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20 Best Sites Like FMovies in 2022 to Watch Movies Online

Is FMovies blocked for you?

Want to learn about some other FMovies alternative?

We got you covered.

Other FMovies Alternatives

Given below are some of the brilliant alternatives to FMovies that offer a similar structure of working and all at a zero price. As we all know that, most of the free websites have popped up advertisements that require the usage of an ad blocker. There might be a change in their URL frequently of this website as the authorities sometimes block them. When they are blocked, they come again with new URLs. In case FMovies shut down, and you have to make use of other websites, you can go for any of the below-mentioned websites as all of these offer excellent quality live streaming of the movies. 

1. MoviesJoy 

Movies Joy is a primitive alternative to FMovies which has been listed in the ranking of the most reputed online streaming website that does not require any signup credentials of the user. This site is quite impressive in terms of usability as it is highly organized, which makes it free from advertisement pop-ups. You can easily select the movies based upon their IMDB ratings or genre according to the country you are living in. 

This is regarded as one of the most versatile live streaming websites that provides you a wide range of movies starting from the latest Bollywood action to old classic tales of romance, all in the HD mode. MoviesJoy enables not only excellent user experience but also proffers vast options in terms of TV serials, which you can watch in HD or CAM mode. 

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2. WatchFree

WatchFree is another online platform that enables a diverse range of TV serials and the latest movies from all over the world. It does not require any hassle for registration and is available for absolutely free. There might be some optional pop-ups that demand registration, but you need not worry about it. Just ignore the option and enjoy watching your content online. 

All the movies and serials are available in HD quality content. This website provides us the latest movies of the current period, which increases the user visibility base. This website is a perfect fit for all the movie lovers who are always looking for a single affordable platform offering all the recent movies of the decade. 

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3. CMoviesHD 

This site is just like FMovies that not only provides you top-rated movies but also enables HD quality content to the users for free. You can easily open the website and start streaming the serials according to your preferences of the IMDB ranking, genre selection, etc. without any need for going through the whole registration procedure. Not only this, but CMoviesHD also offers you the privilege to enjoy movies from more than 13 countries of the globe.

Moreover, this site is highly synchronized in terms of the genre such as comedy, family, drama, documentary, romance, horror, action, history, and many more. The best part about this site is that it enables 4 to 5 options for streaming, and in case one server does not work, you can simply go for nay of other streaming options, which are all available in the HD quality. Also, you might get a little extra information about other alternatives available for live movie streaming by means of pop up ads. 

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4. YesMovies 

YesMovies is the ultimate choice of streamers when it comes to watching the latest high-quality movies and online serials. It is a leading alternative of FMovies, which is well known for its highly synchronized layout and organized structure. Moreover, you can simply go to the website and start watching any of your favorite movies without any hassle of a login. Also, you can request a movie on the site in case you do not find your preferred choice in the IMDB rating options or genre series.

But just like every option has its pros and cons, in the same way, this site might not be a good option if you are planning to download movies from it. There are many unnecessary links available that might hamper the user experience. Not only this, but users also need to download ad blockers as this website proffers many advertisements in between the movies. 

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5. LookMovie

LookMovie is an unbeatable website that enables the online streaming of Hollywood movies for all users around the globe. There is no need to pay for any movie or to go for any signup procedure.  Just go to the website and enjoy the best movies and TV serials without interruptions of any advertisements or pop-ups in between. Moreover, it is just like Netflix, where you can easily find series such as The Walking Dead, The Vampire Diaries, Secret City, Gossip Girls, and many more. 

Not only this, but it also does not direct you to any of the irrelevant links and only provide you with the best quality movies online. This site enables several categories and filters for the convenience of the user. Also, it saves a lot of time by offering the content in a precise and elegant manner to the users. 

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6. Hindilinks4u is an ancient site, and those of you who like watching Hindi movies would know about it. It is a site that is very similar to FMovies; you will be able to see all Bollywood movies here. You can watch those movies for free as you don’t need to sign up. 

You can always choose this website over others for watching the latest Hindi movies. There are a lot of categories from which you can select the desired movie. Some of the main types are: dubbed movies, latest movies, and documentaries. However, the website contains advertisements. There would be a few popups when you click on the play button, but you should close down all those advertisements, and watch the movie. This website is not only for Bollywood movies, and anyone can easily choose another option to watch Hollywood movies. 

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7. BMovies 

Another essential alternative to FMovies is BMovies. This site has a similar layout structure as of 123movies. Not only this, just like any other movie streaming website, but this platform also enables unlimited and free of cost online movies along with some pop-ups and advertisements in between. The massive list of movies available on BMovies will surely end up making you a movie lover. Also, you can watch TV serials and cinema in various countries as well such as China, Korea, The United States, and Taiwan.

You need not sign up and register your credentials. You can simply go on the search bar and watch any of your favorite movies from the A to Z list of movies systematically organized into various categories like genre, IMDB ratings, etc. 

Check the site

8. Moonline 

Moonline is considered one of the most popular platforms which are usually preferred by the users due to its no cost usage policy. Moreover, you do not have to go through the hassle of creating an account to watch high rating IMDB movies in HD quality. The basic format of Moonline is just like any other streaming site, and there are a plethora of options available based upon the genre, releasing year and IMDB ratings, which can help the viewer to choose the best movie to watch.

Not only this, but each movie also offers some information like the name of the cast, the storyline and the ratings which make it easier for the user to select the movie. Viewers are free to install an ad blocker to experience uninterrupted movies without any ad breaks.

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9. FreeFlix 

As the name suggests, FreeFlix is a fantastic website that enables live streaming of the movies at zero cost. This website has a unique set of movies available long back from 2009. Also, registration is just a voluntary option that you can skip as well. Not only this, but there is also no issue of pop up advertisements in between, and you can simply filter the movie you wish to watch by choosing an appropriate genre or mentioning the releasing date in the search bar.

You can simply type the name of the movie in the search bar and Voila! Enjoy your movie with some popcorns along your side or simply click on any of the three links mentioned below the movie.

Check the site

10. Movie4u

Movie4u is a wonderful website that offers free live streaming of the movies and TV serials without going through any registration procedure. Moreover, you can search for any kind of stuff based upon the trending movies, IMDB rating, genre, country-wise featured serials. Also, different movies are classified using various filters such as the releasing date, most viewed, genre, etc.

The key highlighting feature of this platform is that it provides Hind dubbed movies as well and you can find 5 to 6 HD options available to choose from. Although this website has some flaws regarding fewer movies and advertisement barriers yet it has proved to be one of the most favorable choices of the viewers to date.

Check the site

11. Xmovies8 

Xmovies8 is a marvelous creation offering hundreds of live streaming TV series and movies all at a zero costing policy. No registration required and no ad pop up interferences. Just click on the movie of your choice and enjoy a few moments of pleasure and entertainment without any interruptions. 

This website has classified its movies into 3 subheadings, which are movies, TV shows, and TV episodes. Not only this, but each

subhead also has its filters such as the latest release, best rated, newly added, most viewed, high IMDB ranking, etc. The only issue is its outdated interface, which makes the site a bit monotonous for the users. There are some bugs that require immediate fixing, yet the back end experts have not worked on it yet. 

Check the site

12. 123Movies

123Movies.Ch is a movie streaming site that is quite similar to FMovies and is well-organized to watch movies. You can watch the movies and TV serials absolutely free. Also, you do not need to add any of your information, such as a name or email ID, to watch the movies present there as there is no need for any kind of reservation. 

The categories that you will come across on the website are TV serials, genre, movies, movie requests, and top IMDB. You will find movies from almost every genre here, such as comedy, romance, war, crime, horror, family, and thriller. When you click two times on the play button, you will get movie streaming options. You can go through the top IMDB section to watch the latest trending movies. The movies are entirely HD. 

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13. 5movies 

5movies is a website that is truly an alternative to FMovies. You can watch anime, TV serials and movies here. Although you cannot download them at the same time, there is no need to sign up. The interface of the website is good enough to give it a look of a premier site. You will come face to face with only two or three pop-ups at a time. These will appear when you click on your video. 

If you go through the browse section, you will come across the latest cinema and movies that have just been released. Also, the site is excellent in terms of diversity, and one can watch movies from the United States, Hong Kong, Finland, Japan, India, and many more. Just the thing missing on the site is the IMDB rating. 

Check the site

14. PutLocker

PutLocker is another website that is well known for streaming online movies. It is free of cost, and registration formalities are not required. Here, you will get to watch movies from different countries. The movies are categorized based on genre and country. Other than that, the homepage is straightforward to use. It contains an A to Z list of top IMDB movies. 

Not only with movies, but Putlocker is strongly preferred for watching TV serials as well. Its working is very similar to the other sites that are available for free; therefore, it contains a few advertisements. It offers three video quality options to the users, namely HD, SD, and CAM. You will get every desired information about the movie on their official website. Its features are very similar to FMovies, and you can browse a lot of media content on the site. 

Check the site

15. HackIMDB 

By the name of the site, you can guess that you will definitely be able to find stuff here that is related to IMDB. The functioning of the website is similar to FMovies and 123movies. You do not have to download movies; you can stream them online for free. Moreover, there is no need to create an account to watch movies. 

Here are different categories available on the website according to which you can search the movies: HD movies, newest movies, cinema movies, country, genre, and according to the year. You will be able to find stuff pertaining to at least fifteen countries. The most common among them are the United Nations, India, United Kingdom, Russia, China, Japan, Germany, and others. This alternative to FMovies contains advertisements and pop-ups like any other free movie streaming website. 

Check the site

16. 123Stream 

123Stream is another one from the group of 123 site pages. These pages are very popular among avid users. This site has a huge and impressive collection of movies, and TV shows that you can stream free online. There is no need or registration or any kind of sign up. There are various options where you can search for a movie, or you can always type one in the search bar. 

If you want to watch a movie on this website, then you just have to click on the movie thumbnail and then go for the play button. Further, go for the red Cross option to clear off the unnecessary new window that has popped up. There are three streaming options you can choose from. If one doesn’t work, you can go to the other one. 

Check the site

17. GoStream 

GoStream is another alternative website option for FMovies, and it’s worth it to give a shot. It comes under the category of the best movie streaming websites that would allow you to watch stuff online for free. GoStream does not require you to register an account, just like FMovies. All the information about the movies is also available on the site. 

The movies are of high quality, and you will not be distributed to advertisements and pop-ups. You can watch videos with just one click. The material in the library is categorized based on the top IMDB, genre, and most viewed. If you want to find a specific movie, type in the search bar. Although it is not a site to watch TV serials, you will find the best movies here, just like FMovies. 

Check the site

18. M4UFree

M4UFree is regularly updated and will provide you with the latest series and movies. They are available absolutely for free, and you can stream them online, there is no need to download stuff. The website would not only proffer you certain advertisements but also gives you several categories to choose your movie. 

On the front page of the website, you will be able to find Christmas movies, new movies, new TV series, and many more. Everyone can also search for a specific movie using the bar available on the website. You can find movies on the basis of their genre, most-watched movies, or release year. Besides this, you will be able to find more than two streaming options to watch a movie. If you compare it with FMovies, you won’t find IMDB rating, plot, or desired filters other than some basic ones. 

Check the site

19. Solarmovie

Solarmovie is another popular website that is used by several people, especially movie lovers. Here full-length movies are available free of cost. You do not have to sign up, and another advantage is that you can download the movies for free. There are other sites in the name of the solarmovie, but they come and go frequently. Here we recommend you use an ad blocker extension because the site contains several pop-ups as compared to other alternatives. You will find a wide variety of stuff here, whether its Korean, Hollywood, or Bollywood, along with others. 

There is an extensive list of top IMDB movies available on the site along with other popular as well as non-popular TV serials and films. Although it is preferred to use Solarmovie for watching online, however, it is not recommended for downloading. You can filter movies on the basis of genre and country. 

Check the site

20. 123MoviesHub

Here is another variant of 123 sites. It is very similar to FMovies, and you do not need to register yourself for watching movies. You can watch the movies online for free and even download them at zero cost. 

The website is very well structured, and finding a movie is not at all a hassle. You can go through the movie section as per your taste and choose a genre to be more specific. Different categories available on the website are- movies, TV series, box office, TV today, and trending. There is no limit to the collection available on the website; you will find almost every stuff you are looking for. It also contains details regarding the movie, such as the plot, cast, genre, time duration, and country. Here you will get face to face with pop-ups when you click on the play button. 

Check the site

Some Final Words

This list is essential if we do not want to lose money on Netflix or other English channels. Moreover, if one site is not working for a certain period, then you can definitely move onto the other one. Whatever may be the case, you will always find the stuff you are looking for. The best part of these sites is that they are not limited to just Hollywood or Bollywood stuff but has a great deal of cultural diversity. So, enjoy your favorite movie or TV serial with your loved ones at zero cost today! 

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