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Finance Bill is basically a means for the government to make money

Finance Bill is basically a means for the government to make money

OPPOSITION Davendranath Tancoo, an Oropouche West MP and shadow finance minister, claimed on Friday that the administration was using the proposed changes to the Finance Bill as a way to generate income.

According to Tancoo, the idea, which also handles property tax and amnesty for VAT and income tax reports, will increase public pressure.

Tancoo stated the government’s failure to secure its citizens was the reason for the sharp increase in requests for firearms users licences (FULs) when speaking during the debate on the measure that would quadruple the fees associated with their issuing.

Given that FULs are for law-abiding persons to protect themselves and others, he questioned why the prices had been doubled. He asserted that the government should put more effort into modernising the system so that it is accessible electronically to both the individual and authorities rather than raising fees because, at the moment, someone with a FUL who commits a crime can renew their licence because the renewal does not require a criminal record.

He continued by pointing out that both fishermen and members of the predawn larceny squad deal with criminals who are better armed. According to him, criminality is allowed to run amok, and the fee increase must be viewed in that light since there is a greater need for people to protect themselves because the public has no faith in the government.

“Several police officers across the nation have recently informed me that the number of applications coming to them from the guns unit has increased. That is due to the government’s incapacity and lack of focus on protecting citizens, which has led to an unchecked rise in crime.

They are the ones who are informed that they must pay twice as much. When it comes to protecting the populace, the government’s top priority is misdirection. If they concentrate on giving the police department the necessary support, we won’t be in a scenario where residents are so terrified that they

In an effort to delay the application of the property tax, he also recommended the public to write to Finance Minister Colm Imbert and request a “bligh” because, according to Imbert, he reacts to individuals who write to him.

Tancoo stated that since it took 15 months to create the legislation for pepper spray, which was passed in June of last year for possession but required additional legislation for someone to import and apply for a licence to carry it, it will take longer before someone can legally import and possess pepper spray. He said that the law was necessary to safeguard women and girls, and he urged the government’s female leaders to speed its adoption so that pepper spray would be readily available. Tancoo addressed tax amnesty, noting that it endorses tax evasion and inadvertently weakens the Board of Inland Revenue’s enforcement division. He claimed that when amnesties are granted, the public is informed that they can avoid paying taxes. The enforcement offices of the tax collection agencies, he claimed, are also affected by VAT amnesties, which “bind the hand behind their backs” and give confusing signals.

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  • Finance Bill is basically a means for the government to make money
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