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Best Evite Alternatives 2022 Which You Should Try

Best Evite Alternatives

You know firstly I tried Evite and my experience was bad because of their site’s user interface, so I start searching for Evite alternatives, I found lots of alternatives and start researching which is the best alternative among them.

Firstly I did not know what is Evite. My friend sends me an online invitation on his birthday, and from there I get to know about Evite. Then I thought when he sends me an online invitation, then why I should not try sending him an online invitation.

I send him an invitation through Facebook. Let’s leave my personal life and come back to our post, i.e., best Evite alternatives. But before that read our post how to disable Avast, if you want to disable it.

Best Evite Alternatives

What is Evite?

Evite is a social-planning website which helps their users to send and manage online invitation like a birthday, anniversary, baby shower, Christmas, etc, the good thing is that you can choose the template according to you for the invitation.

It was launched in 1988 and was co-founded by Al Lieb and Selina Tobaccowala.

How Evite Works?

I think some people don’t know how to send an online invitation through Evite. So let me tell you an essential guide for submitting an online invitation.

First of all, you have to visit Evite, after visiting Evite then search for the design you want. Now select the design and register into Evite through writing your email id, name, etc.

Finally, enter the details and content of the invitation which you want to send to your friend, girlfriend, family, etc., now write the email and then automatically mail will ship to a list of recipients you provided.

Why Evite is Not Good?

If you ask me, then my answer would be because of their site’s user interface. I suggest you check the Evite site and let me know why you don’t love Evite.

List of Best Evite Alternatives 2022

Alternatives to Evite

Now let’s talk in deeply about Evite alternatives.

#1 – Punchbowl

Punchbowl best Evite Alternative

Punchbowl launched in 2006, and from that time it is gaining more visitors than Evite because of user-friendly site. I also use PPunchbowl as Evite alternatives sometimes. It is founded by Matt Douglas and Sean Conta, and it’s headquarter is in Framingham, Massachusetts, USA.

The best thing in Punchbowl is that you can change the time, means if you have sent an invitation at 5 pm and want to reschedule it to 7 pm then you can easily change the time, but this option is not available in Evite.

Punchbowl has lots of several high-quality and vivid templates which you can choose on each occasion. Another good thing is that in starting they will ask you some question regarding your choice and then they will provide you templates according to your answer.

#2 – Facebook

Facebook best Evite Alternative

Who doesn’t know about Facebook, it is the biggest social networking platform. There you can easily send an invitation to your friend, family, etc., by just creating an event. I and my friend invites our friend by just creating an event.

It’s a simple one minute process to create an event on Facebook. I always try to use Facebook as my Evite alternatives because of one minute process.

Let me tell you the full process of creating an event on Facebook.

Step 1: First of all login into your Facebook account. After logging now let’s create an event for creating an event just click on Home >> Events >> Create Event. Now select the venue and enter the date of your event.

Step 2: Depending upon your choice choose your privacy like ” Public “, ” Friends of Guests ” or ” Invite Only “. Remember public means you want to invite everyone, a friend of guests means you want to invite friends with their friends and Invite only means you want specific people to be invited to your event.

Step 3: Finally choose the people you want to invite and type the invitation content and lastly click on ” Create “.

#3 – Pingg

Pingg best Evite Alternative

If you are not satisfied from above alternatives to Evite then here are another Evite alternatives which allow users to track their invitation and another good thing is that you can create an invitation in just one or two minutes.

It is also similar to previous sites, and it too allows users to choose an invitation type by selecting the type of occasion. It has lots of different designs, so I am sure you will love one of their design.

The good thing I love about Pingg is Pingg links up all the social media account to their account. I love tracking process of Pingg, and it’s quite good. I will suggest you if you are not going with the above ones then you must try this Evite alternative.

#4 – Anyvite

Anyvite best Evite Alternative

Anyvite which is at 4th in our list of alternatives of Evite. Anyvite helps you to notify your friends, family, etc., for the upcoming events.

The best thing I love in Anyvite is you can easily inform anyone about the event through an SMS. Another good feature that they have is that you can organize your own event and sell tickets through invitations.

It also allows the users the provision of sharing the invitation cards with their friends as well. It allows guests to invite their friends and allows you to set a limit on the number of people they invite.

If you are still not satisfied with these Evite alternatives, then let’s go down and search other alternatives to Evite.

#5 – Crusher

It was founded in 2006 by Ericson de Jesus, Phillip Bensaid and its headquarter is in San Francisco Bay Area, West Coast, Western US.

It is not so famous as the above ones. But Crusher is also best Evite alternatives because of there clean and straightforward site. You can create an invitation in just one minute.

The best in Crusher is that there is CSS by which you can design your template according to your choice if you are a designer. Another good thing is that you can images, videos, chats, etc. If you are a web geek, then you must try this alternative to Evite.

#6 – Paperless Post

Paperless Post best Evite Alternative

From the name, you can suggest that it is a site which allows users to send an online invitation. Alexa Hirschfeld and James Hirschfeld developed it in the year 2009. It has lots of design which you will surely love it.

It is my Evite alternatives 2019, too because of the tracking process they have. There is a premium plan which let you send about 15,000 people at once only.

Sending an invitation through Paperless post is so simple, you have to select a template from the event categories that you will see on Paperless post website dashboard and from there you have to answer some question according to that they will give you template.

You must try Paperless post as an alternatives to Evite.

#7 – Purpletrail

PurpleTrail best Evite Alternative

Purpletrail which is another good Evite alternatives for me because of their simple and no ads feature in their site. Yeah, you listen right, their site doesn’t have any ads.

Currently, they are running an offer where you will get 10% off, on just creating an account in Purpletrail. Another offer which they are running is you will get free shipping on orders $75 or more!

I love Purpletrail because I can customize each and everything in my online invitation card before sending. All alternatives to Evite doesn’t allow to do so but Purpletrail allows a user to do full customization.

#8 – Socializr

It was founded in 2006 by Jonathan Abrams and its headquarters are in San Francisco Bay Area, West Coast, Western US. Jonathan is also a founder of social networking known as Friendster.

He tried to make his good from Evite but they can’t as Evite provides lots of features which you will not get in Socializr.

I won’t suggest you use Socializr as an Evite alternatives. Now the site is also not working anymore.

#9 – Zoji

Zoji is good Evite alternatives because they also provide lots of features like Evite but Zoji site interface is so simple that you will surely love it.

Using Zoji you can send an invitation to your friend in less than a minute. If you don’t know how to send an online invitation using Zoji then listen,

You just have to visit Zoji site and after that, you have to pick an invitation design, now enter the information about your event then add attendees, and finally, you’re done.

You must give a look to Zoji alternatives of Evite.

#10 – CircleUp

Circle Alternatives to Evite

CircleUp allows a user to send an online invitation to a friend. But it doesn’t have that many features as Evite is having. So I gonna not suggest you use CircleUp as an alternatives to Evite.

#11 – Enclude

Enclude Alternatives to Evite

Enclude is not too much good Evite alternatives because it doesn’t give lots of template as Evite or any above alternatives to Evite give.

It also doesn’t have any tracking process as Anyvite Evite alternatives are having.

Let’s talk about others Evite alternatives because I too was not impressed when I visited Enclude site.

#12 – Invitastic

It is also not too good as above Evite alternatives are. It doesn’t give you that many templates as other alternatives to Evite give.

I don’t love this site because of the ugly user site interference. You must check out and lets us know whether you love it or not, comment down below.

#13 – Renkoo

Renkoo is social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, etc. It was founded in 2005 by Adam Rifkin.

Using Renkoo you can send an invitation directly to your friend’s phone via message aka SMS. You can also invite through IM or email.

I seriously don’t love Renkoo as Evite alternatives. I will suggest you try other alternatives to Evite.

Which Evite Alternatives is My Favourite?

  • Punchbowl
  • Facebook
  • Pingg
  • Anyvite

Why these are Only Favourite Alternatives to Evite

It is because of their simple user interface which makes me love their site and use as Evite alternatives.

Another thing you can easily send an invitation within 1-2 minutes using these Evite alternatives.

How to Use Evite to Text Invitation to Your Guests

Some of us don’t know how to use Evite for sending an invitation to our guests. So I have attached a video which will surely help you out, to know each and every detail.

Conclusion of Alternatives to Evite

Finally, here we have completed our post on Evite alternatives. I think I have covered all the topics which you all want to be covered.

If you still have any query regarding alternatives to Evite then comment below we will surely gonna help you out.

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