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12 Best Mangastream Alternatives To Read Manga Online in 2022

Japanese comics, manga, anime, and fictional adventures are popular with people of all ages across the globe. People sit and watch their favorite anime episodes online or have an entire hard disk stored with their favorite series and events. Comics are very popular too as avid readers download scores of digital series and read them at their leisure. You will also find hundreds of fans on Reddit discussing theories and the future of their manga comics. 

However, this fanbase and popularity come at a price. Publishers of manga comics are very unhappy about the piracy of their books online by people. There are internet sites entirely dedicated to free manga comics. Earlier, there used to be a set of translated comics on Reddit feeds or Whatsapp circles, but the demand for these comics is making piracy successful at a global stage. 

Piracy And Scanlations: Affecting Manga Globally 

However, this piracy is also one of the reasons why people have gained access to these comics at such a level. Monetizing content will only mean that a handful of the people will get the privilege of reading it. But, the other story has more weightage: The publishers face huge losses following these piracy issues. Scanlation sites are reportedly trying to help the manga industry after it reported losses in finances and logistics following recent economic depressions. 

Scanlations are illegal for some publishers and their clauses, and therefore, Manga Stream used to be under immense pressure right from their launch. Distributors of Manga Comics complained about the loss of purchase because of piracy issues. However, the popularity increased exponentially due to these freebies provided by Manga Stream. 

What is Manga Stream?

The site MangaStream, the biggest library site consisting of translated manga comics, has been pulled down recently for unforeseen reasons. People are pointing at shoddy piracy and unlicenced content as the reason for this. However, the claims are yet to be proven. 

What Happened To Manga Stream?

This has created a ruckus in the anime community, and they are looking for major alternative sites where they can find their favorite manga copies. There are indeed many alternative sites, but there are rare sites that can match the standards of MangaStream, which ranked the best amongst these sites. Unclaimed reports are suggesting that Manga Stream will relaunch under a different domain and latest content, but the chances of that happening soon are rare. It will take them a considerable amount of time to mirror the content they had on their defunct site. 

The latest episodes from some series are inside Reddit threads, but there may be no pertinent continuation of them or reliability. Some of the sites that competed with Manga Stream are still on-air, and you can look them up as well. These sites have a good readership and availability of content; they had an edge after MangaStream’s closure as fans flocked to these alternative sites. 

MangaDex: An Insight Of The Manga Comic World

The site MangaDex, dedicated to everything happening in the Manga World, is currently booming business. It has everything from vast manga comics and the latest news of releases and updates from the comic world. The site community has a lot of fans who discuss their theories online as well as the latest updates. 

The MangaDex site interface is modest but not very good in quality. Remember to keep your ad blockers and malware switched on as their site can have malware or phishing sites. The site’s features and looks can be a little low as compared to the modern standard of sites nowadays. However, the quality of content on the website is pretty appreciable.  

MangaFreak: A Plethora of The Latest and Downloadable Manga

This is one site you cannot afford to miss as it previously gave a strict contest to MangaStream. The manga scanlations on this site are excellent, and the updates come regularly. They have different sections and columns for content you can choose from. These include Manga of the Day, latest announcements, releases, and episodes. 

The most significant advantage MangaFreak gives you is downloading your favorite comics and reading them offline. Therefore, you need not worry about internet connectivity or annoying ads while binging your content. The outlay of the site is interactive with modern-styled enlisting and buttons.           

MangaFreak also has a unique History and Recall feature where you can scroll through the comics you previously read and download them multiple times. This will give you an advantage in case you have incomplete or failed downloads or want to re-read any manga. 

MangaHere: The Unending List of Content Lies Here!

With more than 15,000 manga scanlations and comics, MangaHere is one of the fastest-growing sites dedicated to Japanese Manga. It is globally gaining a reputation for its website and comic quality, regular updates, and unique features. It has all its content separated into genres for quick referral.

The unending list of Manga includes comics from across the globe, including Europe, Hong, Korea, and China. You just need to surf the site and find out the one you want to read. The quality of the comics is beyond any speck of doubt as the online community has rated it very well on Reddit and other online threads. 

Manga-based news is also available on the site, and if you want to navigate through content or other details of the site, you can do it in a very interactive way. This is because of the flexibility of the corporeality inside the website.   It also has an app designed to read their released manga on mobile phones and community discussion portals where they can announce their releases. This really makes the site one of a kind following MangaStream’s closure.            

Manga Owl’s Content Updation Worth Appreciation

If you rate manga sites concerning the frequency of the latest updates, MangaOwl will outbid all with its performance. It’s pre-WSJ releases catch the eye of the online manga community, and everyone visits this site once a day for the latest updates of their favorite content. 

The site’s quality and preferences are satisfactory, and if you are already accustomed to this site, there will be no issue. However, some of the latest updates on the website are leading to proxy traffic and increased loading time. 

However, the quality of content and the vast genre merely is unmatched. MangaOwl has a massive list of more than 50 types in various categories. You will stay hooked to this site, reading their latest updates and new releases sections. The online ratings of this site on different social sites are very high as compared to other sites in the same category. For example, a Reddit manga community rated the site 8.5 on a scale of 10 in content quality, 6/10 on-site interface, and 9.5/10 on uploading the latest updates.              


The site is moving its services to a different domain soon, and the notice of the same is already up on the main site. However, a beta version of the previous section will be expected to run so that the old users are redirected to the new website.  

MangaPark: Sophisticated, Informative, and Juicy Content

If you are not a modernist and want a sophisticated and classic anime/manga-based site, you have come to the right place. Well, MangaPark may not be state-of-the-art by site interface look, but its vast library talks more about quality than luster. 

Just dive into the depths of the manga world with MangaPrk’s set of fantastic content, scanned in the best condition, especially for their amazing followers who have managed to keep the site so accessible across the years. On the interface, you can load a maximum of ten pages per chapter of any manga you are streaming. After those ten pages are read, you similarly proceed to the next ones. 

This process sounds very convenient as it saves loading time, and you do not need to waste time loading each page as they are already preloaded in bunches. The popularity and quality of the site are good because of its clean and classy outlook. You just need to keep a lookout for ad clicks and other phishing sites, but otherwise, MangaPark can be rated among the best.                  

 Manganelo: Michelangelo of The Manga World

The creativity of the site, content quality, latest updates, and an interactive community forum. What else do you need when you are talking about a quality site dedicated exclusively to all the manga scanlations and updates for fans? 

Manganelo has it all, including weekly WSJ releases and a variety of languages in which manga comics are available. It has a quality and secure interface where you can navigate easily through its 50+ genres worth of content. Every genre is detailed and updated on a regular basis, making it accessible in global comic-reading circles.

It also has European comics under its belt, gaining more readership internationally than other sites. The outlook of the site is also very good, and people not very accustomed to the website can also get it in one go. There is a small section dedicated to the latest Manga releases and some ratings for different manga episodes under the “Most Popular” category. The elegant and classy look of the site also attracts some avid readers, and minimum advertisements are also an outstanding feature.   

TenManga: Read To Completion

By the subtitle, you must have already guessed the USP of the site. Yes, TenManga has its dedicated section of content that is available to its entirety. Therefore, fans who want to pick a series and read it to its length can surf this site. It also has more than ten different genres. TenManga serves fans with the latest feeds and information on new releases not only on their website but inside the manga industry official launches.  

The search facility available with TenManga is indeed helpful for users who are looking for their favorite content. Just click the search box and enter the first alphabet into the box, and the predictive content will drop down on the screen. You can also surf their content library through the first alphabet of the manga name. 

MangaTown: Find All The Gossip And Content Here

A dedicated website like all the other sites described here but with a classier site outlook, better content, and high-resolution scanlations. Do not worry about the quality of the manga stream because you will find state-of-the-art manga strips here. Also, the discussion page and other genres are really vast, making it quite interesting for the viewers and fans. 

If you go by its name, MangaTown is indeed a hypothetical library town of manga content, leaving readers mesmerized with their latest updates and WSJ releases. The user experience is astounding, and it’s distinguished, and divided categories are worth a shoutout. 

MangaTown really has the potential to beat all other competing sites with its quality, style, and interactive approach. It also has its own dedicated application running on both Android and iOS platforms for the benefit of all manga and anime fans across the globe. The different directories really make segregation and fragmentation easy for the perusal of the readers at MangaTown. 

If you place the cursor on any manga content on the home page, it provides you a pop-up feature that details you with its ratings, release dates and number of episodes. You will also find a detailed summary of the series when you tap on it. 

Comixology: A One-Stop Solution To The Comic World  

Well, if you are considering visiting a licensed distributor of quality comics, Comixology is a perfect option. Purchased by Amazon Inc in 2014, Comixology is one of the fastest-growing portals dedicated to the comic world with 2,00,000+ comics and related information. You can find its phone-based application on the App Store, and it’s versions are also available on Kindle. 

However, it is not free or complimentary by any chance. There is a small remuneration and membership charge by Amazon so that you can avail not just manga but a plethora of comics from across the world. You can even use your Amazon E-gift cards for dedicated comic purchases on this site and receive various deals, cashback, and offers. 

Being an Amazon entity, its portals and servers are highly secure. The membership payments happen through an immensely secure payment gateway, and the site updates you with regular newsletters about it’s latest updates. 

MangaEden: The Classy Manga Portal

If you are a fan of the old and classic looking site with less amount of fidgeting while looking for your favorite streams, go for MangaEden. Its site interface is not very fashionable ut does the trick with good quality scanlations and some hip-and-happening updates from the manga world. 

It comes in two languages, English and Italian, making it very popular across Europe and the US. Since it is compatible with all versions of browsers, it is very appreciated by the older community of Anime fans, not very technically equipped. When you place your cursor on any manga episode available on the home screen, it will pop-up, showing you the enlarged cover image of the particular manga. 

You can also register for their daily newsletters or discussion age where they can contact you and update you about their updated content and where you can find them. Their extensive directory is straightforward to search, and people of a variety of ages will have o problem using the site because of its very basic approach. 

MangaReader: A Quick Stop Manga Site

MangaReader is a handy and fast interface-based site, and its classy content includes a vast list of Japanese comics and translated English manga. The content of other languages is also available but in a lesser amount. Since it is based on an older UI, it works really well with a laptop or PC but is not very handy with handheld devices that include smartphones or e-readers. 

The scanlations of the comics at MangaReader do justice to its name, and you will not complain about its site technology when you look at the rich-quality collection of data. The “Surprise Me” Section is indeed exciting and a must for all fans to visit. It has some unique and innovative updates, spoilers, and dates of speculated releases of WSJ magazines. 

Manga Reborn: An Evolution of Manga Comics

Well, Manga Reborn is one of those revolutionary sites which astounded everyone with their rich content and a quality interface. Its content is available in multiple languages from the globe, including Spanish and Italian. When you enter the site, you are always asked if you are operating from Asia or outside. The site then sets up its features based on your response. 

Its forum section is one of the unique platforms where you get to discuss your favorite moments from the manga comic with all other fellow fans. Debate on your favorite characters and predict a plot twist in the upcoming segment of the story. You can also upload your scanlated or translated content and share it with your anime friends throughout the world without any legalization worries. 

The maroon-white combination theme of the site is really attractive to the eye and is very readable. You have some added features like personal chatting options with your fellow fans. The streaming and downloading interface are also high-quality, and the scanlations available on the site are beyond reproach. 

Manga Reborn also has its own ranking chart for all the top contributors and exclusive giveaways for the people in the top spots. This makes content sharing more exciting and interactive while you search the profiles of the top contributors and see their latest uploads. 


Well, Manga Stream indeed had a huge user base, and its fallout means a considerable loss for all the anime/manga fans. But, these alternative sites have good potential to draw in that crowd and provide them with dependable, quality content. 

It is just a matter of time until you find your favorite alternative site get hooked on to it all day long. For Anime fans, it does not matter where they are getting their content from. As long as their purpose of streaming their favorite manga is solved, and they can share their experiences, everything is okay. 


1. What Is Manga Stream?

It is one of the biggest providers of scanlated comics and anime, which are very popular with international fans. It has gained immense popularity and is one of the primary reasons why the manga industry became so popular with foreign nations. 

2. What Are Manga Stream’s Alternative Sites? 

Manga Dex, Manga Fox, Manga Reborn are some of the sites that are really good alternatives to Manga Stream. All these sites work really well with most devices and have a good interface. 

3. What To Keep In Mind When Choosing The Alternative Sites?

Look at the site security features primarily. You need to understand that an SSL encryption is necessary for the security of your device against any kind of malware attacks.


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