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Lake Placid’s McGahay Appointed to State Supreme Court

Lake Placid’s McGahay Appointed to State Supreme Court

Lake Placid resident Allison McGahay ran for one of three seats in the state Supreme Court election for her jurisdiction on Tuesday. She is the first woman from the Adirondacks to be elected to the district’s Supreme Court, according to Essex County Board of Trustees Chairman Sean Gillland.

Republican girlfriend McGahay topped the polls with a total of 180,297 votes, according to the unofficial results of the 4th Circuit Supreme Court justices Wednesday morning. Her two remaining Republican running mates, Richard A. Kupferman and Chris of Starchick, won her 152,176 votes and her 144,315 votes respectively.

A total of six candidates ran for three open seats. Incumbent Democratic Supreme Court Justice Robert J. Muller lost the seat to his Obstarczyk, the third-most elected candidate, by more than 2,000 of his votes. Vincent W. Barsasi and Teneka Frost, both running on the Democratic line, also lost the election. Muller got his 142,951 votes, Versachi his 141,185 and Frost his 119,304.

McGahay will be Essex County’s first representative to the State Supreme Court since incumbent Justice James Dawson lost his re-election bid in 2008. McGahay represents the 4th Judicial District, which includes Essex and Franklin counties. In February, McGahay said District 4 would include a total of 11 precincts, 500,000 registered voters and 840,000 residents from Saratoga County to the Canadian border and from Washington to Fulton County. McGahay was not available for comment as of Wednesday morning.

McGahay holds a Juris Doctor degree from the Albany School of Union University and a BA in Public Justice from SUNY Oswego. After working as a court clerk under Albany High Court Judge Bud Malone, she served for three years as an Assistant District Attorney for the Essex Bar Association. McGahay has been an attorney for the City of Wilmington since 2017, and since 2013 she has served as a district elections commissioner and private attorney.

McGahay said in February that he hoped the court administration would restore the county’s judicial system once the county seat was secured. Mueller moved the courthouse to Warren County after winning his 2008 election. McGahay said the person who wins the seat of judge can choose which part of the county they want the state court room to be in, and she said she would choose Essex County.

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  • Lake Placid’s McGahay Appointed to State Supreme Court
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