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25 Best Kdramas on Hulu to Stream Right Now

Everyone is aware of Hulu’s extensive library of films, documentaries, and especially TV shows, and one of them is termed Kdramas on Hulu.

Few fans and members know that there is also a sizable selection of K-drama. Before getting into the list, let’s talk about the best South Korean TV has to offer; these shows are unknown to many but are sincerely and fervently adored by others.

Along with the normal comedies and teenage romance dramas, which continue to be the most popular genres in Korean television so far, the Korean television industry has expanded over the years, much like the Korean cinema industry, whether romantic dramas or thrillers. To cut a long story short, Korean television is very diverse.

You must first discover the genre that appeals to you to appreciate Korean dramas fully. Are you a devoted fan of CSI? Try some of the dramas about criminal investigations on this list. Do you enjoy political intrigue and conflict like Jack Ryan? immerse yourself in political thrillers.

Check out one of the several Kdramas movies on hulu that are obsessed with love if cheerful romances are more your style. Also, you’ve come to the proper location if you want to see something that they didn’t make in Hollywood.

Because today we’re going to showcase several excellent Kdramas available on Hulu. 

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1. Descendants of the Sun (2016)

YouTube video

The romance drama Descendants of the Sun is one. Both the performances and the plot are excellent. The drama makes a significant point about how love can sometimes be predetermined.

No matter how difficult the circumstances or circumstances are, if love is destined to happen, it will happen. 

Furthermore, the male lead in “Descendants of the Sun” is Yoo Shi Jin. Also, he is the commander of a Special Forces squad and an army employee.

He once pursues a thief with Seo Dae Young, a unit member. When they arrive, Shi Jin meets the surgeon Kang Mo Yeon. She immediately piques Shi Jin’s interest, and he makes a date request.

2. The Silent Sea (2021)

YouTube video

The Silent Sea is a space-based sci-fi horror series that follows a crew investigating an abandoned research facility where a tragedy occurred.

The crew heads into unknown dread as they enter Balhae station with the mission to recover valuable samples that may help create more water. A resource that is crucial and expensive now and in the future. 

Furthermore, you can immediately tell it will be fantastic because Bae Doona and Gong Yoo are headlining this cast.

The Silent Sea is completely binge-worthy, with its disclosures and betrayals dispersed liberally throughout a dystopian plot. It is full of riddles and turns. This is one of the best Kdramas on Hulu.

3. Business Proposal (2022)

YouTube video

Meet Kang Tae-mu (Ahn Hyo-Seop), the new president of GO Food and a meticulous workaholic. Meet Lee Min-college woo’s classmate Shin Ha-ri (Kim Se-Jeong).

A new researcher at the firm who is deeply in love with him (Song Won-Seok). Shin Ha-best ri’s friend Jin Young-SEO (Seol In-ah) persuades her to go on a blind date with Kang Tae-mu in her place even though she has other interests. 

However, things become problematic when Shin Ha-ri finds she is on a date with her boss and tries her best to put him off.

Items become much more challenging when Jin Young-SEO continues to believe Kang Tae-mu is her buddy Jin Young-SEO and refuses to be deterred by anything Kang Tae-mu says. A lovely and humorous K-drama, “Business Proposal, ” will likely quench your rom-com hunger.

4. What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim (2016)

YouTube video

What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim is a 2013 novel by Jung Kyung Yoon that serves as the basis for the romantic comedy series starring Park Seo-Joon, Park Min-young, Lee Tae-hwan, and Kang Ki-young. The drama’s focus is Lee Young Joon, a large firm’s vice-chairman. 

He has worked with Kim Mi-so, his secretary, for the past nine years. Kim had put up with him even though he was narcissistic for so long, but one day she decided to leave work and move on with her life.

Soon after, Young Joon tries to do everything in his power to prevent her from going after realizing how important she is. 

As the narrative progresses, Kim develops feelings for her boss, further complicating her professional life; she is unaware that YoungJoon’s older brother LeeSungYeon has fallen in love with her. This is one of the best Kdramas on Hulu. 

5. Rich Man, Poor Woman (2018)

YouTube video

Rich Man, Poor Woman, is a romantic comedy show created by Kim Jae-hoon and Kwon Eui-Jung that is an adaptation of the same-named 2012 Japanese television series.

Lee Yoo Chan, the CEO, and creator of the well-known IT company Next In is the focus of the Min Doo-sik film. Yoo Chan is highly successful but has a particular illness that prevents him from recognizing people. 

As a result, he naturally finds it difficult to trust others and is constantly vigilant. However, the two strangers’ lives change unimaginable when they encounter a young graduate named Kim Bo Ra, who has an iconic face.

6. Heartstrings (2011)

YouTube video

This is a musical drama. The drama essentially seeks to work with the concept of two musicians from different genres finding common ground. Rock and roll is something Lee Shin enjoys. He plays the lead guitar and vocals in a rock band.

Lee Gyu Won is from a completely distinct musical genre. She is a descendant and has musical talent in traditional Korean music.

When they begin attending the same college, the fates of the two different artists may cross. Lee Shin is attempting to major in western music, and Gyu Won is trying to major in traditional music.

Moreover, Shin finds Jung Yoon Soo, a dancing professor, to be attractive. But after meeting Gyu, he develops feelings for her. This is one of the best dramas on Hulu.

7. Hometown Cha-Cha-Cha (2021)

YouTube video

You need to look no further than Hometown Cha-Cha-Cha if you’re seeking a positive watch. Based on the 2004 South Korean film Mr. Handy, Mr. Hong, the series follows Yoon Hye-jin, a sharp dentist living in a large city. 

However, after losing her job abruptly, she relocates to a small seaside community where she meets Hong Du-sik, a gentleman who frequently does odd tasks.

It’s impossible not to root for the couple since they have undeniable chemistry. This is one of the best Kdramas on Hulu.

8. Encounter (2018)

YouTube video

The Park Shin-woo-produced romance drama television series “Encounter” is notable for the performances of Song Hye-Kyo and Park Bo-gum.

Cha Soo Hyun, a young woman from a prominent political family, is tired of following other people’s lead and not having the freedom to make her judgments. 

So, after getting divorced from her wealthy husband. She sets out on a long international voyage where she meets Kim Jin Hyuk, a free-spirited commoner.

Despite the apparent disparities in their social standing, the pair are attracted to one another organically and eventually develop a romantic relationship. 

Now they have to decide whether to give up all to live with each other for the rest of their lives or choose worldly pleasures. This is one of the best Kdramas on Hulu.

9. Boys Before Flower (2009)

YouTube video

Ku Hye-sun, Lee Min-ho, Kim Hyun-Joong, and Kim Bum are the main characters in the romantic comedy-drama series “Boys Before Flowers,” based on the Japanese manga series of the same name.

The program tackles challenging ideas, including wealth inequality, socioeconomic disparities, friendship, and love.

Despite coming from a modest background, Jan Di can obtain a swimming scholarship from the exclusive Shin Hwa High School in exchange for saving a boy’s life.

Furthermore, she wants to avoid F4, the four wealthiest guys from school, because she does not want to get into trouble.

But her destiny is so intricately linked to theirs that her life transforms before her very eyes in a matter of days.

10. The Heirs (2013)

YouTube video

This star-studded ensemble produced one of the world’s most popular Korean dramas, even if it may not have been the most innovative take on K-Drama.

Park Shin-Hye plays Cha Eun-sang, an ordinary girl who gets entangled in the schemes of a group of heirs to wealthy and influential families in what is essentially a Cinderella narrative (or perhaps a Gossip Girl story). 

The Kims are foremost among them. She attends their high school and resides as the live-in housekeeper’s daughter. Also, there, she meets Kim Tan (Lee Min-ho), the family’s scion, and despite all the odds, the two fall in love. 

The Heirs debuted when Lee and Park were both coming off of significant productions, and it instantly gained enormous popularity. This is one of the best Kdramas on Hulu.

11. Flower of the Evil (2020)

YouTube video

“Flower of Evil,” a suspense drama series produced by Studio Dragon and Monster Union, stars Lee Joon-gi, Moon Chae-won, and Jang Hee-jin.

The Baek Hee-sung and Cha Ji-won characters in the Kim Cheol-kyu-directed film are happily married couples with a daughter and seem pleased with their union. 

Furthermore, Baek conceals his background and true identity from his detective wife, occasionally preoccupied with cracking fresh cases.

The evidence, however, leads to her husband when Cha Ji-attention won being brought to a string of deaths, and it soon becomes abundantly evident that he is keeping a lot of information from her.

12. All of Us Are Dead (2022)

YouTube video

The zombie horror series All of Us Are Dead is based on Joo Dong-webcomic geun’s Now at Our School and follows high school students who become embroiled in a virus outbreak.

The kids at a South Korean high school are forced to fend for themselves and cut off from the outside world when an accident causes a zombie virus to be released. 

Furthermore, the pupils must rely on one another and whatever resources they can find to survive in this dangerous circumstance because they have no supplies and no way to get assistance.

Despite being predominantly a horror thriller, the program also touches on various social themes. Gory, intense, and masterfully made.

13. Hellbound (2021)

YouTube video

How would people respond if enormous demons began torturing and killing people in the streets while openly “condemning people to hell” in front of everyone? Badly! Significantly terribly Have you read the human race’s history?

Hellbound is one of the ponderous and terrifying 2021 stories of religion gone wrong. It would go well with Midnight Mass because both films are dark, short explorations of faith and contagious social frenzy. 

Hellbound, directed by Train to Busan director Yeon Sang-ho, is a slower, somber film than his smash Korean zombie film.

Still, it maintains his talent for using genre storytelling to confront uncomfortable questions about the nature of humanity without blinking. This is one of the best Kdrama on Hulu.

14. Absolute Boyfriend (2019)

YouTube video

The science fiction romantic comedy series “Absolute Boyfriend” by Jung Jung-Hwa is based on the same-named manga by Yuu Watase.

The program centers on Um Da-da, a special effects makeup artist whose seven-year-long covert relationship with Ma Wang-Joon, an actor, ends when he gains notoriety. 

However, she then encounters Yeong-gu, or Zero Nine, a humanoid robot, and the two fall in love. Yeong-gu must support Um Da-da, who is in danger from individuals with perverse intentions, while he learns the complexities of human affairs.

15. Vicenzo (2021)

YouTube video

In Vincenzo, Song Joong-ki plays a Korean guy who was reared in Italy as a member of a mafia family after being adopted as a child by an Italian family.

The man’s biological son tries to kill Vincenzo after the man’s adoptive father passes away, forcing Vincenzo to return to Seoul, South Korea. 

He has a cache of gold stashed under a dilapidated apartment building. Vincenzo must destroy the structure to access the gold easily and the neighborhood where they live.

Meanwhile, the Babel Group, an evil corporation, illegally occupies the structure, forcing Vincenzo to work with Hong Cha-young, a gifted and determined lawyer played by Jeon Yeo-bin, who wants to bring down the corporation for personal reasons. This is one of the best Kdramas on Hulu.

16. I’ll Go to You When the Weather is Nice (2020)

YouTube video

I’ll Go to You When the Weather is Nice, a Korean drama series directed by Han Ji-Seung, centers on Mok Hae-won, a young woman who quits her work in Seoul to return to Bookhyun Village in Gangwon Province since she has not lived there since high school.

Mok is understandably thrilled to reconnect with Im Eun-seob, a classmate. The pair find solace in each other’s company as they struggle to recover from past wounds in the face of extreme weather and the harsh realities of life.

17. The Legend of the Blue Sea (2017)

YouTube video

The fantasy drama series “The Legend of the Blue Sea,” written by Park Ji-Eun, is based on You yadam by Yu Mong-in.

The narrative of a mermaid named Se-Hwa, who receives the unanticipated assistance of Joon-Jae when she is in a world of trouble, is told in the movie starring Jun Ji-Hyun and Lee Min-ho. 

However, Se-Hwa finds herself following her rescuer since she has no idea that he is a swindler. The mermaid finds herself falling in love with Joon as the difficulties of adjusting to the realities of the human world become increasingly apparent.

18. Itaewon Class (2020)

YouTube video

Itaewon Class is a drama set in the hipster, extremely well-liked neighborhood of Seoul called Itaewon and is the first drama on this list based on a webcomic (but don’t worry, there will be more) (think Soho or the East Village in Manhattan). 

Furthermore, Park Seo-Joon portrays Park Sae-Ro-Yi, the proprietor of the upcoming DanBam restaurant in Itaewon. Sae-Ro-Yi was expelled from high school for assaulting a wealthy student named Jang Geun-won (Ahn Bo-Hyun), whose father is the CEO of the influential Jangga Group.

Furthermore, this sets off a chain of occurrences resulting in Sae-Ro-father Yi’s passing and a seven-year retaliation plan.

Itaewon Class is a very well-liked drama well-known both in South Korea and abroad. It portrays the many experiences of young adults nowadays. This is one of the best Kdramas on Hulu.

19. The Smile Has Left Your Eyes (2018)

YouTube video

One of the best Kdramas on Hulu is this romantic psychological thriller series. It centers on Moo-Young, an antihero frequently referred to as a monster.

Despite being accused of killing a lady, Yoo Jin Kang, a sensitive and lovely woman, falls in love with him. However, Yoo Jin Kang’s brother, a detective eager to expose Moo-Young, disapproves of their relationship.

20. Still 17 (2018)

YouTube video

This Korean drama also features likable characters and an intriguing plot. Seo Ri was just 17 years old when she was involved in an accident and went into a coma. After 13 years, her goal of attending college in Germany ends there.

Furthermore, Woo Jin, on the other hand, has been alone for 13 years and refuses to be in a relationship because of negative experiences. When they first meet, they begin to date. This is one of the best Kdramas on Hulu.

21. Chief Kim (2017)

YouTube video

Viewers may watch this corporate comedy-drama on Hulu. It describes Sung Ryong, a talented accountant who works with criminals.

He walks into a business with the intent to steal money from them. And it’s at work that he meets his eccentric employees, who quickly make friends with them.

He changes when he sees how the workers suffer from office politics, and he tries to do something to help them. This is one of the best Kdramas on Hulu.

22. Good Doctor (2017)

YouTube video

It even has a successful Hollywood adaptation, making it a distinctive K-Drama. The narrative centers on Shi On, a bright physician who has autism. He lacks emotional expression and cerebral maturity, but he graduated with honors. 

But he is not alone in this since he gains significant friends along the way who encourage him and assist him in adjusting to his situation. This is one of the best Kdramas on Hulu.

23. Just Between Lover (2017)

YouTube video

This Korean drama is about love, hope, and brutal memories. In this story, two individuals discover themselves as the survivors of a traumatic accident that continues to plague them.

When he was 15 years old, a catastrophic injury endangered Gang Doo’s aspirations to play football. Despite being overwhelmed by debt and obligations to his sister, he nevertheless tries to live a good life.

On the other hand, Moon Soo struggles to exist in her way while having nightmares related to that catastrophe. This is one of the best Kdramas on Hulu.

24. While You Were Sleeping (2017)

YouTube video

This K-Drama on Hulu is unquestionably among the top ones. It is a romantic thriller. Three characters are followed in the narrative: a police officer, a prosecutor, and a field reporter.

The reporter, Hong Joo, operates a tiny eatery and lives with her mother. She has been able to predict the future since she was a little child. But regrettably, most of the time, she is powerless to act on her visions.

Furthermore, Hong Joo and Woo Tak’s lives are one day saved by the prosecutor Jae Chan. Following this encounter, all three start having dreams about one another’s future and realize they are now linked by fate.

25. It’s Okay Not to be Okay (2020)

YouTube video

The English translation of the Korean title, “You’re a Psycho, But It’s OK,” tells viewers that there will be uplifting and heartwarming scenes in this sharp drama about emotional rehabilitation and mental health challenges.

Working in a mental health hospital, Gang-tae (Kim Soo-Hyun) simultaneously struggles to care for his autistic brother. When Moon-young (Seo Yea-Ji).

A dark, gothic, and ravishingly gorgeous children’s book author who creates tales to rival anything the Brothers Grimm has ever written comes to read her book for his patients.

The two come to an odd realization. When the brothers were minors, their mother was killed. But Moon-young might hold the secret to helping them overcome their emotional scars.

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