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Einthusan – 20 Alternatives in 2022 {100% Tested and Working}

Are you feeling low? Turn on the TV or your laptop and start watching your favorite movie! Not able to find what you want to watch? Take it easy and follow us.

If you belong to South Asia, you must be familiar with Einthusan that is widely popular for satisfying your movie cravings. This outstanding platform offers you movies of all South Asian languages that you can watch and enjoy.

No need for subtitles because these movies are available in all the languages like Malayalam, Telugu, Tamil, Hindi, Kannad, and so on. Irrespective of which part of this continent you reside at, you can watch all the movies in several languages on this single platform.

Due to copyright issues, Einthusan has been taken down from the internet in various parts of the world, including India, where most people use this platform.

Now that a significant void has been created, many people are looking forward to the best alternative of Einthusan that can fill the space. Hence, to help you find the perfect match for you while Einthusan isn’t around, we have brought you a list of 20 alternatives to that superb platform.

Top 20 Einthusan Alternatives in 2022

Listed below are the top 20 alternatives for Einthusan that you can use to continue watching movies to keep yourself entertained. Since entertainment rejuvenates your mind and keeps your going, it should not stop at any cost.

Hence, scrutinize all the alternatives listed below and then opt for the one that you find suitable to keep watching what you love to watch. 


1. Sony Liv

Enjoy watching the movies and shows on Sony Entertainment’s cable TV channel? Experience the same at Sony Liv, which brings you a massive collection of shows and movies to watch with your friends and family.

This endless collection of Sony Liv keeps you entertained always. You will find movies of all genres and languages here, whether you love watching Bollywood movies or that of Tollywood. 

If you still miss Eithusan, it is high time that you should opt for Sony Liv to get the same thrill and fun that Eithusan used to offer you.

Try it out!


Couldn’t find your favorite show in your language on Sony Liv? Don’t worry! We have your back. Another excellent movie app on our list is Voot. This app is another perfect alternative to your favorite Eithusan.

It has a wide variety of language-specific entertainment media that you can look for. Thus, there are movies and shows dubbed in Punjabi, Kannada, Tamil, Telugu, and other regional dialects. The easy-to-use interface is another perk that Voot provides you. 

Just type the name on the search box and click on search. Within a second, all the matches will appear on a drop-down list. Search for the one you want and watch it. The incredible list of matches also enables you to explore other media files you weren’t searching for.

Try it out!

3. Hungama Movies

Missing out on the new releases and getting no time to visit a cinema? If that is the case with you and Eithusan is not around, we suggest you look for a replacement. While there are many, we have shortlisted some for you, and out of those, Hungama Movies is the ultimate one.

This amazing platform allows you to watch 10 seconds trailers so that you can get the zest of the show or movie and decide whether to watch it or not. Once you have decided which one to go for, you will have to subscribe to their affordable plans.

Unsure about using this platform? Avail of the 30 days free trial to check your compatibility with Hungama Movies. When you get comfortable, opt for the subscription plans. 

Try it out!

4. Youtube

Needless to say that Youtube is a big video marketplace where you get to watch everything that too for free. Be it an educational video or a movie; you can watch many things here. 

Moreover, there are content creators present on this platform who develop interesting, entertaining videos for you. There are movies and shows of all languages and countries. You can binge-watch Tv shows, stream unlimited music and also watch movies.

No other platform after Eithusan is as efficient and versatile as youtube. This online video platform offers you a vast array of entertainment media which you cannot stop exploring.

Try it out!

5. Hotstar

Hotstar is a top-video app and website that has been introduced by the Star Tv firm. You must be familiar with cable TV channels like Star Plus, Star News, Star Gold, etc. You can find the content of all these channels and many more on Hotstar.

In short, Hotstar is a small TV-like Set up where you can stream sports, movies, Tv shows, and even Nat Geo and other channels. With Hotstar in reach, you won’t miss Eithusan, and we promise you that.

There are movies and channels of all languages spoken in India. Hotstar is accessible only in India. If you don’t reside in this country, then you can use its VPN and have fun. 

Try it out!

6. Airtel Xtreme

Do you use the Airtel telephone network? If you do, then you are at an advantage! Want to know what that advantage is? Hang in there!

Airtel, along with its official app, has also developed an online app that keeps you entertained. This app is the Airtel Xtreme that brings you exclusive content at an affordable price. If you are already an Airtel customer, you can avail yourself of exciting offers and concessions. 

Even though it has exclusive content and regular entertainment stuff, the index is small, which might disappoint you. However, the quality of video content and other services will cheer you.

Try it out!

7. NetFlix

You might have heard everyone going crazy about Netflix and its exclusive content. Did you participate in its recent StreamFest? What did you watch there? Or you could not make it due to immense traffic?

Whatever be the reason, the hype behind Netflix is fully justified because of its content. There are exclusive shows like The Crown. Sacred Games, Dark, and many more. Besides, you also get access to several movies from all around the world. 

Since Netflix is an American Company, you will find all the types of shows and movies. The variety of language and the library is vast, and you will never regret paying the price for it. 

Netflix has a huge fan base and is available worldwide. Irrespective of which place you live at, Netflix is always at your reach. 

Try it out!

8. Eros Now

Are you entirely into Indian Entertainment? If so, Eros Now is the one for you. It has all India made the content available in all the Indian languages. It was established in 1977, and since then, it has always gained popularity.

It is the biggest name in the Indian Television Industry, and everyone knows the quality of the movies and shows produced by it. If you haven’t tried Eros now, We insist that you try it at least once.

Its website was launched in 2012, and many online users prefer it over any other. The name echoes in every Indian household because of its high-quality content.

Try it out!

9. Yupp TV

Do you love to watch intense fights where the hero defeats the Villain of the movie? Does it remind you of the South Indian Movies? For those who love South Indian movies, YuppTV is a boon.

Yupp TV is famous for its vast collection of South Indian movies. It is a legal platform with no copied content. Moreover, there are movies and shows available in all the south Indian languages and Hindi as well. 

The significant advantage of using Yupp Tv is that you get a free 90-day trial that you can use to get familiar with the platform. If you like it, then you can subscribe or else back off. 

Try it out!

10. Amazon prime Videos

Another online video platform is Amazon prime Videos. It doesn’t need much introduction because you might be familiar with what it is. If you are uncertain about using it in place on Einthusan, you should not think much and quickly subscribe to it.

There are Amazon Exclusive Web series, movies, and much other stuff to watch. You not only can stream the videos in your native language but can also stream them in international languages like Italian, French, etc. 

This platform offers you content for everyone in the house. The kids can enjoy their screen time binge-watching cartoons while you can watch movies and shows of all genres. All the media files are high quality to ensure that you have a convenient movie experience.

Try it out!

11. JIO cinema

JIO is a widely preferred carrier these days, and no one can deny the benefits it offers. Besides being a versatile network carrier both in and out of India, it also provides another service, which is the JIO cinema.

JIO cinema offers you high-quality video content, and JIO users get it for free. There is nothing which you cannot find here, which is why it is gaining popularity at such a fast pace. 

Experience a hassle-free movies experience with JIO cinema and enjoy the fast internet offered by JIO. Online watching experience had never been so seamless before this miraculous carrier existed. 

Try it out!

12. Zee5

Zee5 is the new horse in the race and is gaining popularity with each passing day. Though it has a limited amount of Video-on-demand files, it offers you all the content in 12 Indian languages. 

It means that there are high chances for you to find your language here and stream your favorite movie or show in that language to enjoy it multi-folds. The content includes many Zee5 exclusive web series, all the shows and movies from Zee’s Cable TV channels, and news.

Since it is new, there are more features in it compared to the already existing video content apps. You will be delighted to know that you can view your favorite content on multiple devices, including Android devices, iOS devices, smart TVs, etc. 

Try it out!

13. FMovies

FMovies is another good alternative to Einthusan that is similar to any other platform. All the content available here is of high quality only. Hence, you need not worry about getting a low-definition video to watch.

Besides, this platform is faster and offers you whatever movie you want in seconds. The user interface is the center of attraction that is incredibly easy to navigate. Besides, you will find everything here and pick out whatever you want without searching much, saving time. 

Try it out!

14. Spuul

Are you interested in watching movies from other South Asian countries? Are subtitles necessary for you? You can be tempted to explore the vast ocean of online content, but you might often know the language.

Worry not! Spuul ensures that you enjoy it irrespective of what you watch. The content here is all high quality and has subtitles. Language is not a barrier when you use Spuul. Entertainment is paramount, and the developers of this awesome app understand that.

Though you have to subscribe to access the content present here like other apps, you can avail of a free trial if you are uncertain whether to opt for it or not. In the free trial, you can watch up to thousands of online media files, hundreds of TV channels from all over the continent, and many others.

Moreover, Spuul has a partnership with big Entertainment houses like UTV, Yash Raj Films, Motion Pictures, Viacom, etc. Hence, you can entirely rely on this video app for your entertainment.

Try it out!

15. BigFlix

Are you looking for something more affordable? BigFlix is here to your rescue. This app is the oldest and the most affordable platform for binge-watching. If we talk about the content, there is something for everyone to take home.

There are more than 2000 Bollywood films, TV shows, and regional movies. You can stay entertained for hours once you get hold of this app. You need not worry about the legal issues because all the content present here is appropriately licensed. 

Hence, wait no more time and install this fantastic app to start your binge-watching journey and bid farewell to the boredom in your life.

Try it out!

16. MX Player

Watch TV on the move with MX Player on your device! It is a top-notch platform that offers you high-quality content with no copyright issues.

Moreover, you can enjoy various languages and regional movies while moving from one place to another. It is the perfect app for you if you travel quite frequently and internet connectivity is a huge issue.

This amazing app has a plethora of TV shows and movies of excellent quality that are accessible any time if you have an internet connection.

Try it out!

17. YuppFlix


Don’t mistake it to be Yupp TV that we discussed before. YuppFlix is entirely different from YuppTV. While YuppTV is all about South Indian Movies, YuppFlix consists of all the content in other languages.

Here you will get access to its vast library full of thousands of movies, TV shows, etc., in various languages. Though it is a paid platform, you can avail of its 3-days free trial for watching your favorite movies free of cost.

This strategy will be fruitful if you have three days of vacation and have no other plans apart from binge-watching. Once you have crossed the free trial limit, you can choose any of their subscription plans and continue watching your shows and movies.

Try it out!

18. 123Movies

Ever searched for any movie and clicked on the link of 123movies? It might have happened with you many times, and there is no surprise for it. 123Movies is a trendy site for movies, anime, Tv shows, etc.

You name the movie, and you get it on this platform. It is an incredible alternative for Einthusan because it provides you with much other entertainment stuff that Einthusan lacks. So, you lose nothing but gain much more.

Many users are active on this platform, and they enjoy their time here. If you don’t find this name on the Google search list, you need not worry because you will definitely find names like GoStream, GoMovies, 123MoviesHub, and MeMovies.

Try it out!

19. SolarMovies

Tadaa! So here comes the free alternative to Einthusan, which is the Solar Movies. A perfect website to binge-watch your favorite movies, Solar movies offers you a vast library full of all the entertainment stuff that is collected to keep you entertained for long.

Not to be missed, here is much more than only movies. You can also watch TV shows that you missed after Einthusan went off the air. You need not search for different movies on different sites because SolarMovies provide you the link to every file you want.

Be it comedy or horror; you can find every genre here and enjoy them to the fullest. Long gone are the days when you had to sit on your balcony all alone without Einthusan around. With SolarMovies in reach, you can utilize your free time effectively.

Try it out!

20. Viooz

The weapon to download and stream several English movies along with other South Asian Movies has finally arrived. Even though it is placed at the last, don’t assume it to be the unuseful one. 

Viooz contains thousands of movies from different parts of the world, enabling you to stay entertained forever. Visit the website and start your search. Its easy-to-use interface will land you in its vast collection of movies that are organized very well for your convenience.

Wait no more for any miracle to happen! Use this free website for viewing your favorite movie and enjoy it with some coffee and snacks.

Try it out!


  • What to do to watch free movies?

If you are interested in watching free movies, then you have two options. The first one is to avail of the free trial option from the site that offers several days of free trials. You can avail of it and watch the movies for free for quite some time.

The second alternative is to find a suitable free alternative to Einthusan from our list above and use it to watch and download movies for free. 

Using the free websites, you can watch movies without any interruption, while if you opt for the free trial, you will have to look for some other site once it is exhausted.

  • Which Einthusan Alternative is the best?

Every site has its pros and cons. You cannot pick out the best amongst them because all the alternatives are equally good. Some offer you good quality print while others offer you variety.

The choice, however, depends on your needs because it is you who will be using it. If you choose an unsuitable platform, then you might repent it later. Hence, scrutinize all the sites carefully and then select the suitable one.

  • Are all the alternatives compatible with Mac?

If you are a Mac user, we recommend that you check the sites individually to check whether they are compatible with your device.

Not all alternatives are compatible with Mac, and even if they are, maybe, they are incompatible with some of their versions. Hence, it is the best way to check your preferable sites first before you opt or subscribe to them.

Wrapping Up

Piracy is a crime, and it gets even worse when done on a digital platform. While many sites have been closed down due to their copyright issues, their alternatives have also come up to fill the space. 

One such website is Einthusan, which recently disappeared due to its stealing habits, leaving almost millions of hearts broken. But entertainment should go on, and to keep the flow, we have listed some of the best alternatives to Einthusan that you can use to fill that empty void in your life.

If you are a movie fanatic and every day without a movie is killing you from the inside, wait no more and start using one of the alternatives that you find suitable. These alternatives are piracy-free and have original content. If still, you have queries? Do read these above-mentioned frequently asked questions that can be of great help to you too!

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