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Gandy Dancer Mercantile Owned By Bonni Gravelle And Glenn Croydon

Gandy Dancer Mercantile Owned By Bonni Gravelle And Glenn Croydon

Burchcreek Mercantile has a new owner and a new name now! Now, husband and couple Bonni Gravelle and Glenn Croydon are the proprietors of Gandy Dancer Mercantile, named in honour of the Ogden railways. The place to be if you’re seeking for a new hangout is here. If the bar atmosphere isn’t your thing, the live music every Thursday, Friday, and Saturday offers the ideal option for weekend fun. During the day, it has a local coffee shop ambiance.

The couple’s idea, however, changed when they discovered that the building had everything they needed, including a full-service kitchen. After changing their status from investors to owners, they started out as a restaurant providing breakfast, lunch, and supper from 7 a.m. until 11 p.m., but the pace was slow and it wasn’t profitable. According to Gravelle, “one night we served pulled pork for dinner and sold 33 dinners.” The couple bought extra pork that evening at 10 p.m., cooked it, and shredded it for the following day. However, the following day, they only sold five dinners.

2019 saw the relocation of the new owners Gravelle and Croydon, 50-year retired teachers from Hawaii to Ogden. In Ogden, the pair found a good connection and fell in love right away. They looked for Burchcreek Mercantile because they intended to invest in real estate. “He’s sure I’m right, and I’m sure I’m right, and that’s how it goes,” Gravelle says of their choice.

Glen informed me the following day that “God said to me: ‘Simplicity.’” The kitchen is closing,’” announces Gravelle. Following a journey of trial and error, the pair has just discovered their ideal situation! With live music every night, they stopped serving food and instead began selling sweets and ice cream from Thursday through Saturday from 2 to 9 p.m. Gravelle continues, “Now we can talk to our customers and listen to the music.” “That’s why we started the whole thing,” the speaker said.

The mercantile has a large family room-like feel about it. There are couches, cushy chairs, coffee tables, and game tables around the room. The bands are always family-friendly, there are even toys for the kids to play with, and dancing is highly encouraged. The bands perform on Thursday for tips. The Gandy is, according to local musician Ashley of the band Ashberry Jam, her favourite venue because of Bonni and Glen.

Farr’s, Kemp’s, Cascade Glacier, and Aggie Ice Cream are just a few of the many ice cream brands that Gandy Dancer Mercantile transports from Logan each week. Additionally, they offer coffee, a selection of teas, and sweets like Glen’s homemade fudge. Customers are encouraged to BYOF (bring your own food), particularly takeaway from the nearby Tony’s Pizza. At the Gandy Dancer, deliveries from Grubhub, Doordash, and Uber Eats are always welcome.

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