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In his first major league at-bat, Josh Jung hits a home run

In his first major league at-bat, Josh Jung hits a home run

After Josh Jung suffered a labrum injury that cost him most of the 2022 baseball season, his major league debut was postponed to Friday night and he was eventually called up to the show by the Texas Rangers. He may have made up for the lost time when he hit the bottom of the third inning and hit a solo home run in left-midfield in his first major league season. Ranked as the Rangers’ top minor league pick for most scouting services, the third baseman came out with a swing, sat in the center of the plate, and gained enough of the field to climb over the outfield wall to overcome the substitution. waited patiently for.

This was the first time the Rangers hit a home run in their first major league at-bat since Jurrickson his profer infielder in 2012. But it came as no surprise to Texas Tech fans rooting for Jung in Lubbock. The home run wasn’t a shock to Rangers fans either, given how Jung crushed the ball in AAA. Since Jung returned to the field after having surgery in the spring, in just his 23 games in the minor leagues, he has hit six homers and batted. That finally got him a shot at the Rangers and he didn’t disappoint 2-4 in his debut. “For sure, I was still nervous,” Chong said after the game.

“I was trying to control my heart rate the whole time. I think getting my heart rate down was the key tonight. Take a breath and absorb it all. Then you have some good balls to hit”. Red Jung as his raider wasn’t exactly known for his power, even though he shot 33 bombs in his 191 games at Tech. As such, some questioned whether he could produce enough power to become a star third baseman in the big leagues. He still has a long way to go to prove he’s actually a top-level power hitter, but the fact that he hit 30 home runs in a total of 153 games in the minor leagues shows he found a power shot with the bat indicates that in the seventh inning, Jung hit a single to right field from a troublesome sidearm pitcher.

Jung, who also stole a base in the seventh, made his major league debut with Anderson Tejeda in 2020, becoming only the second player in Rangers history to hit a home run and steal a base in the line-up,” Chong said.

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  • In his first major league at-bat, Josh Jung hits a home run
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