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Free Fire Accounts – 99+ Working Free Accounts With Diamond [Sept 2022]

Free fire accounts for free

Are you a gamer and searching for free fire accounts for free? Then you are at the right place, Here we have provided multiple Free free fire account IDs and passwords.

If your Garena free fire account has been banned or has been temporarily blocked due to a violation of some rules or policy of Garena free fire, then you might not be able to play that game again.

Hence to prevent this, we are going to give you free accounts of the Garena free fire. The accounts provided here can use to log in to the game through Twitter, Facebook, or email. Read the full article to get free Garena free fire accounts.

What is Garena free fire?

Garena free fire is a multiplayer action-adventure game which means it is a free-to-play online game that means you don’t need to spend any cash to play the game. And it is full of thrilling and challenging problems for the gamer, as well as a lot of levels to the game.

So, if you are a gamer who would love to play Garena free fire. As of the first quarter of 2021, the Garena fire has become the most downloaded game in the world.

Due to the ban of players’ unknown battlegrounds (PUB-G) in some countries, Garena free fire users have increased. People switch to Garena free fire and enjoy playing free fire.

How to get Free fire Accounts for free September 16, 2022

There are many ways to get free fire accounts for free. But not all methods are working, So we have provided some working ways to get Free free fire account.

You might feel it is a difficult task to create a new free-fire account. To make it easier for you, we are going to provide the list of the Garena free-fire Gmail accounts with passwords. You can use any of these accounts and get your free Garena free fire account. 

List of free Garena free fire Gmail accounts September 16, 2022

Below is the list of all free Garena free fire Gmail ids and passwords. You just have to simply login into the Garena free fire using this Gmail id and password and that’s it, you got your free Garena free fire account. Just start playing and enjoying now.

Free Fire Accounts Updated On

September 16, 2022

Free Garena Free Fire Facebook Accounts September 16, 2022

Free fire accounts by facebook

If you are not able to log in to the Garena free fire using Gmail ids and passwords, then don’t worry, here we have some free Facebook ids and passwords to help you with a free Garena free fire account.

Below is the list of Facebook ids or phone numbers or emails with passwords. For those you don’t know, You can log in to the Garena free fire using Facebook also. 

Free Fire Accounts Updated On

September 16, 2022

Above is the list of all free Garena free fire Facebook ids, phone numbers or emails, and passwords. You just have to simply login into the Garena free fire using these Facebook ids, phone numbers, or emails and passwords and that’s it, you got your free Garena free fire account. Just start playing and enjoying now. 

Top Features of these FREE Free-Fire Account

There are many features available in the free fire account, Which I am giving you today. All premium features are available in this account and you can use every feature without any worries. Some of the top features are listed below.

10,000 Free Diamonds

Yes, it’s true, The above accounts have 10,000+ diamonds in each account. You can buy any dresses, Gun skin, Characters, Pets, Customs etc.

Free Elite Pass

If you have 499 Diamonds in your Free Fire account then you can buy an Elite pass in Free Fire. But you don’t need to worry, The above-listed accounts have Elite pass enabled. Just log in and enjoy the game with premium features.

Multiple Custom Cards

Everybody wants to play a custom room with our friends but they don’t have a Custom card or don’t have enough diamonds to buy a custom card. So don’t worry these above-listed accounts has multiple custom cards in each account.

Benefits of using these accounts

By using these accounts, if you are lucky, then you will get the benefits of some of the premium items of the Garena free fire for free.

You may get free premium skins, a Battle pass, skins for characters, skins for guns, a Free royale pass, Free diamonds, free Garena free fire emotes and many more. So, use these ids and enjoy the game.

What if these IDs and passwords do not work?

Sometimes, you may find that these ids and passwords wouldn’t work. It doesn’t mean that those are the wrong ones. It is due to some who has visited this site earlier having changed the password and got his free Grena free fire account.

We regularly change these IDs and passwords so that you all get a chance to get a free Garena free fire account. Hence, it is requested to bookmark this page and regularly visit this site to get new working free Garena free fire accounts.

Why do we need to create a new account for Garena free fire?

There are several reasons behind this. For one, you must choose another Garena free fire account if your Garena free fire account is banned because it is obviously a problem, when it is too late, you might regret it, which is so great to remember.

To play the free fire, you have to create a new account. Now if you have created a free fire account and started playing the Garena free fire, but after some time, your account got banned, then you might not be able to log in to that account, and all your progress will be lost.

So to prevent these casualties, you should also create another free fire account or get another free fire account from this article.

How to Create a New Account for Garena free fire?

Whenever you want to create a new account for Garena free fire, before opening, then you can see a site that shows you the top profile. In this profile, you can see the email, name, and gender of your new account.

To create a new Garena free fire account, you can go to the signup page by clicking the “Create New Account” link which is on the right top side menu button, which will send you to the signup page.

On this page, you can choose the option to log in, create a new account and sign up for Garena free fire.

If you choose the option to sign up, then firstly you can create a login account for Garena free fire. Hence in this way, you can create a new free-fire account.


There are many questions about the Free fire account. A lot of Free fire users are facing different-different types of issues that we are going to discuss. So guys some of the top FAQ is given below:

How to protect a free fire account from the ban?

ANSWER: If you want to protect your free fire id from a ban then you should follow some rules that are given below:

To maintain a fair gaming environment for all players, here are some of the actions one may get banned for:

  • Using modified or unauthorized game clients.
  • Using unauthorized tools that interact with the Free Fire game clients.
  • Using non-official programs to provide an edge to gameplay.
  • Modifying model files to gain unfair advantages.
  • Utilizing glitches or bugs to exploit the gaming experience.
  • Being reported by multiple players and detected for abnormal gameplay simultaneously.
  • Bypassing Free Fire anti-hack system via illicit local data transfer.

We also would like to remind all Survivors not to team up with hackers. And maintain a fair gaming environment for all players.

How to unban a free fire suspended account?

ANSWER: Garena does not take care of old players, if we make a mistake, the account and immediately deleted, and Garena’s complaint website is only answered by the bot. Player losses are not taken into account by Garena.

Hopefully, Garena continues to successfully ban more players, especially older players. Already many old players are selling their accounts, because old accounts are definitely a lot of reports from envious players, wait a day will definitely be hit by a ban even if not using cheats.

Garena only expects new players from loyal players. So if your account is banned then you can contact the support team to unban your account, Just follow the below steps:

  • First of all visit the official support team website of Garena free fire.
  • Now select the Email Us Now option
free fire support
  • Now describe your issue in detail with included Subject.
  • Now send that mail, Now Garena’s free fire team will contact you soon via email.


We have provided Gmail ids and Facebook ids with passwords which have free Garena free fire accounts. You can use that to get a Garena free fire account for free.

If you have any difficulties or questions regarding this article, feel free to reach us through the comment section below.

You can also reach out through the contact us form. It is requested to visit this article regularly to get the new and updated list of free Grena free fire accounts.

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