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Top 11 Games Like IMVU in 2022

games like imvu

Nowadays, VR games are bringing craze around people of all ages starting from teenagers to adults, nobody is lagging behind in this participation. One such popular online VR game is IMVU (Instant Messaging Virtual Universe). This platform allows you to come across people from all around the world. Also, it lets you (as a player) create projects for the game and sell it in the marketplace of IMVU to earn money and spend it to purchase the latest upgrades of the game. Apart from providing an exceptional credit system and economy, the game also offers amazing visuals, ensuring an overall fun-filled gaming experience alongside many other things to explore. However, sometimes the gaming website of IMVU gets inactive or down, especially when the website is under maintenance. That is why, we have collated a lot of top 11 IMVU Alternatives so that you don’t feel left out from the world of VR games.

So, let’s begin!

Top 11 IMVU Alternatives

1. OurWorld

games like imvu

OurWorld virtual world lets you both interact with other gamers and play mini-games online. The game includes all the fun features that a teenage player will generally look for in a VR game. The currency used in this game is called Flow that can be achieved by participating in different activities like dancing, playing games, and various other tasks. You can trade Flow for EXP or coins as well. 

Just like most mobile games, this game also includes short transactions after which you can enter the game. This currency (Flow) can also be used to purchase pets, clothes, furniture, and many other commodities.  This massive multiplayer RPG also includes several additional interesting features like adoption and weddings. Other than that, this online world is full of other virtual spots like dance clubs, coffee shops, beaches, and shopping malls. features added such as marriage and adoption. There you can come across interesting people and lead a life that you have always craved. Our world includes innumerable customization options using which you can create an exceptional 3D avatar of your desire.  

2. Second Life

Second Life

Second Life is yet another fantastic IMVU alternative that is freely available on the Internet. This VR game was developed by Linden LAB and has been compatible with both Mac and PC since the year 2003. It is typically designed for teenagers and comes with a number of customization features and possibilities. The positive aspect of this game is you can sell the gaming currency to earn real money. The worldwide popular game lets you meet new people and make friends.  

The massive virtual world of this game lets the gamers throughout explore it and communicate with others. The currency used in this game is called Linden dollar. You can spend it to purchase many things within the game and trade your products with other users or players in this game. Also, you can use it in other microtransactions and convert it into real dollars, thereby earning some real money and having fun, all at a time. There are a number of social communities like gatherings and clubs which can give you the experience of real life joy while you are in the play.  

3. Lady Popular

games like imvu

Lady Popular, as the name suggests, is typically designed for ladies. This virtual gaming world has all the female avatars alongside the female players (only). It is a type of makeup and dress up game considering the features included in this game. The avatars in this game are called “lady” and every player can have her avatar and personalize it with different hairstyles, dress, and makeup. Moreover, you can create and customize the clothes as per your desire and can personalize your avatar by spending more funds on it. 

Here, you can communicate with other players and can even be friends with them or others across the globe. Just like the real world, you can even take an apartment on rent and customize it or can complete tasks in collaboration with other players. This VR game also lets you participate in fashion contests, like fashion arena duels and win awards there. Overall, this game is not less than a paradise made for females as it involves every activity and feature which any teenage girl will get excited about. For easy navigation facility, a City dashboard is offered over there which gives you access to malls, clubs, beauty salons, furniture shops, etc.  

4. Habbo


Habbo is also known as Habbo hotel. If you are a VUR gaming fanatic, then you must know about this popular game already. The game was once so trending that it used to have around 5 million users per month, out of which, maximum were teenagers. Like the other VR games, here you have to use an avatar and can interact with other players across the globe, participate with them in different missions, and also keep virtual pets. 

The mobile version of Habbo lets you play this game on multiple platforms that include both iOS  and Android. The realistic hoteling features of Habbo makes it a popular VR alternative to IMVU. Plus, there are dance clubs, rooms to stay, and restaurants as well. You can create guest rooms in the hotel which you can also personalize as desired and call your friends to stay there.  

5. Touch


Touch is yet another popular VR game among teenagers and is basically a dance game which follows Korean pop dancing. If you like playing this type of games, and love to dance, then you are going to enjoy this game, especially while playing with the other gamers from all around the globe. This game is typically designed keeping the K-pop fans in mind and involves various customization options as well.

This game allows you to create your desired pop tune using high-end customization features so as to feel the stage of stardom. For this, all you have to do is open a new account and select your gender for your chosen avatar and then accordingly personalize it. The game lets you match the movements with music and keystrokes.

6. Club Cooee

Club Cooee

Club Cooee is a 3D chat environment, developed by a German company. Here you choose your avatar and customize it from top to bottom. These customizations include accessories to adorn the avatar and rooms which are meant for both playing and chatting. However, the rooms are quite small. Unlike most VR games, Club Cooee isn’t an open world VR game.

The ultimate purpose of Club Cooee is chatting with the other users. Thousands of plays come daily online, so you will never feel lonely or bored while playing this game. You can play this game on any desktop and begin chatting straightaway.

7. Woozworld


WoozWorld is a popular IMVU alternative and includes several customization features. It is a type of virtual fashion world where you can dress your avatar the way you like and also can change its look weekly. There are innumerable clothes and accessories that you can utilize to customize your avatar and make it look pretty. 

This teen game is enjoyable where you can also make friends.

You can even participate in several activities in the game, like doing a business start-up, selling clothes, throwing parties, and communicating with other gamers to trade your items. Though this game resembles IMVU to quite a bit, the differences lie in the feature which lets you explore the VR world and build your house. If you want to enjoy the weekly allowance followed by other additional things, you can do that by simply upgrading your account.  

8. Twinity


Twinity is yet another VR world typically designed for adult people. The theme of this game is an adult fashion sense, where you are introduced to a 3D World full of numerous other online gamers. The game is basically based in the cities that include Singapore, Berlin, London, and other major cities across the globe. The impressive customization features is one of the perks of this game. Other than that, here you can chat with others, make new friends, and lead your daily routine which gives a real life feel to you within the game. 

The avatars of the players in this 3D VR world are called Twinizens. The game leads you to a fantasy environment and the best part is that here you can upload your own photo so that your avatar can be identified by your real photo. Additionally, you can personalize your avatar in a way that it closely resembles your real picture and can give it your real name as well.  

9. Avakin Life

games like imvu

Avakin Life is another mobile-based application which lets you enjoy the virtual perks on both Android and iOS devices. You can personalize a number of objects here including your avatar, house or apartment, and come across many people from various locations. You can create 1000 different features for changing its outlook, each time. An in-game apartment is also here that you embellish as per your expectation.

There are numerous socializing features in the game. You can earn and spend credits within the game on things like houses, clothes, and premium items, which can help strengthen your avatar.  

10. Onverse


Onverse 3D VR game lets you explore this gaming world and experience the personalization cum optimization features. The good thing is you can play the game on various platforms, such as Mac and Windows. You can interact with people, be friends, and create your avatar.

This game is available for free, however, you  have to spend real currency to buy items from the shop. Still, you can begin the game by simply creating your avatar and then earn money by participating in different tasks. You can decorate your house, customize your avatar, and perform a lot of exciting activities within the game.

11. The Sims 4

The Sims 4

The Sims 4 is a full package VR program, where you have to create your avatar called sims. You can personalize it, starting with its nose to ending at its toe. You can recreate your entire personality virtually. You can create your own house, which is a part of your casual virtual gaming activity. However, the unique part is when you offer space and material to design your house wonderfully. Additionally, this game includes drama and realism as you can virtually play your life, skills, emotions, etc. 


IMVU has been an immersive 3D game but as you have already seen the above alternatives, it is good to try out these alternatives rather than sticking to the one and only age-old VR game. For example, it is possible that the teenage girls might prefer Lady Popular because of the game’s evidently feminine esthetics. Some, on the other hand, might prefer Twinity to be quite interesting. 

However, it is also important to note that some games feature microtransactions which is a sore spot among many players. Also, while considering the significance of graphics, VR worlds like Twinity might not fit to be much appealing as compared to others. 


1. Is there a game like IMVU?

Club Cooee is a game like IMVU and is quite a realistic and friendly virtual world that brings you across new people, with whom you can make friends, chat, and have fun. Other than that, this VR game has a massive user-base worldwide.

2. Which is better: Avakin life or IMVU?

IMVU is better than Avakin and has been ranked as one of the 7 Best Virtual Worlds for its Realistic Graphics in the year 2020.

3. What type of game is IMVU?

IMVU is a number 1 avatar-based virtual experience, where the players create their own customized avatars and use them to randomly interact with other players or strangers in 3D chat rooms.

4. Is Second life free?

Yes, Second Life is a free to play VR game. However, if you want to rent or own any piece of land or if you are looking to earn in-game credit to buy stuff, then you have to upgrade your account to premium.  

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