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Qatar bans the sale of beer in World Cup stadiums

Football fans in Qatar during the World Cup have lost interest in the stadium beer ban ordered by the organizers on Friday, just two days before the tournament began. World football governing body FIFA said in a statement that alcoholic beer would not be sold at World Cup stadiums in Qatar. This is the first World Cup to be held in a conservative Muslim country, where alcohol is strictly controlled and public drinking is banned here. A FIFA statement said: `Following discussions between the host country authorities and FIFA, a decision has been made to focus on selling alcoholic beverages at FIFA Fan Festivals, destinations and destinations. other fan and licensed venues, and removed FIFA beer shops from Qatar. The perimeter of the stadium for the 2022 World Cup. England Football Fans’ Association said the decision raised concerns about Qatar’s ability to live up to its promise to visiting supporters over “seating issues accommodation, transportation or culture”. Pre-sale of beer is allowed 3 hours before the game starts. and 1 hour after the game but that all changes. Budweiser, the beer brand that is the main sponsor of the World Cup, said its plan to activate the stadium could not proceed due to circumstances beyond its control.

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  • Qatar bans the sale of beer in World Cup stadiums
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