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Inappropriate cleaning should not be required of visitors

As increasing costs and onerous checkout procedures become more widespread, Airbnb (ABNB), which started out as a marketplace for rooms that were less expensive than hotels, is running the danger of turning away customers.

Airbnb CEO Brian Chesky told Yahoo Finance Live, “You shouldn’t have to do housekeeping when you leave out the door” (video above). Therefore, we are requesting that hosts perform appropriate activities and refrain from making unreasonable requests. We’re establishing new rules. Additionally, we want to make sure that any expectations from hosts are clearly disclosed up front so that you are aware of the terms before making a reservation.

The house renting platform is responding to these worries by making price and cleaning requirements more explicit.

Numerous users of the platform who raised complaints about hosts’ unreasonable cleaning expectations after paying significant cleaning fees led to the creation of the new rules.

Locking the door while leaving, turning off the thermostat, and perhaps not leaving food out in the kitchen if the host can’t return for a few days all appropriate tasks, according to Chesky. But doing the laundry and stripping the bed are ridiculous tasks.

An improvement for customers who may take into account the requirements when choosing to book a hotel stay or a rental property in the first place is that there may now be a standard for the kinds of duties Airbnb hosts can expect visitors to do before they go.

Chesky pledged to increase pricing transparency. Airbnb has stated that as part of its 2022 Winter Release, it will display all rates up front.

The average daily rate during the third quarter, which was Airbnb’s most prosperous quarter ever, was $156.

In this economic climate, affordability is more important than ever, therefore we must continue to be reasonable, according to Chesky. Expedia has made similar efforts to display the total cost for clients reserving a stay after acquiring the vacation rental startup Vrbo as part of its HomeAway acquisition in 2015.

“It takes more than simply transparency to make life pleasant for everyone, “Peter Kern, CEO of Expedia, stated in an interview with Yahoo Finance Live. “Getting what customers want and anticipate is ultimately what matters.

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  • Inappropriate cleaning should not be required of visitors
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