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How To Earn Money Through Your Love Of Gaming

Last year it was reported that the gaming industry as a whole was worth more than $300bn. There’s a lot of money in the sector and it’s possible to take a slice of that pie. The most obvious and direct way is to get involved in the industry itself – whether in the fields of game design, coding or even voice acting. If you don’t have the technical skills required or are looking to make money on the side rather than making the gaming industry your actual career, there are still several options.

You can always make some cash playing online casinos. A reputable online casino NJ will offer the chance of great prizes, bonuses and even loyalty rewards and, even if you don’t win, playing is a lot of fun. If you’re into serious gaming and, particularly if you’re very good at one or more games, you can also make money from those skills. It’s been estimated that the esports market will generate around $2bn in revenue this year. 

Top players can earn big money, as well as fame and adulation in esports circles, adding potential sponsorships and advertising revenue to the actual prize money put up by tournaments. There are different levels to work through and it is possible to make reasonable amounts in tournaments away from the upper echelons, but esports is very competitive by its very nature. 

Another possibility could be becoming a gaming coach. Some people will pay for expert tips and hands-on training, but you do have to be very good at a given game, as well as having the communication skills needed to pass on your skills. Some gamers will also pay for others to ‘grind’ out experience and levels, earn in-game money or craft items in popular online games.

Another option could be setting up a YouTube channel or streaming on a platform like Twitch. You can monetize your channels with ads and subscriptions. With YouTube, you need to be part of the YouTube Partner Program and can then benefit from advertising revenue, channel memberships, YouTube Premium revenue and more. With Twitch, the model relies on direct viewer subscriptions, but you do have to build up a following to make any sort of money, whatever channel you use. There’s a lot of gaming content available, so you need to stand out. Being good at a game can help but being engaging and entertaining in your gameplay and commentary can be even more important. You don’t necessarily have to stream or record playthroughs either. Reviews, commentary and analysis can all be popular forms of content.

If you’re not comfortable in front of the camera or microphone, you could try writing for one of the many gaming sites and online magazines or even start one of your own. There are many ways to generate money from your love of gaming and, while most won’t lead to great riches, it can be very satisfying making money from something you love.

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