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Dark money, online democracy, and Posey’s votes: Letters, October 16, 2022

After Hurricane Ian destroyed Florida’s west coast, Eric Rogers deserves praise for disclosing Congressman Bill Posey’s votes against federal disaster relief assistance. He also opposed initiatives to support suffering veterans, increase tourism in the United States, and provide aid to 9/11 victims.

Posey also abstained from voting on other measures that would have directly benefited the residents of Congressional District 8, including the Violence Against Women Act, Consumer Fuel Gouging Act, Paycheck Fairness Act, Consumer Protection & Recovery Act, and many more.

However, this is just the top of the iceberg.

Posey now wants to waste government resources by looking into allegations of election fraud in 2020, despite the fact that at least 63 courts have rejected the allegations for a lack of supporting evidence. Bill Posey has given up his right to serve in Congress going forward.

We all know that Washington enacts legislation with deceptive language.

Unfortunately, a recent letter to the editor criticising Congressman Posey misled FLORIDA TODAY readers by providing them with partial information.

Consider Congressman Posey’s decision to vote against President Biden’s “Inflation Reduction Act”; while it has a catchy name, it has no effect on inflation, as the official federal budget authorities are now informing us. We are importing more energy from elsewhere, gas and food prices are rising once more, and incomes are staying the same.

Posey was criticised by Ms. Wolff for her vote against H.R. When you read the bill’s fine print, however, you discover that it doesn’t apply to ongoing agreements to import oil from Russia and that President Biden was given the ability to relax limits on Russian oil for any reason. Therefore, it wasn’t actually a ban.

Posey supported the Senate’s amendment to the bill, which sent it back to the House by substituting specified certification criteria for wide waiver authority. He received abuse for opposing the Afghan visa bill (H.R. 3985). Ms. Wolff neglects to inform readers that Speaker Pelosi never sent the bill to the Senate because of its numerous national security flaws. She also omitted the fact that Posey supported the alternative legislation (H.R. 3237), which was approved and gave Afghan allies visas in addition to crucial national security checks following the tumultuous pullout from Afghanistan.

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  • Dark money, online democracy, and Posey’s votes: Letters, October 16, 2022
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