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13 Best JustDubs Alternatives In 2022 – Watch English Dubbed Anime

JustDubs is one of the leading anime streaming sites that contain a mine of comic content. It offers episodes translated into English for people who belong to areas outside Japan. With anime and manga’s growing popularity, JustDubs became one of the contending sites for streaming content. However, it is out of order in many countries due to strict legal policies or piracy-based issues. 

It is absolutely free and has some fantastic search features and thousands of hours worth of content in their library.

JustDubs – Top Alternatives

Well, since the site is not available in most countries, many Just Dubs alternatives can work for you. You can use VPN networks for these sites if you face any issues in your local area, accessing these sites. 

KissAnime: One of The Best Dubbed Anime 

People, fans of the anime world, must know of this premier site for streaming dubbed anime series. Well, Kiss Anime is one of the most popular sites which earlier contested JustDubs on quality, library content, and site interface. It has a unique dark theme that has minimum ad clicks and a quality user interface. 

The streaming servers are of optimum quality, and you will find all latest, dubbed Anime content here. Maybe, the non-dubbed content will be more than the dubbed ones at Kiss Anime; however, they are very regular in providing translated episodes. 

From Naruto to DragonBall Z, Kiss Anime has it all, along with the latest trends and suggestions from the Anime World. There are many other mirror streaming sites in case their default one fails. You can even download the videos and watch them later. 

AnimeUltima: For The Ultimate Anime Experience

If you want to talk about the latest sites that have excellent site quality, content, and interface, AnimeUltima can be your best choice for the same. Its vast list of content includes the likes of Pokemon, Digimon, and Beyblade, all dubbed to the last episodes and in high-definition streaming. 

It has slightly changed its domains and loads through redirection in some countries; however, once you set it up, it merely rolls. Do not worry about advertisements during your streams as they are simply non-existent for you, provided you switched off your browser cookies. 

AnimeUltima has its own community forum where you can register and discuss theories about your favorite episodes. You can also contribute as a content provider to their site after thorough supervision. Even some users provide scanlations of manga on this site. The search features of the site are appreciable, and once you get hooked here, you won’t leave it without binging its vast content library. 

Anime Land: Best of The Best

With premium features and an excellent site interface, Anime Land is a superb alternative to JustDubs and has its own list of regular visitors apart from the hopping ones. It has an integrated media player specially designed for the site and offers premium quality videos for its users. Also, site compatibility is excellent for both Laptop and hand-held devices. 

You may be doubtful about the content library, but its content can even put JustDubs to shame. The plethora of services the site gives includes a Google-customized search box along with content accurately divided into genres. This helps the users understand the type of content they can watch from the site. 

The quality of the site is phenomenal, along with its excellent quality streaming features. 

Anime Land even provides 4k quality content for its users and even 1080p episodes for many episodes. This feature is not very frequent with other sites on related platforms. 

Anime-Planet: The Universe of Anime Content

The site is a universe of the latest and classic collection of anime content. You can simply hook onto their site and list out anime series you wish to watch. After that, you can download or stream it directly from their website with premium quality features. The refurbished model of the site merely is state-of-the-art and has exceptionally functional features. 

The anime industry has come out in support of this site and even offered streaming rights to most of its content, much to the surprise of everyone. It has a unique pop-up feature whenever you place your cursor on any anime series. Once you place the cursor, you will see a short summary of the episode that will catch your attention. 

The ratings and genres are also mentioned there. After that, when you click on the episode of your choice, go directly to the chapter and season list and play the one you wish to. 

Anime-Planet also offers you a wish list where you can add your content and watch them later. For example, it is just like a playlist of all your favorite anime series and episodes, and the list gets saved once you sign up and create an account with their site. 

Anime Heros: The Saviour Of The Anime World

This site is known mainly for two things: high-definition anime episodes and ad-free streaming. Anime Heros boasts of a premium site interface, but critics maintain that their latest domain is not very classy as the previous one. However, the content library has expanded magnanimously and is competing sternly with the likes of Kiss Anime and Watch Dubs.  

You can browse through scores of episodes like Narito Shippuden and Even Boruto (Naruto Next Generations), which is not available on most anime streaming platforms. The search feature is functional, and the genre division also works well. Remember that compatibility can be a bit sassy with mobile devices. However, PCs will effortlessly run Anime Heros. 

Crunchy-Roll: A Spiced Up Site For All Your Anime Needs!

CrunchyRoll is an all-bundled site with the latest information and updates about all happenings of the Anime world. With great support and endorsement from the manga industry, CrunchyRoll is now one of the leaders of anime streaming. Not only does it have an exquisite collection of anime series and episodes, but it also has a vast list of manga scanlations. 

You can even try their premium features, which are free for some exclusive users. Avail their amazing services and pre-anime launch downloading services with the premium membership. 

Their news portal gives anime fans an insight into all updates of the anime industry, latest episodes, and series. No wonder this site has countless followers worldwide. Add the events you want to watch later on the watchlist queue after you sign up with CrunchyRoll. 

Also, you can subscribe to their exclusive anime-based newsletters in your email. The sit is compatible with almost all types of streaming devices, including Wii U, Fire TV, and Apple TV. The outlook of the site and the interface is a classy one with state-of-the-art features ready to attract users onto their platform. 

Anime Heaven: The Paradise Of Content

Anime Heaven is one of the sites that boast of a bunch-load of content ready to win all anime fan’s hearts. A primary dark-themed site outlay, correctly functioning search options, and an overflowing content library is enough to gain appreciation from the anime world. Rare-stocked episodes of world-acclaimed anime series like Naruto Shippuden, DragonBall, and BeyBlade are available with Anime Heaven in premium downloadable quality. 

The site may not be compatible with some devices, but it will work correctly with a laptop or PC. The downloading mirror sites are accurate without any technical glitches, and you can download or watch your favorite content here, through their integrated media player. 

Skim through dubbed, non-dubbed, and accessible series and episodes available on the site. You can even schedule or put events on your watchlist. It also has a “Popular Today” section where users can click and watch the trending episodes of the day. 

GoGo Anime: An Indian Anime-Streaming Site

An Indian-entity site, GoGo Anime offers supreme-quality content and has an excellent site outlook. A dark-themed, yellowish tinge website, it has an integrated media player along with mirror sites, enabling users to download their favorite content. 

Anime episodes or mangas that are popular in India are added minutely along with high-quality, downloadable features. Other animes are also available with good quality, but this site lays primary focus on Indian-accessible Anime mostly. Crayon Shin Chan, Doraemon, Naruto, and Dragon Ball Z, which are very popular with Indian anime fans, are available till the last episode with 1080p streaming quality. 

Catch the latest updates from the Anime world along with ranking lists of Anime according to trending lists. Some seasons are also distributed along falls and springs of different years—Surf through 30+ genres of containing tons of series from not only Anime but other international comics. 

New users can also signup and get the latest updates of recent launch series, as well as get early access to all of them through premium membership. 

YouTube: Limited Anime Content But Serves The Purpose

YouTube has all kinds of content from across the world. This includes Anime as well. However, content availability is limited due to legal copyright issues. Individual users mostly upload downloaded content on their YouTube channels and earn monetization from it. 

Often the material is pulled down citing legal issues; however, in most cases, a variety of content is always available online. It has an excellent interface, maintained by Google, and premium streaming options, even with low data consumption. 

You can even list anime episodes to watch later and even create your playlist of assorted anime videos. The existing playlist available under different sites can be incorporated under your saved playlist. 

Netflix: The Obvious Choice

Well, Netflix contains one of the best collections of cartoons, series, and Anime based episodes from across the world. Its cartoon episode list includes ones from the USA, UK, Italy, Germany, Korea, China, etc. Russian comics are also a part of the list. 

However, Netflix needs standard subscriptions for use, and there is no free content available to stream. You need to buy a Netflix subscription with a credit card/gift card under different payment plans to access their content. However, their depth of content is so vast that it will redeem it’s worth. The Netflix Kids section contains a great list of quality shows available in streaming applications yet. 

You can now redeem gift cards and other amazing deals on Netflix while you pay. Remember that this application runs worldwide, and you get an assorted list of content at your disposal, waiting to stream. You can unlock Netflix’s true potential by surfing through its content guide, rummaging for anime, or shows of your choice. 

Anime Rebel: The Revolution Of Comic Content

This website brings a revolution with its exemplary content library and an excellent UI. It is compatible with almost all kinds of streaming devices with enabled browsers. There are varieties of premium quality anime content, even uncensored series, and episodes.  

Google Custom Keyword searches do not give very viable results. Still, its classified genres really have exclusive and distinguished content. Episodes like Haikyuuu and Listeners are additions to an otherwise exquisite and vast list of content.

 Anime Rebel’s comedy genre-based content has a different list of premium episodes. You can read more about the site from FAQ available on the site. 

The best feature BDA gives you is the filtered list of best quality content at 1080p and 4k quality. You can sign up for their latest community forum by creating an account on their site. Discuss about your series and episodes with fellow fans. 

The site outlook looks pretty clean and has a nice feature to it. You can even search for content based on alphabets (ascending to descending), latest episodes, and new releases. 

Anime Streams: Surf And View Anime Content On The Go

This site may not be very good with the interface but has a bunch of content ready to keep you binging all night. The quality of rendered videos is of optimum quality, and you can watch and enjoy the latest dubbed anime episodes.

It also has the classic Anime from the ’90s, which most sites do not stock in their library. Advertisements or promotional content can be a slight issue, but you can switch off your cookies or turn on your ad blocker before proceeding to the site. 

The site also has the latest movies not only based on Anime but other Hollywood ones too. The contents are all divided into convenient genres for the user’s convenience, and it offers high-quality streaming also. 


The above listicle gives you excellent options for watching Anime or cartoon-based content. They really serve as good alternatives to JustDubs, and most of them have legally licensed content. They pose no threat of digital piracy, which in some countries is a criminal offense. 

Always remember to keep your VPN switched on at all times to avoid any privacy breach or site access prevention. Also, firewall enabling is a must, and you need to keep an internet-based antivirus ready against any malware/phishing attacks. 


– What Is JustDubs?

Earlier, JustDubs like Cartoon Crazy was one of the leading contenders for uploading the latest anime/manga episodes on their sites. They were also endorsed with some latest events by the anime industry itself. 

– What Happened To JustDubs?

Just Dubs used to be a leading anime streaming site, which is now unavailable in most countries due to piracy-related problems. 

– What Are The Best Alternatives To JustDubs?

There are many alternatives to JustDubs like KissAnime, AnimeHeaven, Anime Rebel, GoGoAnime, etc. which are very popular and have a really vast list of premium quality content. The features and site support vary for every site, but the service you receive is indeed exquisite. 

– How To Avoid Advertisements and Malware?

Avoiding malware is a necessity when you are surfing through these sites as these are a den for hackers to steal sensitive user data. Keep your ad blockers and firewalls switched on to prevent phishing and any other miscreants. 

– Are All The Content On These Sites Legal?

Almost all content on these sites is legal. However, some places may not have licensed content. Still, you may not face many problems if you have an excellent quality VPN at your reference. 

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