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10 Advantages Of The Platform

Gem4me from a user’s point of view: 10 advantages of the platform

Gem4me —  a communication platform with an extensive number of various capabilities offered to a user.  It includes a messenger, information channels, as well as its own commercial marketplace. Developers of the application are regularly updating the services accounting for user preferences and feedback and its main advantages can be seen through user reviews.  

Voice message transcription 

Gem4me allows users to transcribe voice messages free of charge. Simply press the transcription button on a voice message and the text is depicted right away. The service transforms voice messages to text in English and Russian languages, which then can also be translated to one of the 17 languages via the built-in translator, if necessary. It is a truly useful service as it is needed by a large number of users today. In comparison, other messengers and social networks either do not offer such a service in general, or offer it for a fee. For instance, Telegram offers the capability of voice message transcription, although, strictly as part of its premium subscription. Hence, adding this functionality drastically increases the overall appeal of the platform for users. 

Blog platform 

The Gem4me ecosystem also has a designated section with information channels. The section allows one to host their blog and gain subscribers without financial investments by means of enticing content. Bloggers enjoy the built-in editor tool, allowing them to prepare and format their articles with images without the need to exit the platform. Moreover, hosts of public channels can also receive donations from users without any commission from developers, just include banking details in profile description. 

Blog platform 

In addition, the advertising platform will be launched in the near future, allowing to monetize content. It is a rather prospective platform for creativity and additional income streams from hosting a channel, which is why users are actively switching to it from other services. 

Video conferences 

The ability to host video conferences is useful both for work purposes and in personal communication. Furthermore, there are no limits or restrictions — not in terms of a call’s length or in the amount of its participants. The number of participants is formally limited to 1000 participants, although the need to gather that many people is quite rare.  

The lack of time restrictions grants no need to rush during important business meetings  and boosts confidence. Additionally, a video call can be moderated and the option of sharing one’s screen is also beneficial. In comparison, Zoom only offers 40 minutes of free video conferences, whilst Gem4me users praise the advantage of free and unlimited video communication in their reviews.

Editing sent messages  

The ability to edit an already sent message is important for some users. Surprisingly, this option is still not available with all communication platforms, it is not even offered in the world’s most widespread messenger —  WhatsApp. 

In Gem4me, there is no need to delete a sent message and resend it to make a correction, which is the process in WhatsApp currently. On the contrary, it is enough to select the “Edit” option and the correction will be made instantaneously. This option is considered essential by modern users as not having it is seen as a major inconvenience. 

One account for all services 

Gem4me is a multi-functional platform on which users can switch between various services promptly without the need to enter their login and password each time. 

It is enough to register on the service just once, after which users will have all the sections available to them, as neither publishing a new post on a blog, nor making purchases on  MarketSpace will require additional authorization. This saves time, does not require remembering additional passwords and relieves users of inconvenience and extra complications. 

Online commerce on the built-in marketplace

Gem4me ecosystem boasts its commercial MarketSpace platform. Buyers and sellers are a part of the service’s international user base and are actively interacting on the marketplace daily. 

Online commerce on the built-in marketplace

Furthermore, entrepreneurs who chose to register on MarketSpace as sellers note the ease of creating a business-account in a matter of few simple steps. This serves as an additional motivation to launch commercial enterprises on the platform and attract new audiences. 

Separate section for channels 

Yet another outstanding feature of Gem4me’s blog platform is in it operating as a separate section. It is a significant advantage compared to Telegram, for instance, where all channels and personal chats are mixed together on a user’s home screen. 

Channels are structured by the use of thematic widgets, on which users can choose interesting options from a number of new and popular public channels. Moreover, the section features an integrated news feed which depicts the latest posts by those channels that a user is subscribed to. The system asks for a user to select his or her preferences and interests upon the initial visit in order for channel recommendations to be relevant and of use.

Lack of restrictions

The Gem4me ecosystem boasts further advantages — lack of any limits or restrictions on the services and capabilities offered to users. The platform does not split users by premium and general groups. All registered users can send files with no limits on size and speed of transfer, subscribe to an unlimited number of channels and much more. Developers did not introduce any restrictions from the very beginning, which is why there is no foundation to introduce paid subscriptions to lift restrictions that never existed in the first place.  

Everything is free for everyone

Nowadays, not many applications can offer users completely free services. Even the most popular platforms by the number of users, such as Telegram, offer a variety of paid for services.  

Any user can try out and compare what each platform offers to make conclusions on which option is best on their terms. Gem4me is chosen by those who do not want to pay for the same services that are offered on the platform for free. 

Convenient ecosystem format

The application is enriched by a broad spectrum of features with each release. Users value the convenience of having a whole range of capabilities within one service. Such platforms know the interests of their users quite well, provide them with suitable recommendations, offer the ease of locating necessary information based on their activity — from plain chatting to purchasing products and services. Ecosystems are progressively becoming essential assistants in daily lives of users, which is the reason for why such ecosystems are chosen more frequently today.    

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