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Girl Scouts introduces a new raspberry cookie to the lineup

The Girl Scouts are introducing a new raspberry-flavored cookie to their product line.

For the first time, the new cookie flavour will be available only online, as part of a drive to “improve girls’ e-commerce sales and business skills.” A box of Girl Scout Cookies usually costs roughly $5, however prices vary by region.

The Raspberry Rally, characterised as a “sister” biscuit to the popular Thin Mints, swaps out the mint filling for a raspberry-flavored filling. It has the same “delectable chocolaty coating” as its sister.

Raspberry Rally will be available beginning in 2023, during the Girl Scouts’ annual cookie-selling season, which runs from January through April. Proceeds from cookie sales, both in-person and online, assist local Girl Scout councils and units. According to Girl Scouts, selling cookies makes members “part of the world’s largest girl-led business programme” and develops life skills such as leadership and problem solving.

Toast-Yay!, French toast-flavored cookies shaped like a little slice of bread, and Lemon-Ups, crunchy lemon wafers, have also been added in recent years.

Girl Scouts distributes new cookies on a regular basis to keep their offers fresh. Last year, the charity introduced Adventurefuls, chocolate cookies covered with a chocolaty drizzle and filled with a substantial dollop of “caramel-flavored crème and a dash of sea salt.”

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