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Best Mobile Phone And SIM Only Deals For Your Family

Best Mobile Phone And SIM Only Deals For Your Family

EE, being a big brand among the network companies, is not left out of this race at all. It has been offering a family account for quite a time with a special range of offers only for the family accounts. You can get these offers on both pay monthly mobile plans and also SIM card only plans too. Just this post, will give you all details about the plans and offerings that this network company is providing to woo its customers with ease. Knowing these benefits, you might also get interested to try out the family account from this agency, without any doubts at all.

If you want to have a sneak peek about the benefits and offerings of this network company then you should know that with a pay monthly plan of EE you can get all inclusive entertainment for all the members of the family account that includes BritBox and Apple Music among other such platforms. Not only are these entertainment benefits, but you will also get a 10 percent discount for every extra line you choose to add to your account. If you are not satisfied with these two benefits, then the third benefit is going to blow your mind. You can actually gift data to family members who are part of this plan without any restrictions at all.

In this article, we will discuss all these benefits in detail. Along with that, we will also discuss other benefits and necessities you should know before choosing the family account plans from EE. The necessity here includes knowing about the coverage and if it is actually having good coverage in your area or not. You will also know if you can use it with your own existing mobile device or not. So, this article will cover all in detail.

EE Family Features

As we discussed family features are a very important part of family account plans. Knowing these features sometimes can give you an idea if you want to go for the family account of a network company or not. This is important to go through the family features in detail rather than regretting later that you missed out on something or other. That is why this part of the article covers about all the tits and bits of the family account plan features that can benefit you a lot and save some bucks too while you enjoy those features.

Inclusive Entertainment

With the family account plan of EE where you opt for a pay monthly plan, you get 6 months of free BritBox along with 6 months of free Apple Music. Just sign up for a pay monthly plan and enjoy the constant benefits for 6 months. Just to give you an idea BritBox subscription actually costs 5.99 Euros per month, while an Apple Music subscription can cost you around 9.99 Euros per month easily. In total if you check you are saving a lot of money with the inclusive entertainment feature provided by this network company that can easily attract many people.

It is very easy to stream more than 60 million songs with Apple Music as you enjoy the songs on demand facility of Apple Music for free thanks to the inclusive entertainment benefits given by this network brand. You can also enjoy live radio. This facility is available for both android and iPhone devices although there is a popular misconception that android users cannot take benefit from this feature. It is also compatible with other devices like TV and your personal computer. Even with the car play technology of Apple, you can enjoy hearing music from Apple Music even in your car.

BritBox can help you to enjoy amazing entertainment from the BBC, Channel 4, Channel 5, and ITV. You can stream on-demand from the 300 box sets available with this subscription. The best thing about this subscription is that you can enjoy this service without any interruptions at all; it means there are no playing ads at all in this case. From mobile phones to TV, you can entertain yourself with this subscription via any preferred device. You will enjoy it irrespective of the device you have, as no device can hinder your opportunity of getting entertained via a BritBox subscription.

EE Family Account 10 percent discount

Well, the family discount facility has been a real thing for ages. EE is a network company that understands the market well and does not miss out on any opportunity to get an extra customer. With a 10 percent family account discount, EE has done just that. You only do not get that 10 percent discount, along with that discount you also get 1 GB of data to boost for every single device you add to the family account plan. You can manage this family account plan along with the extra lines via EE’s official website and app.

Data Gifting

If you are having multiple lines under the family account plan then you can easily move the data that has been left unused by your mobile device to another mobile device if that device has more usage. This concept by EE is called gifting data. Moving spare data from one mobile device to another mobile device is always the best thing to utilize in the family account data plan. The data gifting has its own restrictions too as you can only gift data to 150 GB with the plans of EE.

EE PhoneSmart

Well, today is an era where every child also prefers to have his or her own mobile phone and you as a parent or a guardian always need to take care of it and overlook what the children are doing and what not. EE has got the solution for that too. You can take benefits of this too to give your child his or her first mobile phone. EE has created an amazing PhoneSmart license that is designed for the safety of the child. You can get your child enrolled in this plan with the license for free of cost and this license can be used by you irrespective of what network your child uses.

Other Benefits of EE

There are many other benefits of EE that one needs to discuss in detail to understand if that is something he or she prefers. This also gives you a fair idea of what you are looking for from a network company. These benefits can help you plan which network agencies you are choosing for buying your SIM card. The more the details you get the better it becomes for you to choose with ease, without any doubt at all.


Coverage is something that many look for while choosing a network company to buy a SIM card. You need to independent analysis to choose the right network company while thinking of coverage. Without proper coverage the offers, features, and benefits are of no use. The primary function of a network is to help you do the proper calling and sending text messages, if the network company fails to provide you with that, then the network company can never be preferred at all. So, choose the network company wisely by looking at their coverage facility before looking for other benefits and facilities.

If you want to check the coverage of this network company then you can trust the data of an independent agency, RootMetrics in this regard. According to this independent agency covers 99 percent of the population all over the UK and its 4G coverage geography wise is nearly 94.4 percent. This is very high for many network companies that are available in the UK. So, if you want a 4G network with amazing coverage then you can always choose EE. If you are looking for 5G then with that respect EE has not covered a huge area and it is still a work in progress. For 5G coverage, you might need to choose other network agencies. The speed of EE irrespective of 5G or 4G network is really good and you can take benefits of that without any doubts at all. You can go to the website of EE and type your pin code to check the network coverage of this network company in your area.

Smart Benefits

  • Apple TV+
  • Apple Music
  • BT Sports Ultimate
  • Netflix
  • Video data pass
  • Roam abroad

Lifetime Warrant and MOT on Phone Plans

  • Lifetime warranty from EE
  • Annual device MOT
  • 10 Euros discount on protective kits

Keeping your phone number

If you are looking to switch from another network and do not want to change the phone number as it can create a lot of issues, then you do not have to worry at all, as EE allows you to switch without changing the phone number. This benefit makes it easy for the people in the UK to have a switch without any headache at all.

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