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How to Create A Google Review Link For Your Website

How to Create A Google Review Link For Your Website

You may be confused about how to add Google review links to your website. Luckily, many online sources can make this process easier for you, and all it takes is a few simple steps that you can complete in just moments. This article will cover how to create a Google review link generator, making it easy for customers and others to leave reviews directly on your website.

Use the Place ID Finder Tool

Google Maps features a handy tool that allows you to create links that connect to Google Maps. All you need to do is enter the name of your location in the search bar, and Google will show its location on an aerial map. You can copy that Place ID onto your clipboard by right-clicking it or simply by highlighting it and pressing CTRL+C. Paste that code into our Google Reviews Link Generator. Paste your place’s Google Map API link above after the placeid string.

Use Google Search

Use Google Search

If you have an active business website, chances are you’re using Google Search Console to monitor your site and its performance. Adding an actual review link is pretty easy: just open your Google Search Console account and navigate to Verification in your main menu. There, look for Business information and click Add a claim. The google review link generator will walk you through creating your verification code, which you can copy and paste into any web page or email footer area.

How to Effectively Use A Google Reviews Link

Experts at Podium say, “While your Google review link will help you get more online reviews, having a customer-centric approach to asking for reviews will help you even more.” And we agree. The easiest way to collect customer reviews on Google is by generating a link customers can click on from your website. This creates a nofollow link that allows customers and clients to leave their reviews directly on your page (which saves you time). In other words, it removes any need for you to email customers individually and ask them for their feedback—or even make phone calls.

Send An Email

First, you need to send an email. Using your company’s G Suite account, open up your Gmail and compose a new message. The email address of any one of your existing customers should suffice—even if it isn’t someone who has ever left a review before. Simply include them in your To: line.

Now, all that’s left is crafting a short note explaining that you randomly selected them to receive a free product or service just because they purchased from you in the past. Copy and paste something like: You are eligible to receive [insert item name here] completely free. To redeem, please provide us with your Google Reviews username. Once verified, we will send your gift as quickly as possible. Thank you for being such an awesome customer.

Use SMS Messaging

You may be trying to get reviews from your customers that don’t have time or are not tech-savvy enough. Don’t worry; there is an easy solution. You can send them a link via SMS that will take them directly to Google, where they can give you a review without leaving their inbox. All they need to do is click on Write a Review and leave it at that. They won’t even have to sign in if you use Authy or Google Prompts.

Any business with an online presence can use Google review link generator software. Google has made it clear that they value user reviews, and so should you. If you’re not already optimizing your site for these reviews, you could be missing out on valuable traffic.

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