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Top 30 MovieOrca Alternatives in 2022


One of the best ways to pass leisurely time is watching online movies. Talking about that, MovieOrca offers high-quality movie contents, that too, for free. Nevertheless, this online streaming site is actually an unauthorized torrent site which leaks contents from many  different genres, it lets you watch your desired movies for free. An entire list of movies is available on MovieOrca, alongside the movie summaries. covers movies of various genres, languages, and more. In fact, this website features a decent collection of Hollywood and Bollywood movies, each of which is dubbed with subtitles ON. You can both watch/stream and download the high-definition version of your favorite movies from MovieOrca. The friendly and basic user-interface integrated with fast servers make it a popular choice amongst the movie fanatics. 

However, MovieOrca is not anymore functional after being banned in several regions. Although some of its proxy/mirror sites are still live, no one can guarantee how long these items are active. This is where our today’s article is going to help you with the top 30 online movie streaming sites cum alternatives to MovieOrca. All these alternatives deliver similar content and quality to serve your binge watching expectations. 

Before directly getting started with the MovieOrca alternatives, let’s get to know about MovieOrca a little better and deeper. 

For your acknowledgement, here are what we will cover in the following segments:

  • Is MovieOrca APK safe to use?
  • Top 30 MovieOrca alternatives

So, let’s begin! 

MovieOrca Features

  • A recommendation engine which suggests you the type of movies that match your previous movie search preferences. It also takes into account the ratings made by your friends or family so as to get personalized recommendations
  • You are allowed to review and rate the movies on this platform
  • “Watchlist” lets you keep a track of the movies you might want to watch later, or receive notifications in case that movie is now available to be purchased or rented online
  • Includes a wide variety of contents from all over the globe
  • Facility to stream TV shows and movies in full HD quality on the website

Well, that’s not all. Here are some of the best features of MovieOrca due to which visitors/users keep returning to tis online portal:

  • Easily accessible and easy to use
  • Simple set-up
  • Free website
  • Zero ad pop-ups
  • Entirely risk-free online streaming portal

Advantages of MovieOrca

  • As mentioned above, MovieOrca features a recommendation engine which keeps account of your movie search preferences or pattern to recommend you the similar types of movies. The engine also takes into account your friends/family ratings(on any movie) so that you can personalize those recommendations as per your wish.
  • You get a diverse library of movie contents collated from all over the globe
  • You can watch both movies and other TV shows in high-definition resolution

Is MovieOrca Apk Safe to Use?

MovieOrca is a free and risk-free portal to enjoy your favorite TV shows and movies online, and it is headquartered in the United States. The simple website set-up and ease of accessibility and downloads makes it a top choice amongst the movie fans to enjoy their leisure time. However, it is an illegitimate website that lets you stream and download content without the original owner’s knowledge, who has the content copyright.

Talking about MovieOrca APK, it is not implicated in any spam or malware activities and provides a secure and safe download link. Moreover, this APK characterizes a suitable size cum easy UI. Lastly, you are not bound to root or make permissions prior to installing the Movieorca APK Download 2022 Latest Version for Android on your System. So, MovieOrca APK is safe to use.

Top 30 MovieOrca Alternatives 

1. GoMovies


GoMovies is a notable platform to enjoy movies online, for free. The best part is its friendly user-interface, which allows you quick access to your favored Tv shows or Movies of any genre. The website data gets regularly updated and there are no such predefined rules to explore your desired video contents on this platform. All you need here to do is log in to the online portal of GoMovies and the rest you will quickly grasp how the platform works. Moreover, the contents have been segregated in such a way that you can quickly navigate to your preferred data in no time. The categories are routinely expanded, making it an extensive library of content for you.

2. is built for those fanatics, who are both into watching and downloading their favorite TV shows and movies, that too, in high-definition resolution. Also, you won’t have to create an account here to enjoy the videos. It is one of the most sought online streaming portals, which lets you enjoy all amazing features without a hassle. However, this website is not the inventory of all the movies that it features. Rather, it is the third-party host whose videos are indexed by The ultimate perk of using this online streaming portal is you can enjoy lots of entertainment stuff (TV shows and movies), which you can further sort by ratings, genre, and other filters.

3. PopcornFlix


PopcornFlix is another free online streaming portal which features movies in full-length. Here you can quickly explore the motion pictures which are brand new in the market. You also get the feel of enjoying independent and theatrically-published motion pictures. Any type of video content including kids’ movies, documentaries, drama-related motion pictures, Spanish movies, horror, and many more are showcased here. The user-friendly interface of this website lets you find whatever you want without any prior effort.  

The motion pictures showcased here include some of the Hollywood mega stars like Daniel Craig,  Angelina Jolie, Kristian Stewarts, and many more in the queue. You get limitless view access to enjoy as many of your favorite motion pictures as your desire with time constraint or cost. Moreover, you can download those contents as well. On PopcornFlix, it is quite simple and straightforward to search for your favorite motion pictures as it enables you to sort and browse your desired content by star ratings, genre, and title.  

4. SolarMovie


SolarMovie is yet another free online video streaming website to watch TV shows and movies without any requiring to register or pay. Here you get a supply of HD quality video contents which include all genres such as musical, sci-fi, romance, horror, thriller, adventure, mythological, biographies, comedy, wars and action, documentaries, and many more. 

5. 123Movies


123Movies is for the die-hard movie fanatics and this platform was once used to be a leading streaming portal in the market. It used to offer movie contents free of cost to its viewers. Now, its domain name has changed (, however, this platform still continues to guarantee the exceptional viewing experience to its visitors without any login required. Plus, you can easily search for the trending as well as the upcoming movie contents alongside the movies of different genres. The good part is you can enjoy all these contents without any ad interruption in the middle of streaming. 

6. CMovies


CMovies is just another extraordinary MovieOrca alternative that allows you to enjoy movies and TV programs by creating an account (or registering to that platform) or by charging a symbolic expenditure. The website redirects you to the host site(third-party video streaming site) as soon as you click on the streaming link/s of your desired show/program/film. 

7. Yify


YIFY was quite popular amongst the fanatics who regularly search for new movies and updates. This peer-to-peer website used to share a wider list of movies via BitTorrent(a peer-to-peer file sharing platform communication protocol) and could be downloaded for free. The reason why it attracted most downloaders to this platform was its characteristic to release movies in the form of small file size. After the platform shut down in 2015, YIFY rebranded itself to YTS and collaborated with a fresh breed of groups, who release their movie files directly on the torrent websites. Now, this streaming platform owns a torrent site that features the fresh movie releases, in HD quality. 

8. Movie4u


Movie4u offers an excellent supply of online streaming services ensuring the best video quality, be it the TV series/shows that you are watching or movies. Moreover, you won’t have to sign up before accessing the site content. This platform is typically for the movie enthusiasts who like watching full-length TV shows/movies and motion pictures, in HD resolution. Apart from that, the website also allows you to view the movie premieres, IMDB information about the movies alongside other popular motion pictures.

The site gets regularly updated with the upcoming/trending motion pictures from all corners of the globe. You can take help of the search dialog to navigate to your preferred video content or can refer to the available categories on the platform. 

9. Amazon Prime

Amazon Prime

Amazon Prime Video is currently one of the widely used home entertainment applications, created by Amazon Mobile LLC, for fanatics who regularly stream and download the trending movies/TV shows released on the Internet. Apart from that, you get to countless hot news regarding any upcoming movies/series/shows. You won’t have to pay any surcharge for downloading contents which are readily available on Amazon Prime. This app has grown to a considerable popularity in many well-known countries and features all the Indian/Bollywood local hits. 

However, Amazon Prime requires you to have membership to enjoy the top movie contents of more than 100 channels. The platform has a wider database of brand-new movies and shows and it gets updated regularly. On this app, you can also access other new channels , TV series (at full length, that too, unedited) and documentaries. The channels under which the contents are segregated include: TV show, Sports Channel, Documentaries, and New Release. You can further search for your desired stuff by simply using the search bar or by sorting your preferences by the following categories: War, Love Stories, Action, Comedy, and many other options. The good part is that the Amazon Prime app is available for both Android as well as iOS devices.

10. BobMovies

bob movies

BobMovies application is yet another complimentary online streaming site that features the most recent and first-rated motion pictures of this season. This platform houses an expansive database of the finest motion pictures. You can directly check out the BobMovies images there without taking the trouble of downloading the images Users may directly see the bobmovies images on their internet website without even requiring to download them. The excellent feature that you will ever come across on BobMovies is that the images buffer rapidly giving you an unbelievable streaming experience. Another fantastic point is that it has images taken from all over India just to make sure people from any state feel delighted by these pictures at their own terms (language).

11. FlixTor



FlixTor is another terrific MovieOrca alternative, where you can enjoy newest episodes and movies online, that too, without any ad interruptions or commercials. Moreover, you won’t have to take the hassle of signing up to access the streaming services of this website. You can find all genres of video contents here, starting from bone-shivering to tickling funny entertainments. Navigating is so simple and easy on this platform. Simply visit the landing page, search for your favorite video content by exploring and browsing the site contents and hit the play button. That’s all it takes. All in all, this is a must-try alternative that you would surely not want to miss out on.

12. Afdah


Afdah offers free materials to its users for the online streaming. The home entertainment of this website commonly includes the finest quality TV shows (all seasons and episodes), movies, and some animated movies as well. The website features a pretty decent user-interface, which attracts countless visitors to its webpages, every month. Therefore, the quality of streaming services provided by Afdah is quite evident from this part. 

13. Vumoo


Vumoo is yet another complimentary online streaming portal that houses a vast collection of online movies, available for free. Here, you can enjoy both the TV programs/shows and movies. This platform is typically for those movie enthusiasts who are in constant search for the latest movies release, that too, in HD quality.  

Some of the factors that make Vumoo a popular choice: You can access movies of different regions including Japan, China, Korean, and so on, the platform is supported by multiple devices like smartphones, PCs/laptops, and tablets, delivers HD quality video contents, offers the finest contents, simultaneous streaming on this website is supported by multiple-URL, making it a multi-streaming platform, saves your time by preventing the buffer function for a hassle-free streaming experience, delivers better search results at all times, you are not required to open an account in Google to access Vumoo, and lastly, you get access to countless streaming contents.

14. WatchFree


WatchFree is quite a reputed online streaming portal, where you can browse across hundreds of movie titles and TV shows, in high definition resolutions, for free. The database of WatchFree platform covers movies and series of all genres cum sub-genres, confirming that you can always find something or the other to watch on WatchFree that matches your current mood. The site content gets updated regularly with the trending shows/series and movies, the requested titles alongside other randomly picked classic gems. Moreover, you won’t have to create an account here to join/visit the website. All in all, you can be rest assured about the endless enjoyment on this platform. 

15. Soap2Day


Soap2Day does not require you to join up before availing its streaming services. On this platform, you can expect engaging movie  and comedy contents. Your search preferences might keep changing with time. Nevertheless, this platform makes sure to keep you interested and engaged throughout the time, in free fun that it provides. This all-time popular website always delivers the newly-released movies for you to enjoy. To be more specific and precise with your requirement, you can use the search box with specifics to find out the exact content you were looking for.

16. M4Ufree


M4Ufree has a vast library of movie contents of various genres like comedy, documentaries, animated shows, and so much more. The best thing about this streaming platform is you get an uninterrupted streaming experience with zero ad pop-ups. Site exploration is quite easy and simple to navigate to the new releases, top charts, and contents that are most popular. To make it further easier for you, the website has categorized the video contents under different genres that include romance, humor, and action. Therefore, you can easily browse your favorable contents here, easier and faster.

17. CmoviesHD

CmoviesHD lets you browse across, watch, and download your favorite shows without requiring to sign up or pay. This one-stop online streaming platform gives a choice of diverse genres, that too, in HD resolution without any ad interruptions to enjoy binge-watching in the evenings. Overall, this website has earned numerous viewers’ recommendations and ratings for its excellent streaming service.  

18. MovieStars


MovieStars is an all-time preferred website to many users for its trouble-free movie and TV show binging services. The platform gives you a diverse collection of material developed abroad, starting from romantic comedies to ending with thrillers. The platform keeps getting regularly updated to keep the site contents fresh and trending. The good thing about this website is minimal ad pop-ups compared to other random streaming websites. Talking about its video library, MovieStars maintains a decent catalog of contents that are easy to stream.  

19. LosMovies


LosMovies opens to you an ocean of sitcoms and movies, which you can stream online for free, sitting at the comfort of your home. The platform houses content in a variety of categories that include directors, genres, actors, top selections, ratings, etc. This is one of the very few websites, where you can experience the ultimate fun of entertainment, just within a click. The ease of access, uninterrupted browsing of the contents and brilliant binge-watching experience are some of the major reasons besides others that attract a wider visitor base to this website. 

20. LookMovie


LookMovie is the most suited MovieOrca alternative for those who are looking for hassle-free, pop-ups/ads free, and sign-up-free online streaming portal. Here you can find all the age-old sitcoms, TV programs, classic movies, and documentaries to be explored and enjoyed. Every TV program/movie is supported by a synopsis for the viewer so that you can decide whether or not to hit the play button. Apart from featuring movies and Tv shows, LookMovie also features anime entertainments as per your choice. Also, since the website delivers strong servers, there is the least susceptibility of you running into a technical problem while visiting the website from your system. Lastly, you can enjoy both the dubbed and subbed movies and TV shows as per your language preference, on the display screen. 

21. Putlocker 


Putlocker lets you both stream and download international or Hollywood films of your choice. Plus, the massive library of movies on this platform is upgraded on a regular basis with newer contents. Therefore, it becomes quite easy for you to find out what’s trending in the film industry, what are the new launches, etc. To make your experience even more convenient, the platform has this option of letting you keep a list of your favorite movies or movies that you want to watch later, so that you get quick access to those next time

22. Yidio 


Yidio is one of a kind online streaming portal, where you can search for the finest TV shows and movies of all across the globe. You can even get access to the programs featured on some popular content carriers sites like Netflix, Hulu, etc. The good thing is you won’t have to open numerous new tabs for each click. The vast library of Yidio features complimentary movies and TV reveals alongside various choices for online streaming. 

23. Tubi TV 

Tubi TV is typically for those movie enthusiasts, who do not wish to invest in monthly subscriptions plans for availing online streaming services to watch TV shows and movies. Overall, this website is quite reliable to enjoy free contents from its extensive list of video contents on your Android device.  

24. Viewster 


Viewster houses a diverse list of movies and TV programs that spans Anime, Action, Thriller, Horror, and many others. You can even access numerous documentary contents on this portal. It is a free streaming platform amassed with a vast collection of digital contents. The site gets regularly updated with fresh contents, especially those movies that are already trending on the Internet. But what makes this website one of the most-sought MOvieOrca alternatives is its availability of the contents in multiple languages including German, English, French, and Spanish. 

25. Kissmovies 


Kissmovies is yet another popular choice amongst the online streamers, typically the TV show and motion picture fanatics. You can expect top quality video contents on this platform, and all are free to stream. The movies featured here belong to the following genres: drama, comedy, action, and so on.  

26. IOMovies 


IOMovies features a user-friendly interface and houses a massive library of the trending motion pictures. The high-end functions of this streaming portal makes it a preference amongst the online movie enthusiasts. The website guarantees HD quality content with an easy sorting of the motion pictures as per your favorite genre. 

27. Niter


Niter features a simpler cum responsive user-interface which makes navigation really simple and fast. With a single search on its homepage search bar, you can easily find out your favorite TV programs, movies, anime entertainment, and other brilliant quality video contents to some brand-new extent. The platform has bountiful choices to stream contents for free. All you have to do is select your favorite genre and sort the movies/contents accordingly. 

28. Netflix


Netflix is currently one of the most availed, preferred, and visited online streaming platforms, globally across the Internet. It is currently and putatively  the biggest database holder of free online streaming materials. You name it and the platform already has it handy, starting from Grey’s Anatomy to ending with Supernatural and counting. No doubt that this platform is currently a major hub of a plethora of latest TV shows and movies. You can enjoy the website’s content for free, during the one month trial period after which you have to take the premium/subscription plan of your choice if you want to stay tuned to Netflix contents.

29. Sony Crackle

Sony Crackle

Sony Crackle is another significant player in this world of brimming online streaming websites blooming daily. Here you can take the fun of the streaming free contents and spans almost everything which is the same reason why MovieOrca was once the most-preferred streaming platform amongst many. Here you can simply search for whichever TV show or movie you want to watch by sorting the contents genre-wise.  

30. Hulu


Hulu is the last in the list but not the least significant resource to enjoy your favorite video contents, in real time. Here you can watch all the episodes of your favorite TV sitcom series like Modern Family, SNL, South Park, etc. Apart from the sitcoms, you can even watch the latest movies on this platform. Finally, just like the most other genuine streaming portals, Hulu allows you with free contents for a certain trial period, after which you have to pay a nominal monthly registration of $5.99 to enjoy unlimited streaming service. 


We tried suggesting some of the excellent MovieOrca alternatives to enjoy streaming free movies and TV shows online. Hope this list of alternatives meet your preferences to a greater extent. 

Here is our today’s top 3 recommendations to further ease your selection:

  •  Netflix
  •  Hulu
  •  Amazon Prime

All the above three recommendations are currently some of the trusted online streaming portals you can refer to. All the three allow you the access to enjoy free contents during the trial period, after which you have to take premium streaming services to enjoy further. 


1. Is MovieOrca APK safe?

MovieOrca is a free and risk-free portal to enjoy your favorite TV shows and movies online, and it is headquartered in the United States. The simple website set-up and ease of accessibility and downloads makes it a top choice amongst the movie fans to enjoy their leisure time. However, it is an illegitimate website that lets you stream and download content without the original owner’s knowledge, who has the content copyright. That means, you only get to see the pirated contents of the original movies and TV shows on this platform, which makes MovieOrca susceptible to malware implications.

However, about MovieOrca APK, it is not implicated in any spam or malware activities and provides a secure and safe download link. Moreover, this APK characterizes a suitable size cum easy UI. Lastly, you are not bound to root or make permissions prior to installing the Movieorca APK Download 2022 Latest Version for Android on your System. So, MovieOrca APK is safe to use.

2. How to use MovieOrca?

Here is the stepwise guide to use MovieOrca:

  • Once you visit the landing page/homepage of the website, you get the search dialog to search whichever content (movie/TV show) you want to watch
  • Next, you get a list of search results of content(which might be take from some other streaming website or so)
  • Now, once you pick a content from the search results, the video link of that selected content is hosted on a third-party platform 
  • After the first site is skipping over, the server delivers back the file to your device
  • The content video is then decrypted and streamed by using the suitable software

3. How does MovieOrca compare to other streaming services like Hulu or Netflix?

The first point where MovieOrca can be compared with other online streaming portals like Hulu or Netflix is MovieOrca is not a legit platform and only features pirated contents (movies/ TV shows) without the original owner’s permission. Secondly, every content on MovieOrca is free, whereas both Netflix and Hulu maintain certain premium subscription plans after the trial period is over. 

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