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Make Your Business Days More Manageable and Productive With EssentialPIM

Make Your Business Days More Manageable and Productive With EssentialPIM

As a business person, you may find it hard to manage work and family single-handedly. Sometimes you may forget your dear one’s birthday as you were preoccupied with an important meeting and had to face the embarrassment of wishing them last. You can certainly keep a working hand as a personal secretary to manage your schedule productively to make the most of your day. 

However, if you have started your business lately and are still looking for stability, a personal secretary will be a liability instead of an investment. To work out your situation well, we suggest you hold hands with an efficient email client that is equally equipped with extra facilities to manage your day. 

After a lot of research, we came up with EssentialPIM as the perfect solution to manage your emails, daily tasks, calendar, passwords, and all other stuff under a single umbrella. Have an insight into what modules it offers to assist you with more efficiency and productivity for better management of your daily schedule.

Email Module

Email Module

Being a business person, you must be on your toes regarding communication. Whether it is vendors, employees, suppliers, or co-business persons, you must maintain contact with all of them at different times and levels to crack the deals on time. EssentialPIM lets you connect with any or all of them with a snap of a finger. You can check for your emails methodically for POP3, Exchange, or IMAP mail protocols. The PGP encryption helps in securing your data at all times.

EssentialPIM helps you keep a note of multiple things in a single go, whether meeting with vendors, business seminars, communication with employees, etc. You can never miss a single email, even if you use multiple email accounts related to your business, friends, or personal life. You can manage them effectively under a roof without a hassle. You also get integration with the Contacts module in EssentialPIM, which makes sending and receiving messages and newsletters relatively seamless. You can also choose how the list of your emails should be presented to you via views in the layout menu.

If you are fed up with receiving similar messages and do not have time to sort them, do not worry. EssentialPIM gives you flexibility via a filtering tool to segregate them effectively. If you want a personal conversation with your contacts, use cute emojis to take your communication to the next level. Insulate your email conversations to categorize them using distinct tags or categories like personal, friends, business, etc. If you are running out of time and have to send several emails to the vendor to get the deal in your favor, schedule it for the next day and reckon it by giving it a suitable color. It’ll make it obvious for you to recognize it easily the following day.

Calendar Module

Calendar Module

As a business person, you must keep track of days and dates regularly as it helps you fix meetings with different vendors and suppliers, etc. If you are looking to expand your business, you may look forward to trade fairs or business seminars to get good ideas. But amid the daily hustle, you may forget these important dates. However, now you don’t have to crib about these situations, as with EssentialPIM managing your calendar will be child’s play for you.

Plan your outings, business meetings, or address your employees for some motivational session, with the Calendar module; this is possible just as per your plan. You can view your lined-up appointments in days, weeks, etc., or choose between categories to appear as per your requirement. With EssentialPIM, be prepared to receive reminders right in time for your scheduled business meetings, trade fair invitations, or even the celebration of a close relative.

You can also use the global sidebar on the right hand side of the screen to instantly and easily  access tasks and upcoming calendar events. Avoid clashing two or more critical appointments like meeting with an investor and a grand family event by checking the schedule right in time. You can access multiple calendars in a single window and postpone an event clashing with another. There is a facility for direct synchronization of a chosen calendar with Android EPIM. You can also filter and group events based on the defined criteria.

Notes Module

Being in business, you have to manage a lot of stuff daily and make notes of important meetings, schedules, lists of orders, etc., as part of your daily routine. However, if you are an old-school person and still using pen and paper to take down important notes, it will be better if you switch to the Notes module of EssentialPIM. Unlike usual pen and paper, your notes are safe here as they do not get lost or get into the wrong hands at any time. Additionally, you do not have to scribble again and again on the same information if there is an update. 

Whenever you make note changes, the previous version is still available for you as a restore. If you love adding emojis to your notes, EssentialPIM allows you to add the most attractive ones. You can place sticky notes onto your desktop as a takeaway before an important event or meeting. You can also club together similar sticky notes to find as a bundle. 

Contacts Module

As a business person, you must have an ‘n’ number of contacts in your contact list that must be sorted to be available right in time. EssentialPIM gives you the liberty of storing multiple contacts with their segregated fields as names, addresses, contact numbers, email IDs, etc. You can use these categories as filters while looking for a contact instantly. E.g., if any of your family members, vendors or friends have an upcoming birthday or anniversary, you will get a reminder for the same, and you can send them wishes right on time. You can also edit your contacts any time with a snap of a finger. The contacts module also assists you with the creation of newsletters along with print envelopes and labels you can send to your contacts in one go. 

EssentialPIM gives you the utility of storing your contacts in a safe place, allowing you to access them on platforms like Android, Google Contacts, and many more. With this, you can access them from anywhere and at any time.

Passwords Module

As a business person, you must maintain many passwords to keep your data safe. It can be in the form of passwords for accessing vendor files, product files, catalogs, bank account credentials, etc. You cannot remember each of them at all times, and if you store them in a notebook, they can fall into the wrong hands and leak your essential information. 

To make your data all the more secure, you can use passwords that contain complex patterns and arrange them into hierarchical groups for your convenience. You can be free from remembering any passwords as EssentialPIM will auto-type them wherever necessary. It will save you further hassle and bag you some more time for your business.

Tasks Module

As a business person, there are a variety of tasks ranging from taking vendor quote updates to client meetings and whatnot. Each is equally important, but you can still miss them if they are not correctly lined up in front of you. EssentialPIM has a Tasks module that assists you with this facility. You can see your to-do list as tasks lined up to start your day well. Now you know whether you have to make a call to your vendor or get ready for a presentation first thing in the morning. You can arrange the tasks based on being finished first or importance.

Once your task is completed, it vanishes automatically after some time. If you want to keep track of your employee’s performance and efficiency, you can add start and due dates to tasks. It also helps when multiple persons are assigned different tasks, and you do not want to keep track of their assignments via pen and paper. 

As an automatic feature, you can find the unfinished tasks in a floating state to catch your attention instantly. You can view your tasks as plain, tree, consolidated, etc. However, you can also choose the Kanban board to check your daily business efficiency. Suppose you wish to set an appointment without leaving the current page right, click on a task and choose to set an appointment with related contact.


Whether there is a revision of dates of a task, an appointment, or any meeting or submission of a project report by an employee, find them in today’s section of EssentialPIM. You can also keep a tab on the tasks upcoming in the day and if there is something on the schedule that you are not looking forward to, remove it with a simple uncheck option.


EssentialPIM is a safe, prompt, and helpful email client that also works as a personal organizer for you. You can keep a tab over all of your daily business transactions or office activities single-handedly. You can also rely on a secured EPIM Cloud for synchronization between Windows and Android versions of the program, along with other platforms like Outlook 365 integration and Google, etc., to exchange data through the inter-platform facility. You also get a synchronization facility with Apple and Android devices to keep your work going even when you are traveling.

If you are going on a business trip with family, you can do away with your laptop and carry EssentialPIM in a flash drive instead to shed the extra load. Use this valuable software to manage your day well.

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