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99+ FREE COC Clash Of Clans Accounts August 2022 [100% Working]

Are you a Clash of clans lover and searching for free accounts of Clash of clans, COC? If yes, Here you will get an awesome free coc account with a password. Just follow the given methods provided in the article.

Clash of Clans is a very popular online game by Supercell. It is the best Supercell game till now. Clash of Clans also known as COC is a popular mobile game, but gamers can also play it on a desktop.

This game requires players to play strategically and build their clan as they play and increase their rank to reach the highest position. This game has a huge community from teenagers to adults and earns a lot throughout the year.

There are different in-game assets such as characters, potions, gems, gold, etc. Players collect gold as they win any clash with the enemy and then use it to build their clan. If you want to get free COC Clash of Clans accounts then you can find them in this article below.

Why Get a Free Clash of clans Accounts From Here?

A lot of people might get confused when they hear free Clash of Clans account. Don’t worry, COC is free for all. You can play for free and only requires a smart device and a strong internet connection.

Then why buy COC? Buying a Clash of Clans account refers to purchasing an account that is already well maintained, has a collection of gems and gold, is well built, etc. Now, why would anyone purchase somebody else’s account?

If you are patient enough, you will start with nothing, win different clashes one by one and build your clan from starting unit. But sometimes, some players skip this part and like to build from something. A clan that is already at some level.

Or sometimes, some player loses their pre-built account due to some reason and find it tiring to start from the starting and decide to purchase somebody else’s account. 

Players can usually find someone willing to give their account to them. Now, the value of that clan is based on how much it is developed. How many matches it has won and lost, what is its current status, and most importantly how much treasure it has which includes gems especially.

Based on all these factors, a clan’s value is determined. This is the craze of the Clash of Clans online games. 

Free COC Clash of Clans Accounts August 6, 2022

Below is the list of emails and their respective passwords to login into the Clash of clans and get free Clash of clans accounts. These COC accounts are legal and you can use them.

As mentioned before, many people start their clash of clans journey midway. Many players, purchase COC accounts so that they do not have started again from the starting.

We will be regularly updating the emails and the passwords of these accounts so that you can get the chance to use them. Hence it is advisable to visit our website regularly to get the Clash of clans accounts for free.

100% Working FREE Clash of clans Accounts List August 6, 2022

Here is a huge list of working Clash of clans accounts, The demand is getting high for free clash of clans accounts, So we have decided to share this list with our loyal visitors, Now you don’t need to start with level 1, Just get the below account to play freely.

List is Updated On

August 6, 2022

How to Create a Clash of clans Account?

Creating an account of the Clash of Clans is simple and easy. You don’t need to do anything extra to get started playing with COC. In this, you build your village, clash with other’s villages to loot and increase your treasure, and what not?

These are some of the things which make this game interesting and so popular among online gamers. If you want to start from starting and want to join the community of Clash of Clans then this section of the article is for you. 

● Clash of Clans is a gaming application that can be installed from your operating system’s in-mobile online store. So, first of all, download Clash of Clans from the Play store, if you are an android user and similarly from respective stores of your device’s operating system.

● Once, the application is installed, open the application and get started.

● The game itself asks you to fill in all the necessary details. Starting, with the name of your choice which is unique for every player. 

● After this, the game asks you to connect your account with Facebook, or your google account, to Supercell id, etc so that you can always find your Clash of Clans account easily and do not lose it due to anything.

Connecting your account with google or Facebook allows you to open it on multiple devices with your Facebook or Google account. 

● That’s it. You do not need to do anything further. The game’s setting will itself teach you about different options available on your screen and will guide you till your first clash. 

● Apart from this, players can connect their second account with the existing one. Yes, it is possible to create two accounts on a single device for a single player. 

How to Create Two COC Accounts?

Even if it surprises you, then also you are right to hear this. Yes, you can create and control two COC accounts from a single device actively. This is offered to you by Supercell.

Your Supercell id allows you to create and play with multiple accounts on a single device. Learn how to connect two accounts by following the following steps correctly. 

● When you open your clash of clans game, it directly leads you to your clan. There, in the lower-right corner, above the shop option, you will find a setting icon. Click on it. 

● Next, the setting box will open up which has different options. But on the top, you will find a blue bar with Supercell id. There is a connection option in front of it. Click on the connection button. 

● Then, select the setting option available in Supercell id which opens the Supercell setting options. 

● There, tap on the logout button and confirm. This will log you out from your current supercell account

● Reopen the game, and this time, click on “play without supercell id”.

● Now, follow the game guide, and create a new Supercell id. 

● In the new supercell account, go to settings as before but this time, click on the disconnected option available next to Supercell id.

● This will open a new page, there click on the “register now” option.

● There you will find two boxes asking for the email address. Fill both the boxes with your email address which should be identical and click on the register option. 

● A code will be sent o your email address immediately. Copy the code and fill in the code and select submit button. 

● Lastly, click on the okay button and you are all done. 

● Now, you can again go to the setting option and next to Supercell id, you can select the account, you want to play with.


This article is all about free Clash of clans account and password. I hope you got an account and enjoying it.

Clash of Clans, also known as COC is a popular online game. It is played around the world and it has a community of millions of players. It has over 500 million downloads on the play store.

You can create a COC account for free and also create two accounts and play with them on a single device. Around all the people start from the starting but many players who lose their account due to some reason have to go for purchasing other’s accounts so that they can start mid-way.

These free Clash Of Clans accounts are already set and clans are developed well. As well as these accounts hold a good amount of treasure.

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