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Hotstar Premium Account/VIP Accounts List (Working)

Hotstar Premium Account

Nowadays, everyone is searching for Hotstar free premium accounts. I’m sure you guys are going through many fake pages to search for a Hotstar premium account, which drives you deeper on the web.

For those guys, this article is your one-stop destination; in this article, I will provide some free Hotstar premium accounts just for you guys. So, please go through the article carefully and tell me how you guys can grab the free Hotstar premium username and passwords.

Hotstar is a video-on-demand website available in around nine languages, including English, Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, Kannada, Marathi, Bengali, and Gujarati in Countries including India, Canada, the United Kingdom, and the united states.


If you want to watch your favorite movies and tv shows on your phone anywhere you want, and anytime you want, you need to have Premium Hotstar access.

I have the perfect solution for you to enjoy your shows anytime you want from anywhere in the world.

Hotstar Premium apk is the ultimate solution for you, which will help you access the Hotstar premium account for free to watch your favorite shows from any location and place.

You will never miss anything in your work routine, and you can enjoy your show anytime. Just download Hotstar premium free apk and install the app on your phone and have fun.

hotstar premium account
Name Hotstar Premium APK
Size Varies with device
Version v12.4.3
Offered By Disney+ Hotstar
Downloads 500,000,000+
Updated On October 16, 2022

What is Hotstar Premium? 

Hotstar is an Indian-origin Over-the-top(OTT) platform media streaming service provider. Now you must be thinking about what Over the top service is.

Over the top, or OTT, is a media streaming service provider that offers its services to viewers via the Internet and bypasses cable, broadcasting services, and satellite television platforms, which act as traditional distributors.

Hotstar is a subsidiary of Star India Private Limited, an Indian company. The Services of Hotstar started in 2015 with two types of paid subscriptions.

The first paid subscription was focused on domestic programs, including tv shows, etc. and sports content, including Indian premier league cricket(IPL).

The second premium plan came with premium international films and television series, including HBO and Showtime original series. In March 2020, Hotstar reportedly had a massive base of over 300 million active users.


Plan Name Super Premium
All content
Movies/ live sports, TV, Specials
Watch on TV or Laptop
Ads-free movies and shows (except sports)
Number of devices that can be logged in 2 4
Max video quality Full HD (1080p) 4K (2160p)
Max audio quality Dolby 5.1 Dolby 5.1


I have provided some Hotstar premium account usernames and passwords for free in this article. You can grab one from the provided list or sign up to get a dedicated account for yourself.

If you want to have a Hotstar premium account for yourself and don’t have to log in again and again, I have an easy way for you. Follow me, sign up for a new account, and enjoy premium service through Hotstar free trials.

List of Hotstar Premium Accounts for Free October 16, 2022

Remember: If this account isn’t working tomorrow, it will be fixed in 24-48 Hours.

You will get the working Live Stream link from our Telegram Channel. To watch Live IPL matches 2022 and other programs or movies and more. In the telegram channel. We keep updating the link, so you should join our telegram.


Follow me to sign up for a new Hotstar account successfully.

  1. Go to the Homepage of Hotstar on your browser. Find the sign-up button and click on it. If you cannot locate the sign-up button, go to the link below.
  2. On clicking the link, you will come across to sign up for the form of Hotstar. Now fill up the forms carefully. Put in your name and valid email address, and choose your password.
  3. After completing the Sign-up form with all the correct details, click on the submit button.
  4. On this page, choose a premium plan and click on continue.
  5. Now fill out the form, enter your credit/ debit card details, and click on submit. Don’t worry; no Money will be charged from your credit card, used card, or bank account.
  6. Now your account will be ready to use all the premium features offered by Hotstar for free for one month.

NOTE : Please be very careful while choosing your password. You need to remember your password for future login.

Just remember to cancel your plan before your trial period expires. Otherwise, the premium plan price will be charged to your account.


hotstar premium account
Hotstar Premium Account Cookies

Are you tired of entering the Hotstar premium username and password repeatedly? You must be thinking about how you can get rid of the hassle of entering your free Hotstar premium account password whenever you want to log in.


[ { "name": "ajs_group_id", "value": "null", "domain": "", "hostOnly": false, "path": "/", "secure": false, "httpOnly": false, "sameSite": "no_restriction", "session": false, "firstPartyDomain": "", "expirationDate": 1636397824, "storeId": null }, { "name": "_gat_UA-53733575-1", "value": "1", "domain": "", "hostOnly": false, "path": "/", "secure": false, "httpOnly": false, "sameSite": "no_restriction", "session": false, "firstPartyDomain": "", "expirationDate": 1604861885, "storeId": null }, { "name": "ajs_user_id", "value": "%22885642603d934ca0953fe0ca77d4f5d2%22", "domain": "", "hostOnly": false, "path": "/", "secure": false, "httpOnly": false, "sameSite": "no_restriction", "session": false, "firstPartyDomain": "", "expirationDate": 1636397824, "storeId": null }, { "name": "OAID", "value": "bc7ff7dd6fd85becd77e8b7e8615882e", "domain": "", "hostOnly": false, "path": "/", "secure": false, "httpOnly": false, "sameSite": "no_restriction", "session": false, "firstPartyDomain": "", "expirationDate": 1630936347, "storeId": null }, { "name": "_fbp", "value": "fb.1.1599400355072.500327318", "domain": "", "hostOnly": false, "path": "/", "secure": false, "httpOnly": false, "sameSite": "no_restriction", "session": false, "firstPartyDomain": "", "expirationDate": 1612637826, "storeId": null }, { "name": "_ga", "value": "GA1.2.1349991570.1599400355", "domain": "", "hostOnly": false, "path": "/", "secure": false, "httpOnly": false, "sameSite": "no_restriction", "session": false, "firstPartyDomain": "", "expirationDate": 1667933825, "storeId": null }, { "name": "_gcl_au", "value": "1.1.2096864687.1599400354", "domain": "", "hostOnly": false, "path": "/", "secure": false, "httpOnly": false, "sameSite": "no_restriction", "session": false, "firstPartyDomain": "", "expirationDate": 1612637824, "storeId": null }, { "name": "_gid", "value": "GA1.2.2120623044.1604861676", "domain": "", "hostOnly": false, "path": "/", "secure": false, "httpOnly": false, "sameSite": "no_restriction", "session": false, "firstPartyDomain": "", "expirationDate": 1604948225, "storeId": null }, { "name": "_uetsid", "value": "d8614ca021f311ebb4ab27b0f666a3cd", "domain": "", "hostOnly": false, "path": "/", "secure": false, "httpOnly": false, "sameSite": "no_restriction", "session": false, "firstPartyDomain": "", "expirationDate": 1604948224, "storeId": null }, { "name": "_uetvid", "value": "1f17faa82176bc353b88cb0866b8477e", "domain": "", "hostOnly": false, "path": "/", "secure": false, "httpOnly": false, "sameSite": "no_restriction", "session": false, "firstPartyDomain": "", "expirationDate": 1606265824, "storeId": null }, { "name": "ajs_anonymous_id", "value": "%228db910e4-cf53-4749-a1a9-1b21e9fa15e0%22", "domain": "", "hostOnly": false, "path": "/", "secure": false, "httpOnly": false, "sameSite": "no_restriction", "session": false, "firstPartyDomain": "", "expirationDate": 1636397690, "storeId": null }, { "name": "AK_SERVER_TIME", "value": "1607279627", "domain": "", "hostOnly": true, "path": "/", "secure": true, "httpOnly": false, "sameSite": "no_restriction", "session": false, "firstPartyDomain": "", "expirationDate": 1607279667, "storeId": null }, { "name": "device_id", "value": "1b71caa4-2705-4d56-977f-c42b00ab7086", "domain": "", "hostOnly": true, "path": "/", "secure": true, "httpOnly": false, "sameSite": "no_restriction", "session": false, "firstPartyDomain": "", "expirationDate": 1638815627, "storeId": null }, { "name": "geo", "value": "IN,DL,NEWDELHI,28.60,77.20,58762", "domain": "", "hostOnly": true, "path": "/", "secure": true, "httpOnly": false, "sameSite": "no_restriction", "session": false, "firstPartyDomain": "", "expirationDate": 1607279687, "storeId": null }, { "name": "hs_uid", "value": "1b71caa4-2705-4d56-977f-c42b00ab7086", "domain": "", "hostOnly": false, "path": "/", "secure": true, "httpOnly": false, "sameSite": "no_restriction", "session": false, "firstPartyDomain": "", "expirationDate": 1914933146, "storeId": null }, { "name": "userUP", "value": "eyJhbGciOiJIUzI1NiIsInR5cCI6IkpXVCJ9.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.H2SVcZzebE4-_UWIMRsrrRv6T4wxN5kSoTnH72ToEMg", "domain": "", "hostOnly": true, "path": "/in", "secure": true, "httpOnly": false, "sameSite": "no_restriction", "session": false, "firstPartyDomain": "", "expirationDate": 1638815627, "storeId": null } ] 

I’m here to provide you with the ultimate tips and tricks for watching Hotstar premium free without entering the username and password to log in.

Yes, Hotstar premium account cookies will help you log in to your Hotstar free premium account without using any free premium username and password.

You Must Be Wondering How To Watch Hotstar Premium For Free On Pc?

Follow my instructions to use the premium cookies on your pc successfully.

  • Go to your favorite browser and install an extension named ”Edit this Cookie.” This extension will be highly useful for us in this method. I am using the chrome browser for this method.
  • After installation is completed, you can see the icon appearing in the browser’s upper right corner. Now Click on the image to open the cookie manager.
  • On opening the cookie manager, click on the import button. Now you can see a wizard with white space. Paste the cookie that you grab from the article.
  • Now click on submit or the green tick button. Now open Hotstar, and you can see you have logged into a premium account.

Note: Don’t click on the logout button. Otherwise, you have to perform the whole task again from the beginning.

Frequently Asked Questions On Hotstar Premium Account

Is it safe to use the Hotstar premium-free Apk?

Ans: Yes, you can use the app; there are no safety-related issues.

What are the differences between Hotstar VIP and Hotstar Premium?

Ans: Paid Members can watch all the content as Hotstar VIP subscribers except for American/International TV shows and movies.  Premium Membership costs INR299 per month or INR 999/per year. Hotstar VIP costs 365/year.

Is it safe to use Hotstar premium cookies?

Ans: Yes, the cookies are 100% safe to use. Just follow the instructions as I above on the site.


I have provided all the information regarding the Hotstar premium account in this article. A bunch of free Premium Hotstar account is on the site for you guys. Would you please try the Hotstar free premium accounts and leave a comment below?

If you are facing any issues regarding the accounts, please feel free to ping me using the comment box and state your problem so I can help you as soon as possible.

Guys, I have created our Telegram channel, where I update daily free Premium accounts with email and passwords.

So if you are interested in joining our group, Then join our Telegram channel, and you will get accounts for free. You can also request any other premium account that you want.

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