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GET EPIC SHIT DONE Book Review: is more than just an inspirational book; it will change the way you live. Every person who reads this book enjoys and learns and earns. In this article we are going to share our thoughts on one of the upcoming books of Ankur Warikoo i.e. Get epic Shit done. This is the second book by Ankur Warikoo, his first book is Do epic shit.  

The sequel to “Do epic shit” ? Yes

He attempts to write the same book for life in his second bookGET EPIC SHIT DONE, written as a conversation between a student and a teacher, answers 36 life questions that you face almost every day and need answers to.

Ankur Warikoo Book Review: Get Epic Shit Done By Ankur Warikoo Pdf
Ankur Warikoo Book Review: Get Epic Shit Done By Ankur Warikoo Pdf

Ankur Warikoo Book Review: Get Epic Shit Done By Ankur Warikoo Free Pdf

Get Epic Shit Done Review

20,000 signed Copy of Book By Get Epic Shit Done 1st Book Do epic Shit Give you message (MADE YOU THINK) and New Book Get Shit Epic Done (WILL MAKE YOU ACT). This interesting book gives 35 life-related questions about all people faced and you need to answers to.

DO EPIC SHIT is the first book i have ever read in my life. I have learned a lot about money ,habits and entrepreneurship from reading this book. I hope this book will continue to create awareness among people so that they can make choices in life from a state of awareness and not ignorance.

My favourite quotes from this book are :-

1. You don’t find your passion.
you grow your passion!

2. Entrepreneurship is not a profession.
it’s a state of mind.

3. Before you assume, try this crazy thing.

Eagerly waiting to read GET EPIC SHIT DONE and share about the learnings.

I request everyone reading this post to please comment down their learning’s from this book.

The first favorite quote : You don’t find your passion. You grow your passion : It means that the passion always lied there subdued. You only had to discover it. But one question- why does then your passion does not pay you adequately for a livelihood? Why should one have to struggle so much to convert his passion into a paying profession?

Get Epic Shit Done Book Pdf Content

In Part 1: Managing Your Life

  • How Can I Stop Comparing Myself to Others?
  • How Do I Build My Communication Skills?
  • 17 How Do I Build a Growth Mindset?
  • 27 How Do I Make Tough Decisions in Life?
  • How Do I Manage My Time?
  • How Do I Focus?
  • How Do I Deal with Criticism?
  • How Do I Build a Habit of Reading?
  • How Do I Build Meditation into My Lifestyle?

In Part 2: Managing Your Career

  • How Do I Build Trust?
  • How Do I Find My Passion?
  • How Do I Pick the Right Career?
  • How Do I Change My Career?
  • How Do I Grow in My Career?
  • How Do I Deal with Office Politics?
  • How Can I Be Indispensable at Work?
  • How Should I Spend the First 90 Days of a New Job?

In Part 3: Managing People

  • How Do I Say No?
  • How Can I Seek Help?
  • How Do I Convince My Parents About My Career Choice?
  • How Can I Forgive My Parents?
  • How Do I Make Friends?
  • How Can I Find a Life Partner?
  • How Can I Build Multiple Income Streams?
  • How Should I Take a Gap Year?
  • How Do I Deal with a Break-up?
  • How Do I Set Boundaries?
  • How Do I Deal with Toxic Friends?

In Part 4: Managing Yourself

  • How Do I Develop Patience?
  • How Can I Have a Sleep Routine?
  • How Do I Build Good Habits?
  • How Can I Be More Self-aware?
  • How Can I Live by Myself?
  • How Do I Manage My Anger?
  • How Can I Pick Myself Up?
  • How Can I Become My Best Friend?
  • Epilogue Acknowledgements
  • A Note on the Author

About get epic shit done book pdf

Book Name get epic shit done
Author Name Ankur Warikoo
Format PDF
Size Mb
Pages 376
Language English 
Publication Juggernaut Publishing

About Ankur Warikoo New Book

Ankur Warikoo is an Internet Entrepreneur from India and one of the country’s top content creators, with over 7 million followers. He is also a best-selling author and an educator who teaches online. Warikoo enjoys mentoring entrepreneurs and acting as an angel investor in his spare time.

Warikoo previously founded and served as its CEO from its inception in 2015 until 2019. Ankur was the founding CEO of Groupon’s India business in 2011 and served as Country CEO from 2011 to 2015, as well as Head of Groupon APAC from 2013 to 2015.

Ankur has been named to Fortune Magazine’s 40 under 40 lists for India, Forbes’ Top 100 Digital Creators list for 2022, LinkedIn India’s Top Voices for 2018, 2019, and 2020, and LinkedIn India’s Spotlight List.

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Get epic shit done pdf by ankur warikoo

 He said that these three relations define everything in your life. Generally, people do not value their time and spend most of their time on rubbish things that are not adding any value to their life.

Investing habits can change the entire life of a person and make them financially free. Every phase of our life is very important to live and enjoy, so along with these two aspects it is equally important to give time to yourself.

Get Epic Shit Done By Ankur Warikoo Pdf Download

Pdf Comming Soon..


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