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10 Best Games Like Corruption Of Champions in 2022

Corruption of Champions has earned the interest of a wider number of video game addicts. Now, individuals who are not much into playing games regularly are also browsing for games like CoC. The Corruption of Champions is an explicit video game in which the gamers being the village citizens, chose a champion belonging to that village, every year following the tradition. Furthermore, the game increases the player’s interest to check the extra tasks and activities in the game.

Games are undoubtedly the best thing that keep us alive in our busy kicking life. Regardless of the type of games like corruption of champions that the addicts must be interested in, some people prefer playing games for refreshment from the work stress. For example, browser games like unblocked agario are very addicting and funny. Agario is one of the best games to play with friends. Playing games has become a rejoicing element of people regardless of their age groups- from kids to adults. You may also want to get yourself a new mouse bungee to improve your gaming performance. 

Therefore, if you are also the one mentioned just now, then we have the top 10 games similar to Corruption of Champions listed here for you.

Top Games Like Corruption of Champions

If you are an absolute gamer of the genre that matches your interest like the Corruption of Champions, then the below compiled inventory might amaze you.

So, let’s unveil the best video games till date and get a seamless gaming experience!  

1. The Poor Whore

This gaming app is an absolute treat to those who are addicted to text-based games. The Poor Whore gaming app is supported by the Windows operating system. So, you can  install it to the system and it works as a first person. 

The game lets you perform several tasks such as the entire world exploration, establishing communication with freshly emerged characters, and finish the level wise quests to move to the further levels or stages of the game. 

Lastly, this game provides certain customizable features and confronts sex as a second person.

2. Flexible Survival

Well, Flexible Survival game is a perfect fit for the gamers whose genres include Corruption of Champions type of games. Flexible Survival is based on a story of the incidents occurred in 2008. Nuku Valente developed the entire storyline.

Be it Android, iOS, or Windows, the game is supported by any operating system and more.  

The game begins with a scenario depicting the moments of the end of the globe. It demonstrated the surroundings of the virus outbreak, where you being the head player need to protect yourself until the military squad reaches there to rescue.   

Several characters are featured in this video game. Plus, it contained many other features including world personalization options, top-notch graphics, slash and hack combat, and more. 

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3. Carnal Souls

If you are the lover of lustful gaming videos, then this is for you. Carnal Souls is a role-playing game (RPG) driven open world video game filled with adventures and several sexual stuff.

The game provides the combat modes to give you a reminder of the Witcher Series. Plus, it lets you reserve or book with the enemies and  bosses and enemies. Moreover, you get several alternatives to tempt and seduce the devils.

The game picturizes a well-framed storyline, numerous options to personalize the characters as desired, resolve and unveil stories, grab the treasure followed by adventurous exploration of new spots.

4. Fall of Eden

Keeping in mind the theme of supernatural aspects involving angels and demons, Fenox developers created Fall of Eden. Initially, the game starts with the scene of a player doing some research work in an isolated neighbourhood location regarding a miraculous discovery of an entrance between the Earth and hell. 

The gamer’s job is to make an appeal to the goddess queen Aria for providing protection.  The players are free to personalize the characters in that game as desired. Lastly, this video game is supported by many different internet browsers. 

5. Kingdom of Loathing

Kingdom of Loathing is the one which can be enjoyed in two modes. First is the multiplayer mode and the other one is known as single mode. You have the choice to play it directly through the app by downloading it.  Else, you can play it online, on a browser which is compatible with this video game. 

This game lets you develop desired kind of gaming graphics. Plus, you can create desirable gaming characters for your specific gaming environment. 

You being the main player will have to combat and defeat the devils. With each victory, you get to earn extra credits rewards, gather more skills, accumulate regular necessities, products, meat, and other added stuff.  

The game also lets you get involved in  businesses like farming or trading in order to grow the economy. 

The beginning of the game is conducted by a process of selection, where you have the pick your character’s gender. Then you have to select from.six specific classes as mentioned:  Accordion Thief, a Pastamancer, Seal clubber, Disco Bandit, Turtle tamer, and Sauceror.

As this game has the multiplayer privilege, you are free to create your own team by connecting with the other gamers via the chat option available.

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6. Free Cities

Free Cities is also an explicit video gaming. It is an erotic cum slavery management gaming video like the Corruption of Champions. This was created for the Twine 2 and is compatible with those browsers that allow this game to be played online. 

This game lacks the customization option to modify the gaming characters. However, the gamers in this game have got some amazing capabilities. So, they can carry out multiple tasks including managing, buying, selling, and training the slave course, and so on.

Here, the gamer will attempt to give a forward response for slaving fetish. Plus, the player will look for the quite realistic slavery.  

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7. Cypher: Cyberpunk Adventures

Cypher: Cyberpunk Adventures is another text-based game belonging to the adventure genre. It too comes to the category of amazing video games like Corruption of Champions and offers a real gaming experience to the game addicts. Moreover, the game supports amazing background music followed by high-end sound effects. 

This game was created in 2012 by Cabrera Brother. 

The game begins with the detailed introduction of the player’s character and the surrounding environment followed by the plot location. 

The game is seamlessly designed and you, being the main player, have to follow that man’s accomplishments who provides the confidential customer details by utilizing the cybernetic implants.

8. Trials in Tainted Space

Trials in Tainted Space is another alluring  video game on the top list. The storyline of this game involves the main player who is doing the research work on some new adventures, connecting with several different individuals to have intercourse with them. All these start from a ship that is left behind by a father who is at death’s door.

The plot of the game uncovers many twists and lustful stuff as the gamer sets the world to gain authority and make more money. 

This game is developed by two companies namely, Fenoxa and Crew as Corruption of Champions. It is also called TITs, plus, it is the role-playing game (RPG) driven game, next to CoC.

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9. Gift of Phallius 2: The Key to Eternity

Gift of Phallius 2: The Key to Eternity is the one that cannot be played online. So, you have to download it on the system in order to play the game. Plus, this video game is available in two versions. One is the text mode while the second one is the multimedia mode.  

The gamers playing this game will be a 14 years old girl, princess Dalia. This video game is categorized into different levels, and with times you may find some erotic stuff in the latter stages of the game. 

10. My Very Own Lith

Well, My Very Own Lith game is a little advanced, falling under the genre of fantastic games like Corruption of Champions.

The game needs a flash player and you can play it directly online without requiring to install its app version on your system.  

This video game perfectly complies with an interesting feature for the players. It provides several gaming modes or versions with added hands available for the main player such as deluxe version, public version, and cheats.

Interestingly, you, being the main character of the game,  have to play a cat’s role, who is known as Lith. Well, choosing that cat’s gender is up to the player. Plus, you are free to do various modifications of that cat’s character.

Furthermore this video game offers a wide array of alternatives such as flirting, talking, taking off clothes, seducing, which lets you interact with Lith.

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If you are someone who loves RPG games then you will love our list of games like Corruption of Champions since all the alternatives mentioned are real fun. Also, you will develop interest in various gaming genres. The above games are popular for entertaining the players gaming with a real experience. So, now that you got enough details regarding some of the best gaming inventories, hurry up and install the one that you prefer the most or enjoy them online.

Happy Gaming!

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