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33 Alternatives for NBAstreams in 2022 (100% Working)

NBAstreams is one of the most popular free streaming platforms. NBAstreams allows users to view  NBA matches in HD.

However, you might be unable to connect to the server. Alternatively, the site could be under maintenance. Even worse, the site may have been blocked by your ISP. 

If your regular website, NBAstreams, is down, you needn’t worry! You can watch the match live on any of these 33 alternative websites.

In a Hurry? Here Are the Best Cricfree Alternatives You Have to Check Out

  • CrackStreams: CrackStreamsis a multi-sports streaming platform that streams WWE, NFL, NBA, and MMA in high definition.
  • BuffStreams: BuffStreams is a popular online streaming website in the US. Here you can watch any sport in high definition. All of the sports are copyrighted by top broadcasters such as BBC, ESPN, and fox sports.
  • VIPBox: Owing to its NASCAR streaming, VIPBox outshines its competitors in terms of streaming quality. 
  • 6streams: Another highly recommend streaming platform, 6streams lets you watch NBA, NFL, and WWE for free.
  • Streameast: Much like NBAstreams, Streameast is an exclusive NBA streaming platform, where you can find all the latest updates regarding NBA and watch NBA matches in high definition. 

What Is NBAstreams? 



As the name suggests, NBAstreams is an exclusive NBA streaming website. NBAstreams is a website that streams NBA matches in high definition with almost negligible lag. 

It’s become common for sports fanatics to pay a huge subscription fee for watching their live sports. However, NBAstreams allows NBA fans to watch their favorite match at no cost. 

NBAstreams is a subreddit that you can access using your Reddit account. It was created by the basketball fan community on Reddit. The website makes it extremely convenient for NBA fans to watch live streaming. 

Additionally, you can also watch live streaming of other sports on NBAstreams. NBAstreams also stream football, American football, and WWE matches. NBAstreams is the perfect website for all the sports fanatics out there. 

What Happened to NBAstreams?

NBAstreams was the go-to destination for several basketball fans. However, the subreddit started facing legal trouble due to copyright infringement. 

The subreddit was unfortunately banned in 2019 in several regions. The subreddit had over 400,000 users when it got banned. The accounts of several NBAstreams users were also shut down.

Due to legal troubles, NBAstreams is banned in several regions. It may still be available in your region, provided that your ISP hasn’t banned it. However, if you still wish to access NBAstreams, you could do so by using a VPN. 

How to Safely Stream NBAstreams? 

If you wish to continue watching your favorite NBA matches on NBAstreams, you’d need to use a VPN. There is a high possibility that NBAstreams might be blocked by your ISP.

Even if NBAstreams is not blocked, accessing it using a VPN is a safer choice if you wish to avoid legal trouble. 

Using a VPN makes your Internet connection super slow. Buffering in between the streaming is a nightmare for any sports fan. You do not want to risk missing an unbelievable 3-pointer by Steph curry! 

Best VPNs for NBAstreams

A good VPN spoofs your location perfectly without compromising much on the internet speed. Internet speed plays a crucial role while watching live streaming. Moreover, many streaming sites are pretty sketchy. By using a VPN, you’d secure your system from phishers and malicious viruses. 

We tried and tested a few of the best VPNs in the market. You can use any of the listed VPNs to watch your favorite sport! 

Express VPN  
Pros Cons
Less buffering time  Costly
Fast internet speed
Recommended for unblocking sports streaming websites

Pros Cons
Supports torrenting The free version has a data cap
Flexible pricing and multiple plans 
No log policy ensures that your data is secure

Pros Cons
High internet speed Surfshark collects your IP address
No cap on the number of simultaneous connections

Best Alternatives to NBAstreams – 100% Working

1. Crackstreams


CrackStreams is a popular website among American sports fans. The website is known for its high-quality streaming of major American and Canadian sporting events. 

The website does not require you to sign up. You can access the live streaming without entering any of your personal details. Here, you can enjoy WWE, MLB, NFL, NHL, and NBA in high definition. 

The website also has a Mobile friendly version, so if you’re on the move, you can watch the match on your mobile device. CrackStreamsis a top choice for watching your favorite sports for free! 


Check out this site 

2. Streameast


Streameast is another highly commendable website in the online streaming world. Much like NBAstreams, Streameast is also a subreddit. It has an intuitive and swift user interface. 

The website feels almost like any other premium sports streaming website, such as NBC sports or MLB TV. Streameast offers an array of sports to its users, and to say the least, the website is highly feature-rich. 

Each live stream is accompanied by a chatroom as well. Here you can interact with like-minded sports fans and spice up your watching experience. 


Check out this website 

3. Sportsurge 


Sportsurge is truly a paradise for all sports lovers. Sportsurge claims to be the world’s first mobile streaming application. The app has a very simple user interface, and hence, it is highly user-friendly. 

Moreover, you get free access to the live streaming of major sporting events such UEFA champions league, English premier league, serie A, NFL, NBA, and WWE. 


Check out this website

4. Hesgoal


Hesgoal is one of the most renowned football streaming websites. Hesgoal is your one-stop shop to catch up on the live streaming of different football leagues from around the world. From friendly international matches to major leagues such as Bundesliga, Ligue 1, and premier league, Hesgoal streams it all in high definition. 

Additionally, you can also find match schedules, fixtures, standings and results. 


Check out this website

5. NFLbite


NFLbite is a subreddit that is popular among the NFL fan base. As the name suggests, the website is exclusively meant for streaming NFL games. Here, you can catch live action from the NFL without spending a dime. The website could be labeled as a “freemium” website as it offers premium quality streaming at no cost. 

Here you can find schedules for upcoming NFL matches, recent happenings in the NFL world, and much more! 


Check out this website 

6. Buffstreams


If you wish to watch NBC sports, ESPN, or fox sports quality streaming for free, you ought to try out Buffstreams. Buffstreams is an exclusive American sports streaming platform that streams WWE, NFL, NBA, and NHL. 

More importantly, the content is streamed straight out of fox sports, NBC sports, or ESPN. Resultantly, the quality of the streaming is top-notch, and the lag is almost negligible. Buffstreams should be your go-to choice if you wish to watch any of the above-listed sports. 


Check out this website

7. Stream2Watch 


If you’re looking for a multisport streaming platform, then Stream2Watch must definitely be on your list. Stream2Watch is a top choice among sports buffs. Here you can watch basketball, rugby, boxing, American football, wrestling, soccer, and several other sports for free! 

The website provides access to more than 350 channels and brings to you your favorite sport in high definition. 

Additionally, you can also watch live streaming of TV channels not associated with sports. 


Check out this website

8. VIPBox


VIPBox is another excellent alternative to NBAstreams. VIPBox is a streaming website accessible from every nook and corner of the world. Unlike several free streaming websites, VIPBox also records the live match. 

If you miss out on the live stream, you have the option of watching the recording. Additionally, VIPBox streams almost all the major sports in the world, including cricket, soccer, NBA, WWE, and even golf. 


Check out this website 

9. VipLeague 


VipLeague is another respected player in the league of online streaming websites. The website has a pleasing and intuitive user interface and is simple to navigate through. The tagline of VipLeague says “we’re nuts for sports”. They stand true to their words as they stream almost 25 different sports in premium quality. 

The website also has a chatroom for every live stream. Here you can converse with other sports fans who are watching the live stream. 


Check out this website 

10. Volokit 


Much like several other streaming websites on the list, Volokit is an all-American streaming platform. The website has a simple yet aesthetic user interface. Volokit hosts a large database of websites that stream football matches. 

Apart from live streaming, the website also has news about the latest happenings in the footballing world. The website also has a “Volokit community,” where sports buffs can meet like-minded individuals and extend their social circles. 


Check out this website

11. 6streams


6streams is another promising website that streams matches in flawless quality. It has several clones, hence if a certain domain is blocked by your ISP, you can always switch to another mirrored version of the website.

The website offers HD live streaming of sports such as NBA, NFL, MMA, WWE, and UFC. The website also has a live chat option where you can discuss the match with fellow sports fans.


Check out this website 

12. 720pStream


720pStream is a trustworthy website that hosts reliable links to live streaming of multiple sports matches. 720pStream covers different sports such as football, American football, basketball, rugby, etc. 

It streams almost all the major leagues from around the world in 720p quality. 720pStream has a catchy design and a delightful user interface. The dark theme adds a charming effect to the website.

The website also has a feature-rich chatbox that allows you to send emojis and even gifs!


Check out this website 

13. MyP2P


This website is built specifically for all the American football lovers out there! Here you can catch up on the live streaming of almost every American football match. 

Apart from football, the website also streams soccer, boxing, tennis, and UFC. MyP2P is a free streaming service, and most importantly, it does not even require you to sign up. Additionally, you can also watch football ceremonies and other important events on this website


 Check out this website

14. Cricfree


Cricfree is a popular platform that hosts links to websites that stream live sports in HD quality. Using Cricfree is known to have helped sports buffs save up to at least $30 per month. To access links to premium live streams, you just need to make a free account on Cricfree. 

Cricfree verifies every link before actually hosting it on their website. Hence, the links are credible and safe to use.


Check out this website

15. VIPRow Sports 


VIPRow is another open-source website that allows you to watch live coverage of several sports. You can watch NFL, NBA, EPL, and MLB on this Website. 

Additionally, the website also has trivia questions about the particular sport. For instance, if you’re watching EPL, you could encounter a trivia question like “Do you know who has the maximum number of goals in the history of EPL?”. Such trivia questions add up to the user experience. 


Check out this website

16. Myp2pguide 


Like Cricfree, Myp2pguide is a website that hosts links to third-party streaming websites. Here you can find numerous credible links to the live streaming of every match. 

The website is majorly dedicated to streaming football matches. However, you can also find live streaming of major baseball, tennis, hockey, and soccer matches. 

You can access the live streaming on every device ranging from a mobile phone to a smart television. 


Check out this website

17. Strikeout


Strikeout is a seamless website that offers limitless streaming of multiple sports matches. Here you can watch games such as basketball, tennis, football, rugby, soccer, and even golf. The user interface is pretty straightforward, and the dark theme of the website adds to its pleasant user experience. 

The website also consists of a news section. Here you can find the latest updates on the sporting world.


Check out this website 

18. ATDHE 


If you’re looking for truly high-definition streaming quality, then ATDHE is your go-to choice. The website has a commendable user interface and streams over 12 different sports. 

Although ATDHE is unfortunately banned in most parts of the US and UK, you can still access it using a VPN.


Check out this website 

19. Wiziwig


Wiziwig is a stupendous website that offers a massive range of free sports streaming. From football to cricket, you can find almost every popular sport on this website. 

Wiziwig is blocked in several countries. However, fortunately, there are several proxy websites of Wiziwig. You can access these websites and enjoy the same features that you’d get on the original website. 


Check out this website

20. Markky stream


Markky stream is another great alternative to NBAstreams. Although the website is majorly focused on covering NFL matches for free, you can also find other sports here. 

The streaming quality is pretty good, and the user interface is flawless too! Additionally, the website also has the latest news, statistics, records, and fixtures


Check out this website

21. WherestheMatch


Vastly popular among British sports buffs, is a comprehensive website that streams sports such as soccer, football, netball, speedway, and even ice hockey. It is, in fact, one of the only platforms that streams live icehockey. 

Here you can also HD streaming from prominent broadcasters such as sky sports, BBC, NBC sports, British Eurosport, etc. You can download the app for free from the official website. 


Check out this website

22. Fox Sports


Contrary to several streaming platforms on this list, Fox Sports is a legitimate platform that streams almost every popular sport. 

You can access live streams on any device, either through their website or app. You need to subscribe to a TV provider such as Hulu, YouTube TV, or sling in order to watch matches on fox sports. All the TV providers listed above are paid services.


Check out this website

23. Ronaldo7


Named in honor of the iconic footballer, Christiano Ronaldo, the website is an exclusive soccer streaming platform. The user interface will definitely be loved by every Ronaldo fan. The website is filled with cutouts of Ronaldo, statistics about him, and his records. 

The platform streams every football match in high definition and also has its own community. Here, you can meet fellow football fans and have intellectual discussions regarding the sport


Check out this website

24. StopStream


StopStream is a free service that lets users watch tennis, boxing, and soccer. The user interface of the website is delightful and is built to provide a premium experience. The website is neatly organized, all the matches are divided into categories, and it is super easy to find your preferred channel. 

There is a chat option also, which allows you to communicate with other users watching the live stream simultaneously.


Check out this website 

25. Bosscast


Bosscast is a promising website that provides top-notch streaming services to sports fanatics. You can choose from a huge range of channels, and more importantly, you get all this for free. 

Bosscast offers a wide variety of sports, including football, soccer, cricket, hockey, racing, and even motor racing!


Check out this website

26. Streamhunter


Unlike a lot of websites, the developers of Streamhunter have decided to keep the user interface simple. The UI is simply a list of upcoming matches and links to redirect you to the streaming. 

Streamhunter is another free service that lets you watch American sports such as football, NBA, NFL, and WWE. If you’re an NBA fan, the website has a lot in store for you!


Check out this website 

27. FirstRowSports


We checked out FirstRowSports and boy, this website has got a range! Be it soccer or ice hockey, the platform streams every single sport! FirstRowSports is a free alternative to NBAstreams and allows users to access it from Android phones, smart TVs, iOS phones, desktops, and tablets. 

Moreover, you can watch multiple matches simultaneously. So if the manchester derby and Celtics vs. Golden State Warriors are happening simultaneously, you needn’t choose one!


Check out this website

28. Dazn


Dazn is an exclusive app for boxing fans in-house. The app is available both on iOS and Android devices, and it streams every major boxing tournament from around the world. On the app, you also get exclusive boxing-related content such as interviews and behind-the-scenes. 

Dazn is a paid service. You need to purchase either a monthly or an annual plan. A monthly plan costs $24.99, and an annual plan costs $199.99.  


Check out this website

29. BatmanStream


BatmanStream is another resourceful substitute to NBAstreams. The website has several sports on show, such as basketball, tennis, football, rugby, soccer, and cricket. 

Additionally, the website also has a seamless chat feature so you can enjoy the game with your peers. The website also has several mirrors, if one of the versions is blocked, you always have alternatives!


Check out this website

30. Sky Sports 


Headquartered in London, sky sports is one of the largest legitimate sports streaming platforms in the world. They stream almost all the major cricket, football, basketball, and racing leagues on their app and website. 

Since it’s legitimate, the streaming quality is undoubtedly top-notch. You can also find exclusive interviews and press conference clips. All this premium content is accessible at €33.99 per month


Check out this website

31. MotoGP 


MotoGP is one of the rare platforms that streams moto racing. The website is a paradise for all moto racing fans from around the world. Here you can find standings, rankings, teams, statistics, and every minuscule thing regarding moto racing leagues from around the world. 

From Grand Prix to the MotoGP championship, you can watch every moto racing league on this website for free. 


Check out this website

32. Livesport24


Livesport24 is a diverse sports streaming platform that streams NBA, football, NFL, tennis, and all the major footballing leagues. Livesport24 is a rather organized website that is split into several sections based on the sport. The user interface is pretty straightforward as well. Additionally, you get to watch all your favorite sports at no cost!


Check out this website

33. FromHot


FromHot is a directory that houses links to multiple sports streamings. The links are all double-checked and hence are free from viruses. Apart from sports, you can also find links to movie streaming and other channels. 

The filter function on the website helps users to easily select from a catalog of different streaming sessions. The website also hosts links to almost every sport, including cycling, ice hockey, table tennis, etc


Check out this website

NBAstreams- quick FAQs

1. Is NBAstreams down or still working?

Ans. The working of NBAstreams depends on where you’re located. The website is banned in almost all regions of the US and UK. It could also be banned in your country. However, you can always use a VPN to access it.

2. Is NBAstreams safe?

Ans. Yes, it is safe to use NBAstreams. Ensure that you do not click on unnecessary, sketchy advertisements. They often redirect you to malicious websites.

3. Is NBAstreams legal?

Ans. NBAstreams is illegal. It has gotten in trouble with copyright issues in several countries. It streams copyrighted content without permission.

4. What are the best alternatives to NBAstreams?

Ans. In our opinion, a few of the best alternatives to NBAstreams are Streameast, 6streams, VIPBox, Buffstreams, and CrackStreams.

5. Which VPN should I use for NBAstreams? 

Ans. All the available VPNs would work well with NBAstreams. Some important factors you must consider while choosing a VPN include privacy, internet speed, and affordability. One of the most recommended VPNs is Surfshark. 

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