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What Do Games Do to Influence Our Society?

How Video Games Influence Modern Culture

The modern world is wrapped up in phones and mobile devices. It is not unusual for people to go to sites like VerdeCasino to get their daily dose of entertainment. Others go to YouTube. Despite the predominance of social media and memes, a lot of people rely on one thing to de-stress: games.

Today, we’ll show you how video games influence modern culture and thinking. In the end, we will have a better appreciation of video games.

There was a time when computer gamers were outcasts because they never played physical games. Today, it is no longer the case.

Children and adults can now find friends online through gaming sites. If you have a friend who plays the same game, you can invite him to join a faction or group inside the game.

There are even people who find love in games. They met their partners in a gaming community, and that is how their romance began.

Games are a great way to meet new people when you cannot find someone you like in your neighborhood. However, one must also exercise caution, as the gaming community can be a toxic place.

For a long time, education was a chore. It was boring. There was little that people could do to make classes and learning exciting.

Today, gamification is part of educational approaches. There are math apps, reading apps, and many other apps in different subjects. The purpose of these apps is to facilitate the transfer of knowledge without being so tedious.

From 3D simulation to timed contests, there are many ways by which an academic institution can gamify the learning process. Even a small child will want to learn from the apps if he gets a reward, such as a digital sticker.

The wonderful thing about gaming as a method of education is that most of it is free. In addition, there are so many options where you can tailor-fit the game content according to what you or your child needs.

Games are getting more and more realistic. Because of this, companies use games to provide simulations to their trainees.

For example, some companies use 3D virtual games to simulate a process. Some driving schools use driving games to let a student get a “feel” of what it is like to drive.

Even big organizations like NASA use games to train their astronauts. The organization also has games that people can use to learn how it is to be in space or do the work of astronauts.

Here are some examples of the games you can find in NASA:

  • Relay – learn how to send information outside of earth back and forth. This game teaches you how to use lasers to do data transfer or telecommunication. 
  • DSN Uplink – here, you will learn how to use big antennas to send information to robotic machines outside the solar system. 
  • SOLC – this is the Space Operations Learning Center; you will learn the basic concepts of space operations. It is a training module set with videos for streaming, animations, audio narration and interactive games.

Simulation is a powerful tool to prepare a person to do something without actually taking the risk of doing the real deal. For example, one can take driving lessons in a simulated environment but not risk getting into an accident.

There are people who are unfortunate to have suffered an accident. Some had a heart attack or a problem with their muscles. Today, physicians use games to help these patients get back their motor coordination.

These games were designed for the purpose of rehabilitation. One form of this is physical rehabilitation. Another form is mental rehabilitation.

Here are two things that these games can improve:

  • Mobility – the ability to move the muscles as commanded by one’s thoughts.
  • Balance – the ability to stay afoot even in an uncoordinated or awkward situation; it is the ability to stay standing or upright while doing something like walking.

For example, there are games on Nintendo Wii where the person has to be physically active, like tennis. Games like these are effective at supporting rehabilitation exercises. Many people who have lost their balance and mobility because of an accident use Wii to regain their old selves.

On the other hand, there are games intended for neurological development. These games post challenges to the player.

The Nintendo Wii is also one of the most used platforms for this. A good example is the Circus Challenge. It supports not only hand muscle recovery but also decision-making skills and logical skills.


Games are now an integral part of society. Without games, we will go back to where we started—educating people bookishly.

Games are not here for the mere purpose of escapism but also for learning. Schools that use games to teach are imparting knowledge and promoting competitiveness.

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