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How I Find New Ideas When I Write My Paper

6 New Ideas That Help Me Write My Paper

Among all types of school and college assignments, academic papers must be the most challenging ones. Such tasks take plenty of time to complete well. On top of that, they require solid writing skills and in-depth knowledge of the subject matter. And, of course, they demand a great deal of creativity.

Every good paper starts with an idea. A good topic stands for 50% of success. If you make a wrong choice, handling the task will turn out to be incredibly stressful and time-consuming. But if you make the right choice, the work will be pleasant and quick, and you will have a higher chance of scoring a high grade. The only question is where to find the right ideas. Read on, and we will share a few hacks with you!

How I Find New Ideas When I Write My Paper

1. Get Pro Help

The easiest way to cope with your papers is to order them from professional writing services. There are plenty of sites where you can ask, “please, write my paper,” and get a completed piece right on time, written to the highest standard. Such services employ qualified native-speaking authors who know exactly how to pick a suitable topic and craft a piece that deserves the highest grade. Thus, by enlisting their help, you can save plenty of time and also ensure success.

Don’t want to order the whole piece? That’s also not a problem! Professional services can offer you assistance with different parts of your paper. And they can even proofread and edit the piece that you’ve created yourself and assess it based on various factors, including the relevancy and quality of the base idea.

2. Analyze the Assignment

If you decide to handle this challenge on your own, here is the first tip on how to find an effective idea – start by reading and analyzing the task thoroughly. Typically, when assigning you this kind of task, a professor or teacher will provide you with a detailed task description and instructions. And, often, the prompt is hidden in the description.

Be sure to read the instructions and analyze them carefully. If there is a specific question that you are expected to answer in your work, be sure to use it as the grounding for picking your topic. Even if there is no specific question, thoroughly analyze the assignment and look for other hints there.

3. Leverage Brainstorming Techniques

Probably the best way to come up with great ideas for your papers is to learn to brainstorm effectively. Basically, brainstorming is the art of creative problem-solving that implies coming up with as many solutions to the problem as possible in the shortest amount of time.

There are many different brainstorming techniques that you can try. 

5 Why’s 

This technique implies looking at your problem (i.e., your assignment) and asking 5 “why” questions to dig deeper into the subject and come up with relevant ideas;


This technique implies looking at the problem and then writing down several ideas that pop up in your mind. Later, you will need to pick the best one.

Mind mapping 

This technique implies structuring the thoughts in your mind in a graphic map in order to be able to look at the existing problem from different angles and find the most relevant solution.

These are just a few of the many brainstorming ideas. Be sure to give them a try because this method of picking ideas is one of the most reliable ones.

Mind mapping 

4. Look for Examples

Now, this is an easy method for choosing the right topics for your assignments. The idea is super simple. Say I received a task. I’d look for examples of how other students handled it in order to find a perfect solution and write my paper.

For example, let’s say you were asked to write an essay on history. In order to use this trick, you need to define the block of history that you are currently studying and then look for essay samples on this subject matter. On the Internet, you should be able to discover plenty of samples that might inspire you to write your own task.

5. Read Relevant Blogs

There are plenty of ways to find writing inspiration on the Internet. Apart from searching for essay samples on similar topics, you can also browse through same-themed blogs for inspiration.

For example, if you need to write a piece on psychology, look up the best psychology blogs. Give yourself some time to read a few articles on these blogs to see if there are any themes that you can use to write my paper. Although it might not be the most obvious tip, be sure to try it someday because it can be incredibly helpful these days when there are lots of great blogs on literally any subject matter.

6. Use Title Generators

Finally, there is one more tip for finding topics for your academic assignments. On the web, there are plenty of tools called title-generators. Basically, these tools work like this – you enter a specific keyword or subject matter, and based on it, the system analyzes the content that exists on the Internet on related subjects and offers you random titles.

Of course, the themes generated this way might not be very unique or original. Thus, you might not be able to use such randomly generated titles just as they are. But, at least you can get lots of different ideas and tailor them to your needs. So this hack is still worth trying.

The Bottom Line

Writing academic papers is hard. But finding compelling topics for your papers is even harder. Students often struggle with finding inspiration for their assignments.

But not now! After reading this article, you have some working tips on how to find relevant and quality ideas for your tasks. Feel free to test them all in order to define what works best for you. And finally, our last tip is to pick themes that feel interesting to you. This way, you will easily cope with your tasks and ensure the best outcomes. 

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