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How to Play Tri Towers – Rules & Techniques

How to Play Tri Towers - Rules & Techniques

The solitaire game Tri Towers or Tri Peaks is pretty straightforward. The game also requires some talent to win. To slide every card into the discard pile is the objective of the Tri Towers game.


Three sections make up the layout. There are 10 cards in each of the three towers or peaks. If no other card is placed on top of a card in the towers, it is face up. If not, the cards are dealt face down. The game will continue as cards are flipped face up.

Cards will be added to the game one at a time from the stockpile, which is in the bottom left corner. The discard pile is located next to the stockpile; it is where all cards that are eliminated from the game are relocated.



The face-up cards in the towers are available for play at no cost. Cards that are discarded advance to the top of the discard pile and have ranks that are one above or one below the top card of the discard pile. Additionally, both a king and an ace may be discarded on top of one another.

A card in the towers is flipped face up once it is discovered. At any point, the top card from the stockpile may be put on top of the discard pile. This makes it possible to take out more cards from the towers. When all cards have been sent to the discard pile, the game is over.


Tri Towers Game makes use of a 52-card deck. Three overlapping peaks are formed by four rows of cards lined down in a row (towers). Except for the last row of exposed cards, all cards are dealt face-down. From the stock, one card is dealt face-up to the garbage.


Your income is based on how many more moves you make from the TriPeaks region to the garbage. For the first card you play, you receive $1; for the second and subsequent plays, you receive $2; for the third and subsequent plays, you receive $3; and so on.

Each card you deal with from the stock carries a $5 fine. Additionally, because it disrupts the sequence, you only receive $1 for the subsequent card you play from the TriPeaks to the trash.

For each of the first two peaks you clear, you receive a $15 bonus. When you throw away the final card from the third peak, you earn $30.

For each card still in the tri-peaks when you choose to quit the game or continue it, your score will be deducted by $5.

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