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Robot Mop: Fad or Essential?

Robot vacuum cleaners have been taking the world by storm. The Roomba is just one example. It has become one of the most successful products ever to hit the floors of many homes.

As more people are getting busier each day, the thought of having a robot vacuum cleaner with a mop doing floor cleaning gives some relief. But is this two in one for cleaning the floor really worth it? Or stick to the old bucket and mop way to ensure every inch of your floor is immaculately clean? Let’s learn more about mopping robots: why they are popular, their features, and some of the best models that you can consider.

Why You Need a Robot Vacuum and Mop

Mopping is perhaps more disliked than vacuuming (but let’s agree that cleaning toilets is the most dreaded household chore). The dirty water, the back-breaking effort, and the fact that many homes are carpeted make cleaning more challenging. 

Robot cleaners have come to the rescue. These bots do not need bulky buckets or the ringing out of filthy mop heads. All you need to do is to fill their tank with water, place them on the floor, hit the start button, and just leave them to do their job. Some brands can vacuum or sweep the floor first, sparing you another work.

Using a robot mop will not mean getting rid of your old-fashioned stick mop completely, but it will make cleaning the floor simpler. Its main help is to give you more time for yourself while it takes care of cleaning the floor. Also, a study shows that maintaining a clean floor could remove harmful chemicals that are making us obese.

Features of Good Robot Vacuum and Mop

Just like any other product, no robot cleaners are the same. Some brands offer better features that are compatible with your floor type and cleaning needs. To better understand what to look for in a robot vacuum and mop (or robovac for short), here are the features that you need to keep an eye on.


A camera is what makes robovacs smart whenever they move around the house. It is also the device that makes them autonomous. The camera allows the bots to capture what is in front of them and identify where the dirt or obstacles are. By analogy, it is the “eye” of the device that feeds the processor (or the “brain”) accurate data. The processor interprets complex algorithms that signal the robot to pick up the dirt and avoid obstacles.

Laser-Based Navigation

Most modern robot cleaners use laser-based navigation systems to help them get around. This technology measures distance and maps out the robot’s surroundings. Laser-based navigation is extremely helpful for depth sensing, similar to the technology used in self-driving cars, where it helps the car see its surroundings. This means that your robot mop can clean your floors and avoid obstacles like furniture and pets.

Partner App

A companion app is like a remote control for your robot vacuum and mop. It allows you to control your robot vacuum and mop, set cleaning schedules, get updates and alerts, check the battery level, and more. The best part is, that you can even control your robot vacuum and mop from your smartphone from anywhere. Super smart robots allow you to see from the viewpoint of the device through your phone- miles away from home.

Battery Life

The longer the battery permits the robot to run, the better. Ideally, one cycle should last 90 minutes, however, some models can last up to 120 minutes. If you have large rooms, a cleaning robot with an automated charging port is the ideal option. When the battery runs out, the robot mops will simply return to the dock and restart operations after charging.

Easy Maintenance

The purpose of a cleaning robot is convenience. If you don’t like to assemble and disassemble parts, go for a model with a simple method to change cleaning pads, fill and empty the water tank, make a schedule, charge, and so on. If you are allergic to dust, it is best to buy a robot that can empty the bin on its own. It may be a little pricey, but it’s better than sneezing for a week.

Robot Vacuum and Mop: Our Top Picks

iRobot Braava Jet 240

The iRobot Braava Jet 240 is efficient and easy to use. All you need is to connect a cleaning pad, fill the reservoir with water, place the bot in the room to be cleaned, and push the start button; the robot does the rest. The little bot (7 by 6.7 inches), glides back and forth and seldom misses any spots.

This bot isn’t as fast, intelligent, or controlled as other robots. It’s designed to wet-mop one to two rooms at a time (150 to 200 square feet).  In many homes, this performance is okay since it’s unlikely that you will clean all your rooms at once. iRobot also has a solid reputation for producing long-lasting, repairable equipment.  The Braava Jet 240 is safe to use on any type of sealed flooring.

iRobot Braava

If you want to mop several rooms at once, the iRobot Braava Jet m6 is for you. It’s simply an upgraded and bigger version of the Braava Jet 240. The navigation system is the most significant upgrade. After the first few sessions, the m6’s camera understands the layout of your home. After the “nesting period”, you may use an app to command the bot to clean particular rooms while avoiding others. You may not use these complex navigation capabilities if you don’t want to, but it’s also the perk of upgrading to the m6.

Other robot mops have clever navigation algorithms, but they are either significantly more expensive or do not clean as effectively as the m6. The m6 is not completely hands-free: you still need to change the pads and refill the tank after each cleaning session.  Rugs and ramps can also trip up the m6 as it attempts to move between rooms—a side effect of its superior cleaning efficiency, as the cleaning pad grips the ground more tightly than on other robots. No other robot mop offers this mix of smart navigation and superior cleaning capabilities from a brand known for durability and long-term support.

Robotic Vacuum and Mop BR151

This 1400Pa hybrid cleaner can swiftly eliminate hair, dust, and other debris from the floor surface. It contains a 230ml electric-powered water tank that is perfect for wet mopping. Smart applications and voice control make cleaning easier. It allows you to choose between cleaning modes, and schedule, and offer cleaning instructions.

Its 2500mAh battery provides a working time of almost 2 hours. In the event of a low battery, the bot can immediately connect to a charging station by itself. It has four cleaning modes that you can select either by using the remote control or the app.

Last Words

The robotic mop is a great addition to your existing mopping routine. It can help you save time and energy. However, if you don’t have a quality robot vacuum and mop, you will not get the most out of it. Choose a robot based on your needs in consideration of the features highlighted here.

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