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Handheld PEMF Devices Guide 2022

Handheld PEMF Devices

PEMF therapy is the new trend in the health and wellness scene, and for all the right reasons! One great reason is that PEMF is for everyone! How? This extremely efficient electromagnetic therapy is a great resource for people suffering from common everyday health problems (such as fatigue, headache, sleeplessness, etc.) as well as serious ones (such as arthritis, musculoskeletal diseases, etc.). So, being beneficial for everyone, we can say that PEMF is for everyone.

But somebody would argue that PEMF isn’t accessible (and hence not beneficial) for everyone, claiming that PEMF machines can only be used in specialised clinical settings. Is this true??? Absolutely not! We, at, will tell you how:

PEMF machines are “usually” installed in clinics being run by health physicians, and patients who want to get themselves treated with the therapy visit these clinics to get treated. This can be a problem for some people, since some patients can’t visit clinics for a consistent treatment due to their age and/or job nature, while others can’t afford the costly office treatments. So what’s the option for such patients? The answer is: HANDHELD PEMF DEVICES!

Remember we said that PEMF is for everyone? Now you know it is true!

Handheld PEMF Devices: What They Are And Their Benefits

A handheld PEMF device is simply what it claims to be: a PEMF device that can be held in your hand. In other words, it’s a portable PEMF device that can be carried from one place to another without any hassle. So, in contrast with bulky PEMF devices that are installed and operated in proper clinics, handheld/portable PEMF devices are smaller in size, lighter in weight, and therefore can be moved around anywhere as per your convenience. So, being smaller in size and lighter in weight, handheld PEMF devices are obviously cheaper in prices as well!

Sounds like a perfect investment for you? It actually can be! But before you barge into a PEMF store or visit their online website to place an order, let’s amaze you little more with handheld PEMF Devices benefits:

  •   Your handheld PEMF device will cater to a number of problems apart from the one you’re purchasing it for. In other words, it’ll serve as a great health maintenance tool for you.
  •   You can literally use a handheld PEMF device anywhere, so it guarantees ultimate comfort.
  •   Your portable PEMF device will be your constant travel partner, making all your journeys smooth and enjoyable.
  •   Since your PEMF device is portable, you can also lend it to other family members for their health needs.
  •   Your portable PEMF device won’t require an external electric energy source to function, allowing extreme flexibility and versatility in treatments.

Are Handheld PEMF Device Benefits Backed By Research?

The answer is: Yes! Handheld PEMF Device Benefits are actually backed by a few studies, two of which are:

  •   A study conducted in 2015 assessed the effects of a wearable PEMF device in patients undergoing molar tooth extraction. The study comprised of 3 groups of patients who underwent surgery. After surgery, one group was made to wear a PEMF test device, while the other two groups either wore no device or wore a placebo device. Pain intensity of patients of all the 3 groups was assessed using VAS. It was seen that patients who wore a test PEMF device after surgery had comparatively better healing and pain management than the other 2 groups.
  •   Another study assessed the effects of portable PEMF devices in pain reduction experienced by early knee osteoarthritis patients. The results showed that portable PEMF devices were able to significantly and rapidly lower pain in those patients who used the therapy as compared to those who didn’t.

Factors To Consider While Buying A Handheld PEMF Device

Following are the factors that should be evaluated before you opt for a handheld PEMF device:

  •   Intended Use: what are you buying a handheld PEMF device for? Is it for general health maintenance or for the treatment of a specific acute/chronic disease?
  •   Frequency Options: according to the intended use of your device, what frequency and intensity levels of electromagnetic radiations would you require?
  •   Size And Weight: what size would you prefer in a handheld PEMF device? Similarly, how much should it weigh according to your convenience?
  •   Usage And Longevity Of Device: how many times would you want to use your device in a day? How long would you want your device to last, ideally?
  •   Budget: how much can you easily invest in a portable device?

Final Word

A handheld PEMF device will make your life a lot easier, healthier and more enjoyable. It will undoubtedly be the best investment you will make for your health needs. 

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