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Top 32 HuraWatch Alternatives in 2022


HuraWatch is amongst the leading streaming websites for its quality streaming services. On this platform, you can watch your favorite movies alongside the TV shows, for absolutely free. You can even keep your favorites saved in your system to watch later. This online movie streaming portal has a wider user base. Nevertheless, with the arrival of even better alternatives of Hurawatch, the competition has got tougher with time. Also, another fact is that HuraWatch doesn’t take accountability for the copyright infringement of the contents displayed by this portal, which is why many people signed a petition against this platform to stop its streaming services.  As a result, HuraWatch has now been declared illegal in many countries like England, Scotland, etc. a few years back.

Therefore, to compensate for the millions of online movie/TV show/series streamers, we have come up with a compiled list of top 32 HuraWatch alternatives for you. But before that, let’s get to know a little about the working and advantages of HuraWatch to better understand what it was once so popular about 

Working and Advantages of HuraWatch

Working: The working of HuraWatch is quite straightforward. That is, go to the official website of HuraWatch and search for your favorite movie or TV program either by typing the show/movie title in the search box or sort by clicking on the options already present at the top of the homepage. Then watch it for free or download it as per your desired video/audio quality. It is that simple. Check out the FAQ below for the stepwise procedure of how to download movies from HuraWatch. 


  • HuraWwatch houses both the old classics and the latest releases all at one place. You just have to browse, sort, and find out the content you want to stream
  • The inbuilt media player of this streaming platform ensures top-notch performance that is compatible with most of the video/audio formats and allows you to stream films on the go
  • Guarantees HD resolution streaming experience to the users with clear and calm view 
  • No account registration or sign-up required on this platform to enjoy its free streaming services 

Top 32 HuraWatch Alternatives

1. LookMovie


LookMovie guarantees you with an ads-free online movie streaming experience. Plus, all the contents are featured here in high definition resolution. So, it is one of the top recommendations to go to, after HuraWatch. The site interface makes it real easy and quick to search for your favorite movie contents on this platform, which is another reason why you should try it out. 

2. 5Movies


5Movies is yet another free movie streaming platform, which features contents of all genres including cartoons, animations, series, and movies. If you are a die-hard fanatic of Asian movies and drama, then 5Movies is the most fitting HuraWatch alternative for you. 

3. Movie4k


Movie4k is an aggregation website that features a video directory, wherein the movies and TV programs are contributed by the users of that platform. So, this platform basically acts as a database repository that contains a complete collection that you might not find elsewhere. Lastly, it is an exceptional entertainment site that allows you to stream/watch your favorite video content both on smartphone and PC. 

4. PutLocker


PutLocker is yet another website to stream and download your favorite TV programs and movies for free. The database of Putlocker contains numerous entertaining media contents, TV programs, and films. You can enjoy the same in HD resolution, that too, without requiring to do any registration.

5. PrimeWire


PrimeWire allows you to stream TV shows and movies for free on this platform. The videos get hosted by the third-party hosting sites on your device. The platform basically indexes the video content that you choose to watch from their respective hosting sites and then lets you enjoy the same online. You can browse and select categories, to navigate to your desired list of movies including the archived content links to stream them on the web. If you want, you can even register an account on this site. 

6. SolarMovie


SolarMovie features all the finest and top-quality movies on the Internet. On this platform, you can stream and download your favorite video contents. The simple and straightforward UI of this streaming portal makes it easy for the users to browse and navigate to their desired content with ease. Upon landing on the homepage of SolarMovie, there is a separate search tool available to check for any movie randomly. 

7. 123Movies


123Movies is yet another online video streaming portal, which lets you both watch and download films in HD resolution. The good thing about this website is that you get a diverse variety of safe-to-stream movies and videos from varied genres. Other than movies, you can also stream your favorite TV shows and mini series, that too without requiring to register an account.

8. FMovies 


FMovies features a well-organized online streaming portal, where you can watch or download your desired contents for free, without requiring registration. The site contents are daily updated followed by superfast streaming servers and supports subtitles in multiple languages. The UI is quite straightforward followed by an easy navigation bar with varied categories that makes your search even easier. All in all, it is one of the best HuraWatch alternatives in the space you won’t want to miss. 

9. VexMovies


VexMovies is a brilliant streaming platform to get started with. The contents here are free to watch without doing any account registration. The platform has started getting fast attention due to many reasons, one of which is its ads or pop-ups free streaming feature, so that the users can have an uninterrupted streaming experience. Lastly, the website houses a wider database of movie contents of varied genres.

10. Veoh


Veoh has a similar outlook as YouTube. Here you can search and watch different TV programs and films, you even watch the classic movies as well. The platform footage from all the genuine sources, including CBS (Constant Bandwidth Server) and user-contributed contents. Veoh features a high-end filtering system that allows you to sort by video time and language to find out the content you were exactly looking for. You can find German, English, Spanish, and French movies on this portal, which is why it is one of the most actively running HuraWatch alternatives. 

11. Onion Play

Onion Play

On Onion Play, you can search for countless movies and TV shows, that too, in the HD resolution. However, as a last resort, you can even choose to stream in low video quality, in order to save space. The library of this online streaming portal contains the recent years’ major blockbusters if that’s what you are looking for on the Internet. Therefore, if you don’t want to miss out on the exclusive list of your desired flicks, then give Onion Play a try.

12. Download Hub

Download Hub

Download Hub lets you watch and download both TV programs and movies. Also, the platform guarantees top-notch streaming quality and houses a wide variety of contents, which includes everything starting from classic films to the recent mega-screen blockbusters. 

13. Movie Tube

Movie Tube

Movie Tube features a huge library of both Hollywood and Bollywood movies and it is real-easy to browse and find your desired films. The exceptional fact about this website is that you can  stream the video contents at different levels of quality. Therefore, if you are running out of data, then you can choose the low-quality stream and yet get to watch the movies you want.

14. HD Popcorns

HD Popcorns

HD Popcorns lets you binge-watch your desired TV episodes, movies, and web series, with HD quality streams. This streaming platform is actually a one-stop spot to meet all your movie/TV programs/web series related needs. Here you can browse and select amongst varieties of  movies and stream the one you desire. With each click to stream, the website connects you to the streaming client(third-party hosting site). Therefore, the goodness or badness of the streaming quality is not under HD Popcorns’ control. 

15. MKV Movies Point

MKV Movies Point

MKV Movies Point features the most exceptional UI, which is why it ensures a comfortable streaming experience to the users. If you are looking for an unlimited list of TV programs, web series, and movies, then MKV Movies Point is the one you should try out. Here you can even get to stream the freshly released movies, web series, and TV shows. 

16. BobMovies


BobMovies ensures great user experience by carrying its interactive UI to the next level of excellence. The platform houses a gamut of videos spanning Hollywood films. The site features a search tool that lets you quickly search for your desired movies. Not just that, you can browse for your favorite movie from different movie categories provided by this streaming site.  

17. SeeHD


SeeHD is yet another streaming platform to enjoy high resolution movies, TV programs, and web series. You will find more than enough video contents here to keep yourself entertained throughout. If you are a comedy fanatic, then SeeHD is for you, where you can sort and group your favorite list of comedy contents by this category. 

18. Archive Movies

Archive Movies

On Archive Movies, you can find the movies arranged in a chronological order and can stream plus download the same in no time. The good thing about this streaming site is that all the things come organized and you can easily trace your favorite films from the available movie list, documentaries, classic shorts, movie trailers, silent films, and whatnot! There are multiple movie categories, which further eases your search on this site.  

19. 123EuroPix


123EuroPix provides you a whole lot of movie and TV show categories to choose from. Apart from that, if you are a lover of classic music, then you should surely visit this site. The platform has some top collection of old hits to listen to. You can create an account here and start discussions or topics, or make requests for any of your favorite movies that you can’t find on the website. Creating an account also allows you to stream the movies without requiring to download them.

20. Movie Watcher

Movie Watcher

Movie Watcher is an interesting free streaming website, where the site contents get updated regularly, and you always get to see something new popping up on this platform. From TV shows to movies, you can enjoy them all for free. The UI of this platform is so straightforward, which makes navigation way easier and shows from where on the website all the information is offered. You can make category-wise movie selection to make the search even better and faster. 

21. JustWatch


JustWatch is the spot, where you can stream both the classic old and the new releases. It houses movies from all across the globe. If you are a binge-watcher, then you should definitely give this HuraWatch alternative a try. Also, the titles are not only from Hollywood but also from Bollywood. Apart from that, if you are thinking of watching online series, then you get the facility for the same as well. Overall, you can find and stream and enjoy almost anything that you want to.   

22. Two Movies

Two Movies

Two Movies is yet another HuraWatch alternative that gives you the homely of HuraWatch, where you can sit and search for all your favorite web series like Game of Thrones and TV programs like Friends spanning all the episodes. And, as the name suggests, you can also get to watch full-length movies online, that too, for free. 

23. SD Movies Point

sd movies point

SD Movies Point is one of the leading HuraWatch alternatives in terms of the streaming services that it provides. Users from all across the globe visit this website to search for their favorite movies and stream for free. This streaming platform is quite interactive and fully functional, and it features movies in HD quality. The user experience is good and has a wide list of categories and people to select from. This makes the movie sorting faster and easier. 

24. YoMovies


YoMovies is quite a reliable free movie streaming portal, where you stream your favorite movies  without requiring to download the same. Also, this website is less susceptible to malware attack, however, it is always recommended to use a trusted VPN while accessing it through your PC. That way, you can keep your device safe from any uncertain virus ads. You can even install antivirus software to protect your system from phishing attacks. 

25. StreamLord


StreamLord is real-simple and easy to use as the movies are further organized into subcategories as per their respective genres. You can easily find movies of any type/genre. The search dialog located on the landing page of StreamLord eases your movie search. Everything here is just a click away. What’s even better about this website is that you can even post your review/comment regarding any movie or TV program you watched here, to share your opinion with other users. 

26. Gostream


Gostream is an user-easy free movie streaming platform because of its clean website design.  To search for any movie randomly, you can simply use the Gostream search field and check from the search result accordingly. Apart from just watching the movies, you can even check out the other information of the movies, like the movie trailers, star casts, etc.

27. WatchSeries


WatchSeries is preferred by many users because this site never runs out of content. Here you can watch everything starting from TV shows to series to movies. The platform is designed so elegantly and immaculately that using the site features becomes quite easier. Every content is well-managed and organized so that it is easy for you to check those out. You won’t have to register an account here to enjoy WatchSeries services. You can always enjoy your favorite contents here in HD resolution. The only hitch is that the domain name keeps changing so often that sometimes it becomes difficult to find out the website.  

28. Afdah


Afdah is a clean and well-managed website and is easy to use if you are looking to watch your favorite TV shows and films online. Through this site, you can search for movie contents from 20 different countries. To make your search easier and faster, you can sort the movies by country, language, and genre. Most contents here are displayed in HD resolution. Apart from these, you can even grab additional movie information such as their release date, IMDB rating, language, alongside other details. Lastly, it also provides you movie reviews and trailers so that you can decide accordingly whether or not to watch the movie.

29. M4UFree


M4Ufree lets you watch documentaries, short videos, anime, TV programs, movies, and additional free media content. Moreover, you can enjoy pop-ups and ads-free experiences on this site. The platform has a wider database. However, it is still easy to find what you are looking for because of the straightforward UI of M4UFree. Streaming can be done right away as there is no hassle of signing up. The contents are categorized to multiple categories including horror, comedy, drama, and action, to make your sorting and searching easier.  

30. Alluc


Alluc is an easy to use metasearch engine with a website , where you can search 150 different types of multimedia content. The loading speed is menial, has extensive libraries of contents,  and features a modern website design, which lets you find out your favorite movies or TV shows easily. The site content and collections are getting better day by day and more entertaining. All you have to do is pick the movie of your choice and click on its respective link from the collection. The website also has multiple language options to choose from as per convenience. 

31. Megashare


Megashare houses numerous free video content, which you can listen and watch, in HD quality. Not just that, but you can also stream the most recent releases on this platform. If you are an action or thriller fanatic, then Megashare is the one for you. You won’t even have to create an account here to enjoy the streaming services of this portal. Anybody is free to access and watch movies on this website. However, in case any movie doesn’t work on this site, you will have several proxy sites available for the same. 

32. Haloa Movies

Haloa Movies features a wider database of films including all the big blockbusters. For better user experience, the website has a search option, where you can directly search for any of your desired movies and watch online, for free. The smart website design of Haloa Movies provides an excellent, user-friendly UI, which in turn makes the website navigation faster and easier. Talking about the website menu, it has all the popular genres including animation, drama, comedy, action, etc. It is true that most of the movie contents on this site are in English language. However, the thing that makes the platform stand out from the rest is you can choose  and search the movies from a specific country of your choice. Lastly, there is a featured section on Haloa Movies, where you can find all the current hits alongside the IMDB rating for the site contents.  


Well, that was all about HuraWatch and its top 32 alternatives. We will recommend you to try out these alternatives one by one, until you find the one that meets your needs. Rest assured, you will find a better replacement for HuraWatch here. Hope that helps!


1. Is HuraWatch safe to use?

You can use HuraWatch safely as long as your device is protected by a trusted antivirus program or VPN(Virtual Private Network) while visiting this website. 

2. How to download movies from HuraWatch?

  • Firstly, go to the official website of HuraWatch and enter the particular TV show or movie title in the search bar
  • Secondly, from the search result, click on the dedicated movie/show that you want to download
  • Thirdly, after landing on the page containing details of your searched content, locate the “Download” option and hit it 
  • A new window will pop up, asking you whether you want to download the audio or video file. It will also ask you to select other options like subtitles or screenshots files. You need to select the options accordingly and then click to “Continue” 

3. Is it illegal to use HuraWatch?

Although you won’t have to hassle much to watch or download movies or other video contents on and from HuraWatch, this portal is illegal as the site displays copyright contents, without the owners’ permission to do so. Therefore, it is unlawful to share and download contents, which is why HuraWatch provides video streaming links so that you can stream those contents online without requiring to download the same. 

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