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20 NFLbite Alternatives in 2022 to Watch Live Sports Streaming (100% Working)

NFLbite is a sports streaming platform where you can stream football matches in high quality at zero cost.

It comes with a colorful, intuitive interface that’s easy to learn and works great even on bad data connections.

With that said, though, NFLbite does have moments when its servers act up, which is why it’s great that you’ve got us!

We’ve listed our picks for the top 20 NFLbite alternatives down below.

In a Hurry? Here Are the Best NFLbite Alternatives You Have to Check Out 

  • Buffstreams: A sports streaming site with the best combination of smooth performance and extensive sports coverage.
  • Rojadirecta: The sports directory that gives you everything from real-time scores to live watch links and match schedules.
  • MyP2P: Features a lightweight design that enables smooth playback with zero buffering, even on bad Internet connections.
  • FuboTV: Cheap paid service with across-the-board coverage of sports, news, movies, and documentary channels.
  • Crackstreams: The site to use if you’re an NBA fan looking to catch the highlights during break.

What Is NFLbite? 


Focusing exclusively on NFL games, NFLbite is a live sports streaming site that rose to popularity because of its flawless playback and extensive coverage. 

You can use it today for absolutely zero cost on your phone and computer. The best part is that this site is geared to work on bad Internet connections too. That means you can forget about waiting for buffering to complete since there won’t be any!

What Happened to NFLbite? 

NFLbite is definitely the go-to for any NFL fans that are tired of bad coverage on other sites. However, it does come with a few issues that could easily be an issue for you.

One of them is that this site doesn’t cover anything but the NFL and NBA league-level games. That means no cricket, no hockey, and even non-F1 Racing. 

That’s just cruel.

Another problem, and a quite big one at that, is that on match days, the site is pretty much empty.

How to Safely Stream NFLbite? 

A big problem with NFLbite is the sheer number of ads present on the site. Like literally, the full-page ads come up every ten to twenty minutes, which can get pretty disturbing. 

If you don’t want to be harassed by ads when you’re just trying to watch the game, you should be using a VPN to access NFLbite.

These VPNs protect your privacy while browsing and even come with ad-blockers bundled in so you can enjoy your game ad-free.

You can change your location with VPNs, too, allowing you to access sites with geolocational restrictions.

Best VPNs for NFLbite

You never want to be spending too much on your VPNs, so you shouldn’t go for any VPN that’s overly expensive.

The good news is that when it comes to VPNs, there are lots of options that offer great performance and quick connections at a very low cost.

If you choose the right VPN, it can also go a long way in protecting you from phishing attempts and other kinds of online scams. 

All those benefits are exactly why we’ve already tested out a number of different VPNs and chosen a couple of options that worked the best:

CyberGhost No split tunneling and NoSpy servers (max security) cost way extra.
Pros Cons
Affordable plans for everybody.
Dedicated IP add-on for increased privacy.
Easy and intuitive to use.

TorGuard VPN  
Pros Cons
Great customization and features package. Server locations are limited, and the free trial policy is hard to understand.
Several plans for everybody from single users to businesses.
Comes with a free-trial policy.

Pros Cons
Can be used totally free of cost (albeit with limited data). The free version of Windscribe only gives you about 2GB of Data to start with.
Very affordable basic tier of the paid version.
An unlimited number of connections using a single account.

Best Alternatives to NFLbite – 100% Working (September 2022 Updated) 


Tired of waiting for your other sites to finish buffering before you can watch the match? With instant loading, that’s not a problem you’ll face on Crackstreams.

Match links for this site are updated an entire day before the match itself. That means you can keep them bookmarked and open them to catch a quick peek at the game, even when you’re at work.

It covers everything from basketball, hockey, and cricket to F1 Racing, MMA and WWE fights, and even WNBA matches.

If you ask us, it seriously doesn’t get any better than Crackstreams.

Visit the site


Along with MLB TV, FuboTV is a paid service that offers a great alternative to a standard cable or satellite connection. The subscription premiums are more or less cheap too.

As for performance and coverage, both our tests and online reviews say it’s great on both counts.

The match links are provided in 720p viewing format and have zero buffering even on bad data connections. 

And while it covers major events from more than 12 different sports, FuboTV is great because this service also offers access to other channels like Nat Geo, news channels, and others.

 Visit the site


Another one of our top alternatives to NFLbite is StreamEast, a site that has become popular for its standard-HD match links and low buffering.

Ads can get a little overwhelming at times (they’re really frequent), but if you opt for the premium service, that stops being a problem. 

Right, we didn’t talk about that yet, did we?

StreamEast has a key difference from many of the other sites on this list: it offers a paid version of its service with better servers, better playback, no ads, and the best service you’ll find!

Visit the site


This is one of our top recommended sites, and unless they change drastically, that won’t change soon. 

SportSurge covers everything from important university-level matches to Olympic events and provides highlight compilations if you don’t want to sit through the match. 

Ads are kept to a minimum on this site, and performance is quick without sacrificing too much of the interface. Everything’s laid out clearly, making it easy to find. 

However, the ads can get a little explicit, so using this site in the living room might not be the best idea.

Visit the site


NBC Sports is a famous TV channel that streams games and matches from sports like football, basketball, rugby, cricket, tennis, and even Olympic events.

Watching matches on this service is easy and cost-effective when done through the right service. Since it’s a major service that has made a name for itself, you won’t ever have to worry about buffering.

You can subscribe to NBC sports through a provider like FuboTV or Hulu +.

Visit the site


Hesgoal stands out from other sports streaming sites because of its great all-rounder performance, but from what we saw, it doesn’t have any real specialties. 

The playback’s fine with low buffering, so there’s that. The servers are of medium quality, though, so they get congested easily. 

The site also doesn’t have the best moderation for its chat forums. If you’re using its chat features, do not talk about the Celtics.

Visit the site


Buffstreams is always going to be one of the most well-known sports streaming sites, even if it’s no longer actually up.

That’s right, this site disappeared one day, taken down due to some unforeseen reason. Like most of these sites, we think it must’ve been a DMCA takedown.

We’re happy to say, though, that there are a lot of copy-sites up right now, and all of them preserve the legacy of this site. Their links are posted up to an entire day before, and while servers can get congested, we didn’t see too much buffering on any of the proxies or mirrors we checked.

Visit the site


Absolute all-rounder reliability.

That’s what makes Stream2Watch great, and that’s also the reason why we’re recommending this site as a great alternative to NFLbite.

Remember when we said NFLbite sometimes goes down? With a long list of mirrors built in, that won’t be an issue when you’re using Stream2Watch.

Stream2Watch also comes with great performance in everything. The playback is smooth for the most part, and buffering is kept low. 

However, the ads can get a little annoying, and with a lot of copycat websites up, it can be a little hard to find the link for the real site.

Visit the site


Even with how good some sites like NFLbite and Crackstreams are, we’d have to admit that Rojadirecta is probably the most famous.

It’s because when it comes to great service, you just can’t beat Rojadirecta. This sports directory has live-updated sports matches, info on players, match locations, competing teams, and everything else.

You can chat with other viewers too while watching games on high-definition live stream links or catch up on how matches turned out in highlight compilations on the site.

And if that wasn’t enough, Rojadirecta covers every single major sporting event out there. 

If it’s real and people know about it, Rojadirecta’s going to be streaming it.

Visit the site


MLB TV is a paid service that you can get through Amazon Prime or a direct subscription, and while it can seem a little expensive at first glance, it’s definitely worth the subscription.

It also uses a very interesting model to encourage people to subscribe. 

Free users get one free game of the day, and if they want to watch more, they have to subscribe to the service. 

The playback is of great quality and lets you watch games live right there on your browser!

Visit the site


It might be a paid service, but Hotstar remains flat out the best option for legally getting live streams of just about every sport you can think of.

We’re talking about cricket, football, and just about anything else you’d want to watch. 

What makes Hotstar really great is that, unlike NFLbite, this site is a legal alternative that you won’t get in trouble for using. That means no VPN is required: just subscribe and start watching!

You can call up their customer support anytime if you have a problem as it is available 24/7 for their customers.

Visit the site


VIPBox does everything fairly well, but if we had to pick our absolute favorite thing about this site, it would have to be the amazing stream quality.

Livestreaming links are available for matches across 12 different sports and are all in high-quality 720p and 1080p (HD). It’s crisp, it’s clear, and it’s absolutely amazing to catch a game.

There’s a drawback though: high stream quality means this site can be burdensome for bad Internet connections and limited mobile data plans. 

So if you want to catch an HD game on VIPBox, make sure you’re doing it on Wifi!

Visit the site


VIPLeague is one of those sites that we’d be lying about if we said we didn’t absolutely love it.

It covers sports like basketball, rugby, football, cricket, F1 racing, tennis, and others with high-quality 720p links that rarely buffer.

Since it’s not as well known as some of the other names here, the servers are rarely congested, either. That means smooth playback 24/7.

The best part is that, just like NFLbite, this site works great even on low-speed mobile data connections. Open the site and catch a quick highlights review at work or a game when you’re on the train back home!

Visit the site


Volokit actually has a lot of things in common with NFLbite. It loads just as fast if that’s what you want, and it’s a lightweight site designed for great performance.

It covers about 12 different sports like most normal sites, with streaming links available in a standard 720p format. They aren’t that heavy, though, so you can watch them on mobile data connections too.

The ads can get a little annoying, however. We’d recommend using a VPN to block them out if you don’t want to be closing one every ten minutes.

Visit the site


Its intuitive design, combined with absolutely flawless playback for nine out of ten match links.

That’s what we love about 6streams. Built on the famous Markkystreams platform, 6streams features a rich design that’s fun to navigate. There’s also a clear layout to make everything easier to find.

That’s not to say that it falls back in performance, though. 

It’s not the fastest site out there, but 6streams still performs with decent speed. Most live match links are available in standard 720p, moreover, on spaced-out servers to ensure nobody gets horrible buffering.

Visit the site


NBAStreams is a site with a special focus: it only offers streams of league-level NBA games, but if we’re being real with you guys, nobody does it better.

The links are up days before the actual matches, so you know where to go ahead of time. 

They’re also offered to viewers in a number of different qualities (480p, 720p, 1080p), so you don’t need good quality Wifi to watch the streams.

And if you still need a reason to check out this great sports streaming site, check this out: NBAstreams also has some of the lowest ad numbers we’ve seen!

Visit the site 


720pstreams has a LOT of ads, and that can get old pretty quick if you don’t have the patience.

On the good side, though, this sports streaming site comes with decent performance in everything. It loads pretty fast, and if your Internet connection isn’t totally horrible, you won’t get much buffering. 

They also have links for matches across a wide variety of sports. Cricket, hockey, tennis, racing, wrestling, and even ping pong. 

Still, if you’re going to be using 720pstreams, it’s a good idea to get a VPN with an adblocker built into it.

Visit the site


What makes MyP2P great is that it uses a lightweight design, allowing it to load much faster than other sports streaming websites. 

If you’re on a bad Internet connection, MyP2P is the best site for you, as it works even in areas with horrible data reception. 

The best part is that this site doesn’t sacrifice when it comes to coverage, either. It covers sports like basketball, football, hockey, cricket, racing, wrestling, and a number of other games.

It’s also a cute little directory as it offers live-updates scores, locations, and other match information.

Visit the site


CricFree is a sports streaming site that offers more than 12 different categories of sports games like tennis, basketball, hockey, racing, and more.

It also comes with a great option that is always active with users from all over the world. You can talk with other fans while watching your favorite games.

With free streaming and high-quality playback, we don’t see anything we don’t like about this great streaming site!

With that said, though, you’ll definitely want to use a VPN because of the ads. They can get annoying pretty quickly.

Visit the site


Probably owned by the same guys who developed VIPLeague, VIPRow features almost the same layout with a few upgrades over past iterations.

For one, this site has solid playback, with buffering only on bad Internet connections. The servers are a little better too, so you can stream without too many problems. 

The ads were a little bit of an issue for us, but if you’re using a VPN, that won’t matter. It has comprehensive coverage of most league-level games, and links are put up in advance.

Visit the site

NFLbite – Quick FAQs 

1. Is NFLbite Down Or Still  Working? 

Ans. As of September 2022, NFLbite is up and working great. 

2. Is NFLbite Safe?

Ans. For the most part, yes. You won’t get any malware from the site itself, but take care to not download anything from the ads.

3. Is NFLbite Legal?

Ans. Since they don’t get their live broadcasts from a legal provider, no, NFLbite is not legal. Tip: use a VPN!

4. What Are the Best Alternatives to NFLbite?

Ans. From what we’ve seen, the sports sites with the lowest ads, the smoothest playback, and the most extensive coverage are Buffstreams, Rojadirecta, MyP2P, FuboTV, and Crackstreams.

5. Which VPN Should I Use For NFLbite?

Ans. It really depends on your budget. Windscribe is the most affordable option and surprisingly good for a cheap VPN. If you have the money, though, TorGuard gives you much better security.

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