the costly object you got. Games won’t be able to collect the cursed item even after you died in the game. So, it is indeed forever gone.

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