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27 MLB66 Alternatives in 2022 to Watch Live Sports Streaming (100% Working)

It could be because of the crisp global coverage of the most important sports games at any given time. It could be because of the live chatting features, allowing access to a dedicated fan base of thousands. 

Or as we suspect, it could be the high-quality, no-lag streams. After all, performance counts, right?

Whatever the reason, it’s no secret that MLB66 reigns supreme in the hearts of sports fans across the world. Recently, though, this prolific sports streaming site has been experiencing problems with its services. 

And while admins have managed to restore stream access for premium accounts, non-premium users will have to wait upwards of a week to catch up with what’s happening in the world of sports. 

The good news here is that you’ve got us, and we’re not just leaving you high and dry with nothing to watch on a warm Tuesday night. 

Below, we’ve collected our picks for the top 27 MBL66 alternatives, along with notes on why we like them.

In a Hurry? Here Are the Best MLB66 Alternatives You Have to Check Out 

  • Sportsurge: Easy-to-use streaming service that comes with live coverage of games and a vast library of high-quality recorded games. 
  • SportStream: A lightning-fast site that focuses on providing high-quality live coverage of football, tennis, basketball, and other sports.
  • Buffstreams: With an intuitive UI, smooth performance, and high-def games, Buffstreams is the best choice for NBA and soccer fans.
  • Rojadirecta: The most detailed site you’re going to find, Rojadirecta offers both live streams of ongoing games and real-time sports updates.
  • FuboTV: Paid service, but includes everything from sports channels like ESPN to documentary channels like National Geographic. 

What Is MLB66?


MLB66 is a site that rose to popularity in the span of just a few weeks. It’s a completely free streaming service that lets you watch hundreds of games, live and in high-definition. 

You’ll need an email to make an account (we recommend a burner just to be safe), but once you’re done signing up, it’s a goodbye to expensive TV fees and hello NBA-stream-crisp-enough-to-see-who’s-sweating!

What Happened to MLB66?

MLB66 is a great place to catch up on the week’s NBA games, but there are a couple of glaring problems you’ll have to deal with if you want to use MLB66 to watch sports streams. 

The first is that unfortunately, this site is only available in the good old US of A. That means if you reside, well, not in the US, you can’t access this site without using a VPN (more on that later). 

You could always move to the US, but we’d say that’s taking sports fandom to a whole new level. 

The second problem is that right now, as of this second, MLB66 is having server-side issues with video playback. 

These aren’t just run-of-the-mill server issues, as non-premium accounts can’t access video streams at all. The admins say it could be up to an entire week before they’re done fixing the site. 

An. Entire. Week.

How to Safely Stream MLB66?

The problem of pop-up ads is very much present today, and so is the issue that you won’t be able to access this site outside the US. 

That’s why you should be using a VPN to access this site. An abbreviation of Virtual Private Network, these are a type of network service used to encrypt internet connections and route them through a different location. 

Since most of them come with an ad-blocker built in, just set your location to the home of the brave and the land of the free, and you’re good to go!

Best VPNs for MLB66

A good VPN is cheap, and it will let you access sports streaming sites with annoying geographic restrictions. These are great for protecting your computer from cyber-attacks and phishing attempts, and even hiding your internet activity from your snoopy ISP. 

That’s why we tested out a bunch of VPNs to see which ones worked the best, which were the fastest, and above all, which ones were free:

The fastest VPN you’re going to find. With that said, though, it’s also by far one of the most expensive VPNs out there.
Wide server network to route your Internet traffic to anywhere in the known world.
Top-level encryption technology.

Competitive pricing makes this a cheap all-rounder option. It’s absolutely horrible if you’re trying to torrent things, and will reduce your p2p speed massively.
Fast connections for buffer-free streaming.
Medium-grade encryption services

It’s free! The free version of Windscribe has a data usage limit of up to 2GB.
Connects in 2-5 seconds with multiple US servers for the best connection.
Surprisingly good encryption technology for a free service.

Best Alternatives to MLB66 – 100% Working (August  2022 Updated)

1. CricFree


One of the best alternatives to MLB66 is CricFree, a sports streaming site with over 12 categories of sports games. You can catch up with the NBA, NFL, WNBA (like anybody watches the WNBA), and even hockey and tennis games happening worldwide. 

CricFree is a free, fast-working website that has made itself famous by offering what every sports fan wants: a huge library of HD game recordings and absolutely no buffering at all. 

And it doesn’t end there either: CricFree also has an interesting chat option that lets you chat with thousands of sports fans just like you worldwide.

Check out this site

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2. MyP2P


Some sports websites go the other way and opt for a lighter build that lets them load faster and work better, all the while under less stress than more graphic-intensive sites. 

MyP2P reigns supreme among such lightweight sites, opening directly into a site menu where you can choose games from more than 12 different sports. 

You’ll find the list of live games a little below, with timings, teams, and locations already noted out.

MyP2P is a great sports streaming site that offers a file-sharing platform too, in case you wanna… share some files in the middle of the NBA finals.

Check out this site 

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3. FirstRowSports


Flat out one of the best sites out there when it comes to stream quality is FirstRowSports. This website has made itself famous for high-quality, no-buffering streams. There also aren’t any membership fees to gatekeep who can use the site’s great streaming services. 

Added on top is the fact that you can watch multiple games at one time without slowing down your connection, making this the best choice for fans who switch between games.

With that said, though, the UI on FirstRowSports is a little unclear, so you definitely want to take a second to learn what’s what. 

Check out this site

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4. Hotstar


It’s a paid service, but hear us out. 

Hotstar has to be the best sports streaming services with fast streams, absolutely no buffering anywhere, and a very helpful customer support line that’s open 24/7. 

Moreover, the streaming service’s surprisingly reasonable rates are low enough to be tacked onto whatever other OTT streaming services you subscribe to (like a certain site that rhymes with Betflix).

Plus, guess what? Hotstar also offers a free 1-month trial for all their packages, so you can get a taste of exactly what you’re signing up for. 

Check out this site

5. Sportlemon


Tired of navigating long, complicated menus only to find broken links, or having to go through an actual user guide to understand how a website works? 

Boy, have we got the perfect site for you!

Meet Sportlemon, the Internet’s easiest-to-use sports streaming website. When you load into it for the first time, you’ll understand why it’s one of our favorites. 

Front and center is a list of live games with links, with categories like “Home”, specific sports, and an “Other” section for the weird, smaller sports. That’s all there is, and frankly? That’s all we want!

Check out this site

6. Stream2Watch


With one of the best all-rounder service combos, it shouldn’t be a big surprise that Stream2Watch ranks as one of our most recommended sites. 

For one, this site comes with a long list of mirrors built-in, so even if your ISPs blocked the main site (which they have an annoying habit of doing), you can use one of the mirrors to watch your favorite sports games live. 

Sports categories on this site include football, tennis, hockey, cricket, football, and a number of other games. 

Check out this site

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7. VIPBox TV


Widely regarded as a must-know for sports fans the world over, VIPBox TV is an international sports streaming network that comes with the largest selection of sports matches you’ll find online. 

They’re all recorded at HD 720p and 1080p, with crisp audio and clear video to make sure you get the best experience. 

The reason we love VIPBox TV is for their NASCAR streams. High-def NASCAR streams are hard to find, and frankly, nobody does it better than this site!

Check out this site

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8. StrikeOut


Everybody has privacy concerns when using free sites that could potentially have harmful ads, right? We get that, and honestly? 

We think you’re smart for having them. 

That’s why we recommend StrikeOut, a free streaming service that doesn’t even need you to sign up. They provide live access to most international and state-level games, with smooth streams that don’t stop to buffer.

However, keep in mind that their servers aren’t top-grade, so you might see a little lag for high-level NBA or NFL games.

Check out this site

9. Crackstreams


Waiting for the start of the NBA season, but don’t wanna spend sixty dollars on a TV subscription? 

We’ve got you covered.

The site you want here is Crackstreams, the uncontested best streaming site for NBA games on the Internet right now. 

They update their live links for matches a day before the actual game, so you can keep them saved and open them in a hurry. You’ll also find UFC, Boxing, and MMA fights on this site, in crisp, high-def quality. 

Check out this site

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10. Rojadirecta


This sports index platform isn’t just well-known: it’s absolutely famous for having the largest collection of sports videos for fans to watch on a slow day. 

The site covers hundreds of live games happening simultaneously and even provides a number of links for each one that leads to broadcasts in different languages. 

And the craziness doesn’t stop there. As if that wasn’t enough, Rojadirecta also provides minute, detailed information about every match in real-time so fans can know how teams are doing with a quick glance. 

Check out this site

11. MamaHD


MamaHD is another site dedicated to bringing nothing but the highest-quality vids to their users. With most games recorded in 1080p Bluray, MamaHD stands out as the best site in terms of video quality. 

There’s a chatbox feature (quite like the MLB66 chatbox), and you can use this site on your mobile too!

With all that said, though, it’s worth noting that this site does come with a drawback. 

Due to the intensely HD nature of the videos, you’re going to need a pretty decent Wifi connection if you want to watch them without buffering every few seconds. 

Check out this site

12. NBAStreams


Sometimes, though, you’re not looking for HD video or the largest library of games on the Internet. You just want an easy-to-use site that doesn’t have too many ads, which is where we recommend NBAStreams. 

This streaming site covers all major-league MLB, NFL, and NBA games, and more, without too many annoying ads. Like most other names on this list, it’s completely free to use and doesn’t require a subscription or membership fee.

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Check out this site

13. Volokit


Volokit is one of our best recommendations because unlike almost every other site out there, this streaming site loads everything in just a few seconds. We don’t just mean it’s fast. We mean that out of forty-something sports websites, not a single one loaded faster than Volokit. 

If you’re in a hurry, like on the train or on the subway, and you don’t wanna wait an hour for the match to load, hop on to Volokit to catch highlights and recorded videos of the latest league-level matches worldwide. 

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Check out this site

14. 6streams


With a sleek but rich design that focuses on keeping everything neat and uncluttered, 6streams is a US-based streaming site that takes only a few seconds to load on any browser. 

It also earns a special recommendation from us as it doesn’t have too many ads, which is always great when trying to watch a game. 

Check out this site

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15. SportSurge


We mentioned SportSurge as one of our top highlighted recommendations, and we’re not likely to take that back any time soon. SportSurge is absolutely one of the best sports streaming sites out there, covering everything from Olympic events and league-level games to state championships. 

Wanna put a bet on whether Duke gets another win over Wake Forest? Fire up SportSurge and catch the latest game live, without being bothered by ads every five minutes.

Check out this site

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16. 720pstreams


This is a contender that does everything just about okay, performing well across quality, fewer ads, and low buffering without really excelling in any particular way. 

Videos on 720pstreams are all native 720p, so they’re better quality than usual. With that said, though, the site does have its fair share of ads when watching championship games like the MLB, NFL, and NCAA. 

But in all honesty, we didn’t think they were that bad, and certainly not as explicit as some other sites. 

Check out this site



Crystal clear video in high-enough HD for you to see the sweat on the player’s backs. Lag-free playback without buffering and having to pause every ten seconds. 

An extremely intuitive interface that a child could figure out, with a clear display of live broadcasted games, the teams playing in them, and the score so far. 

Combine those with extra-fast loading times, and you get ATHDE, the sports fan’s one-stop shop for live matches from more than 12 different sports. 

The best part? It’s all free!

Check out this site


Footybite comes with a large variety of live broadcasts, covering sports like soccer, boxing, basketball, football, and even golf. 

Who watches golf?

But as we were saying, this site offers HD-quality live broadcasts of a number of different sports, especially the NBA. You’ll find multiple NBA streams on Footybite, making it an unparalleled paradise for NBA fans worldwide. 

The streams aren’t too demanding of your connection either, so you can have two, three, or even four running at the same time to quickly switch between games. 

Check out this site

19. StreamEast


Like MLB66, StreamEast is one of the few free sports streaming sites out there to offer a premium upgrade option to their users. 

The free accounts have crystal clear quality and lag-free playback (for us at least). On the other hand, premium accounts get access to special servers where the videos are better quality, the lag is nonexistent, and the ads far fewer. 

If you don’t mind sparing a few dollars every month on their upgrade plan, it’s a pretty nice deal for sports fans who don’t wanna pay for expensive TV packages.

Check out this site

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20. VIPLeague


VIPLeague offers great coverage of sports like F1 Racing, Basketball, Rugby, Football, Gold, and others, with live broadcasts in crisp quality for the best user experience. 

The ads are present but far fewer than you’ll see on a lot of sports streaming sites. 

Pile all that on top of the fact that this site is completely free to use and runs on low-speed mobile data. We’re pretty sure that once you check it out yourself, this is a recommendation you’ll be thanking us for later!

Check out this site

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21. NFLbite


Are you a die-hard NFL fan, tired of missing precious seconds of your NFL matches because you have to scroll through other live broadcasts? If so, our recommendation for you is NFLbite, the free sports-streaming site that focuses on the NFL exclusively. 

This platform was specially made for NFL lovers as it only broadcasts NFL videos. 

The vids are the highest quality possible for online streaming (1080p Bluray). The website also has many interesting features like built-in social media plugins so users can post match scores themselves. 

Check out this site

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22. Buffstreams


Buffstreams used to be one of the best sports streaming sites out there, with great video and almost no lag. And like most good things, one day it disappeared off the Internet, presumably due to a DMCA takedown on the site. 

That’s not to say it’s fully gone, though. 

Today, you can find many mirrors and copy sites running with the name Buffstreams. So far, almost all of them have maintained the original site’s legacy of providing a great user experience with low ads at no cost whatsoever!

Check out this site

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23. CricHD


CricHD is the cricket equivalent of NFLbite, focusing exclusively on cricket games being broadcast live. The user interface looked clean and uncluttered to us, with an easy-to-see schedule set up front and center so you can quickly find the match you want to see. 

The best part is, that they offer live streams in a number of different qualities. This allows users with slow Internet connections can opt for 420p or 720p while users with a good connection can enjoy 1080p matches.

Check out this site

24. Hesgoal


Hesgoal is one of those sites that do everything okay without really being the best at everything. We observed standard 720p quality with a little lag, but not enough to completely put us off the site. 

It does, however, have two glaring problems. Hesgoal has way too many ads for our preference, peppering them across the screen every few seconds. 

Its moderation is also a little wack. Just listen to this: during a Rangers vs. Celtics match, we watched in horrified fascination as the Rangers-supporting mods banned the Celtics supporters from chatting.

That was a new one. 

Check out this site

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25. Markkystreams


Markkystreams is a sports streaming website where we honestly found nothing to complain about. The ads are heavily regulated on this platform, with only one popping up every now and then. 

And even then, they didn’t cover the screen or make us miss any moments of the game. 

The video quality was great, and the site was uncluttered enough to understand what matches were going on at a moment’s notice. 

Markkystreams is also the official platform behind the previous listing 6streams, as both of them are hosted on the same server-side platform.

Check out this site



With more than 100 live TV channels and everything from the History Channel and the Food  Channel to live sports broadcasts in its lineup, USTVGO is one of the absolute best choices for the cord-cutters out there. 

You can even set it up on your TV (through Chromecasting) and let your kids enjoy watching kids’ channels. 

Their sports lineup is especially amazing, covering almost every single game from every sport you can think of. The ads, though, can get a little annoying, so you wanna keep that in mind. 

Check out this site

MLB66 – Quick FAQs

1. Is MLB66 Down Or Still Working?

Ans. As of this second (August 2022), MLB66 is very much still up. However, non-premium accounts can’t view anything for a week due to server-side issues.

2. Is MLB66 Safe?

Ans. As long as you don’t click on the ads and especially don’t download anything from them, MLB66 is definitely one of the safer options out there. 

3. Is MLB66 Legal?

Ans. Sadly enough, no. This site doesn’t get its broadcasts through legal channels, so it’s recommended to use a VPN when using it.

4. What Are the Best Alternatives to MLB66?

In our opinion, it’d have to be some of the sites with good-quality vids, low ads, and no buffering, like Sportsurge, SportStream, Buffstreams, Rojadirecta, and especially FuboTV.

5. Which VPN Should I Use For MLB66?

Ans. Depends on your budget for a VPN. Windscribe is a great option for a free VPN, but it can be a little slow. ExpressVPN is the best overall, but it’s also very costly.

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