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Pokken Tournament DX free trial is live now

The Pokken Tournament DX free trial is live, folks, in case you’ve been longing to hop into a fighting game and pummel our darling Pikachu. If that is you, go to a doctor. If you just like playing Tekken but you’re scared of Kazuya’s big arms, this is probably a good choice. How big are Charizard’s arms?

Anyway, Nintendo Switch Online members can download the game and get started with the Pokken Tournament DX free trial right now, letting you jump in the ring with 21 different Pokémon in some genuinely quite excellent 3D fighting action. You can also purchase the game for 30% off until the end of the month.

This free trial is perfectly coinciding (like they almost planned it!) with the Pokémon World Championships 2022. There are other Poké-celebrations going on over the weekend, too, with Pokémon cable cars blocking out the sun in southeast London. For all the weekend-long competition between the world’s best, check out the latest Pokémon World Championship standings.

When is the Pokken Tournament DX free trial?

The Pokken Tournament DX free trial is live from August 18 until August 24. Jump in soon to get a full weekend of Poké-punching!

That’s all we’ve got on the Pokken Tournament DX free trial. For more, check out our Pokemon Scarlet and Violet mystery gift codes and Pokemon Scarlet and Violet gym leader guides to get ready for the next big adventure.

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