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Limetorrents Proxy Lists In (August 2022) » unblock Web!

limetorrents proxy

If you are looking for the Limetorrents proxy unblocked sites, then you are at the right place. Today in this article, I’m going to talk about the unblocked Limetorrents proxy sites which are working with charm in 2022.

Hi guys, welcome to another valuable article today on Today in this article, I am going to share the best working Limetorrents proxy links. You can access the sites to download all of your required torrent files.

You will experience the fully working site without facing any access restrictions from your ISP. you will never have to worry about your safety-related issues while using the proxy unblocked sites.

What are Limetorrents?

limetorrents proxy

Lime torrent is one of the best torrent sites in the world. Most people love this site as this site is nicely oriented, and it has a massive online content library. You can download the latest Hollywood movies, software, music, etc., from this torrent site.

If you want verified torrents to download and you care much about safety, you should check out limetorrents. I would recommend you to use the limetorrents proxy unblocked sites in order to ensure your safety.

Lime torrent has the best and most healthy torrents for you, and you can download any of your desired torrents from the site.

Limetorrents proxy unblocked sites 2022

If you are looking for the best limetorrents proxy unblocked sites that are working with charm in 2022, then you should take a look at this section carefully. In this section, I have listed the best proxy unblocked limetorrents sites for you guys.

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You can access the unblocked proxy site of limetorrents which will be better than all of the other average torrent sites you use. You can access the blazing fast sites that will give you anything you desire.

This unblocked lime torrent tracker is more than you think; they work way better than the average. You will get to know more about this unique and awesome torrent search engine if you read the descriptions I have shared here for your knowledge.

Disclaimer: We are sharing the information related to the topic of this article with our readers. For any mishap regarding the data shared in this article, this site’s owner does not hold any responsibility.

How to unblock Limetorrents tracker?

Well, there are many ways you can adapt to unblock limetorrents tracker on your system. First of all, you need to understand that this site is blocked by the authority, which means your ISP and the govt agencies do not want you to access this site.

ISP’s blocks can be lifted with easy steps if there are no legal issues in your region. But, as much we know about the ban imposed on this site from public access, this site has been blacklisted by the govt authorities.

You need to use a virtual private network in order to unblock the site on your system. First of all, I would suggest you use a good VPN to unblock the limetorrents website on your system.

Or, you can choose to use some special browser to access your favorite limetorrents website on your system. Using these special browsers will give you safety and anonymity as well. You can browse the site after that without worrying about your privacy.

I will explain both of the methods here for your better understanding of the method, and you will know how these things are working.

First method: use a good VPN on your system

The use of a good VPN will always give you a worry-free browsing experience and also ensures your safety and privacy at the same time. You can use a top-rated VPN on your system, and they will provide you with top-notch protection.

A VPN is third-party software that you can install on your system. There are various VPNs available in the market, and they offer various services. You can choose one based on the services they offer.

There are some free VPNs and some premium VPNs available. You can choose which one would entertain you according to your choice of interest. A free VPN will have limitations, whereas premium VPNs are the finest of all.

If you use a premium VPN, they offer a dedicated torrent network supporting servers or profiles for its clients, which comes under their premium services. You will have to pay for using the premium services of the VPN software.

Second method: Use the TOR browser on your system

There is a second option available for you if you can’t afford a VPN for your system. You can switch to the TOR browser to access the blocked limetorrents website. TOR browser is offered by project Onion which works on free and open-source concepts.

You can use the browser for free; there is no hidden fee for using this browser. You can download the onion browser from the official onion website; I will provide you with the link below in the description.

First, you need to download the browser from its official source and install it on your system just like you install other software. The lunch the browser and the TOR secure circuit will automatically secure your connection to the internet through the browser. Now, you can access anything from within the TOR browser. Now you can enjoy Anonymus connection to limetorrents from your system.

I will provide you with some good premium VPN recommendations below.

  • Lime proxy
  • Limetorrents. cc safe
  • Limetorrents movies

#1. Lime proxy

Lime proxy is the base mirror of all the other unblocked limetorrents sites. You can easily access the site without even using the VPN. You can explore this proxy site; it has a pretty basic design and nicely oriented content.

Go and check out this amazing proxy site to download your desired torrent file, and don’t forget to share your experience with us.

#2. Limetorrents. cc safe

This proxy unblocked site safe is yet another reliable domain to access limetorrents smoothly. You can easily download anything from this site. This site is also very nice and faster as compared to other mirrors.

Go and check out limetorrents. cc safe on your system and share your experience with us. You can download all of your desired torrents from the site.

#3. Limetorrents movies

Limetorrents movies is another best site that you can visit to download your required movies torrents in 2022. You can find anything you want on that site; this site provides nice and healthy torrents. Go check out the site and download your required torrents.

limetorrents proxy

VPN recommendations from our site

There are plenty of good VPNs available in the market. I have picked some of the best VPNs, which are working really good business in 2022. You can check out the product descriptions below; I have shared all of the necessary details in the descriptions.

#1. Nord VPN- the best encryption provider


Nord VPN is the only VPN that provides the best encryption in the market. This VPN is pretty good to work in any environment, and it is suitable for any user. This VPN is the most popular VPN all over the world and has a huge customer base of over 8 million subscribers.

It has decent streaming performance and has a dedicated torrenting profile which will give you excellent torrent downloading speed. Nord VPN is best for those who are concerned about their privacy.


  1. Strict logging policy
  2. Netflix access
  3. High app ratings


  1. Terrific Customer support
  2. Static IP addresses
  3. Kill switch does not work well with iOS apps

#2. Express VPN – the best VPN for all

Express Vpn

Express VPN is considered to be the best VPN for all, which means it is handy for everyone. You can have a secure and anonymous connection through this VPN to the internet.

This VPN has reasonably priced subscription plans. You can get a premium subscription for your everyday use. Before taking a paid subscription, you can have a free premium trial from the platform.


  1. Netflix access
  2. Faster downloading speed on windows
  3. No data retention laws


  1. Only five simultaneous connections per subscription.
  2. Slow speeds on Mac
  3. No phone support

# 3. IPvanish VPN- best VPN for android

IPvanish is a really good VPN available in the market. This is yet another best VPN for beginners, especially for those who want to use the VPN on their android devices. The subscription plans offered by this VPN are also affordable.

This VPN offers a Kill switch which is really a cool feature; you can terminate your entire connection to the internet if the connection through the VPN server drops. If the VPN connection fails, all web browsers automatically get closed and make sure that the web traffic is not exposed, which gives you ultimate protection on the internet.


  1. Faster downloading speed
  2. Dedicated torrenting profile
  3. Split tunneling 
  4. Up to a maximum of 10 simultaneous connections are allowed.


  1. Not all servers work with Netflix streaming 
  2. Slow speed on Windows
  3. History of sharing customer Logs

FAQ On Limetorrents proxy unblocked

FAQ #1: LimeTorrents: what’s wrong with it?

Ans: You can find torrent files on Limetorrents to download movies, TV shows, music, and more. Due to copyright infringements, Limetorrents have been blocked in a number of countries, including the UK, the US, Australia, and India.

FAQ #2: What is the best way to unblock LimeTorrents?

Ans: VPNs (virtual private networks) are the most efficient solution since they allow everyone on your private network to connect to the internet through a filter of different servers, giving you complete anonymity through encrypted IP addresses.

FAQ #3: LimeTorrents – what is it?

Ans: Besides TV shows and music, LimeTorrents offers games and music. Torrents of popular TV shows are indexed on the site. The popularity of LimeTorrents also leads to its blocking in many countries.

FAQ #4: Is a VPN really necessary for torrenting?

Ans: In order to torrent files, you do not need a VPN. No matter if you’re connected via VPN or proxy, BitTorrent will still work.


In this article, I have shared the limetorrents proxy unblocked sites list and the best ways to unblock the blocked limetorrents site on your system. You can safely access the unblocked limetorrents proxy links from the provided list on the article.

I have put a VPN recommendation list for you; you can take a look at the list and choose your VPN according to your need. Do share your experience of accessing the proxy unblocked limetorrents in the comment section.

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