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goATDee Alternatives 2022: 10+ Best Sites Like


goATDee is a premier live sports online streaming platform that has regaled its users with the latest news and sports videos for a while now without any cost. Especially popular across the United States of America, offers a streamlined and easy-to-use interface that is very intuitive and attractive. Hence, navigating through menus on the site is like a saunter in the park.

Hence, it’s safe to say goATDee is one of the best free sports streaming sites if you want to watch sports channels, live matches or keep abreast of the goings-on from the world of sports.

Unfortunately, the site is not accessible in many regions nowadays due to numerous lawsuit tussles. However, there are some great alternatives online that can replicate the feel good factor associated with Let’s get started.

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10+ Top Sites Like goATDee in 2022

1) RojaDirecta


Renowned as one of the leading sports index platforms of the world, RojaDirecta should be enough to satiate all your live streaming needs on the go. You can find updates on sports events, live matches and watch tons of sports including football, baseball, volleyball, Tennis, Hockey and whatnot! 

RojaDirecta is also famous for rolling out the latest schedules and fixtures of upcoming matches from a plethora of sports leagues around the world. The site also offers live streaming options in native languages such as Spanish and English.

2) Laola1.TV


Laola1 rose to prominence as a football streaming site that catered to the needs of La Liga and European football viewership. Now it is a gigantic repository of all things sports and live streaming. 

Not only is Laola1 a formidable goatDee alternative for watching football but it is a great destination for streaming Table Tennis, Handball, and more. Sports lovers across the world can enjoy this site in two languages – German and English

3) FuboTV


Fubo TV is intrinsically an over-the-top internet TV service based out of New York, United States that lets you stream and record live sports from U.S channels that air all the latest NBA, NFL, MLS, MLB, and international soccer action. 

What’s more, you can invariably come across news and entertainment related scoops as well. Just like GoaTDee, Fubo TV can also be accessed from anywhere in the world via online.



Want to watch high-definition sports streams reminiscent of goaTDee? Lo and behold, comes to the fore as a free site that offers live streaming collated from all the top sport channels in the world including ESPN and SkySports HD

Moreover, accumulates links of various sports channels at a centralized platform and makes it convenient for viewers to choose the best working links thus saving a lot of time.

5) MamaHD


If you prefer streaming sporting events on your mobile, MamaHD is definitely worth a gander. The site lets you watch international live sports events collated from a host of sports channels completely free of cost.

Akin to goaTDee, Mama HD proffers sports channels streamlined into various categories such as football, table tennis, cricket, boxing, you name it. 

Furthermore, you can also watch video, match or league highlights, and unlimited free live sports streams without ever worrying about breaching time limit threshold. 

6) VipBoxTV


One of the rapidly growing sports sites in recent years, VipBoxTV caters to the needs of sports lovers of all hues.

The site’s homepage features a streamlined UI with well-defined categories of a melange of sports including Rugby, Golf, Tennis, UFC, Cricket, Water Sports, Football, to name a few.

You can simply click on your favourite sport and navigate to a ton of links of the latest matches from leagues or events from across the world. All in all, it is a decent goaTDee alternative if all other options don’t work out for you.

7) StrikeOut

goatdee alternative

For years now, StrikeOut has been a trusted repository of streaming matches from various U.S leagues including NBA, NFL, NHL, MLB and even the English Premier League.

The site dons a simple search bar and well laid out sports categories from where you can search for the latest fixtures and stream them for free.

You can watch all types of live sports online on this site: from cricket, football, hockey, baseball baseball, basketball and more. Also, UFC fans would not be disappointed either as they can catch up with the latest UFC fight night schedules and stream them for free.

8) SportLemon


If you are strictly into native U.S sports such as Baseball, American football, et al. then SportLemon is a lucrative option for watching high definition streams.

Although the site sports a pretty stripped-down no-frills-attached UI, its links to the latest matches make all the difference. 

So, for instance, if you want to stream a match between Los Angeles Dodgers vs Tampa Bay Rays, you can invariably do so on this site with ease and grace.

9) StreamHunter


A great alternative to goaTDee, StreamHunter is incredibly easy-to-use and provides high quality sports streams on the go based on your network range. You can find streams from a plethora of sports such as Hockey, Cricket, Football, Basketball, and more. 

Interestingly, one aspect that makes StreamHunter unique from other alternatives it that it also also provides updated sports news and tidbits that you can read in your down time.

10) StopStream


Do you prefer streaming your favourite sports on a simple and decluttered interface without intermittent ads? If yes, you might like StopStream from the get go.

The site lets you easily navigate to live matches and has special collaborations in place with top networks such as FromHot and others so as to bring you the finest sports content in no time.

What’s more, viewers can also indulge in live chats with pals whilst watching matches. Luckily, accessing the site is completely free and you don’t have to do any registration as well.

And…that’s a wrap! Did you like our list of goatDee alternatives? Sound off in the comments, we’d love to hear your thoughts!

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