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16 Rabbit Alternatives Which Are Worth Your Time In 2022

We all know the thrill of being able to watch content online for free but nothing beats being able to share your joy with other people. This is why some people would often tell you how hanging out with your friends in the real world is way better than the internet. While there may be some truth to this on a certain level, a lot of people changed their point of view when Rabbit was created. 

What Is Rabbit?

Rabbit used to be a website where people can stream movies for free. That’s not all. Users can also create a room where they can invite their friends and family so they can all share content with each other. So, if you were to create a room and share a movie clip, everyone in that room would be able to watch together. There is also a chat function that lets people interact with each other. 

As much as people loved the site, it eventually had to close down due to intellectual property issues. Luckily, there is a ton of alternative sites that you can use on the internet. As a matter of fact, we listed 16 of the best Rabbit alternative sites that are worth your time this 2021.

1. Metastream

You can either create a room or join the existing ones. There is a discord group that you can join. Users post all of their active rooms there. Once you get into a room, you can watch movies together with everyone because Meta Stream comes with a feature that supports Netflix, Hulu, and other live streaming services. 

The only disadvantage is that you don’t get to see each other on cam just like what you would normally do in Rabbit. You also wouldn’t be able to download your sessions. 

But if all you want is to spend some virtual time with your friends, Meta Steam is an amazing platform for that. 

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2. Sync Lounge

This is an excellent platform for people who like to create a playlist of the things they love and share it with their friends and family. 

If you want to create a mix of movies and music, you can certainly do so in Sync Lounge. It gives you a virtual experience of enjoying content together with the people you love. 

There is a chat function that lets you interact with the people who are in the chatroom. The room is of course, private. The only ones who get in are the ones who have the invitation link. 

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3. Airtime

The best thing about this one is that it is also available for download on either your Android or iOS device. This gives you portability which means you can go watch a movie with your friends even if you are riding a bus (even if it is just for a virtual experience). 

You can also listen to your favorite music together. The app is also synched with a chat function where you can interact with everyone in the chatroom. You can react through stickers as well as audio. 

You can invite up to ten people in just one chatroom. Just like Rabbit, this one also supports media playback. This used to be such a popular feature of Rabbit back in the days. 

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4. Syncplay

This one is a bit different compared to the other sites listed in this article. Sync Play is software that you can download and install on your computer. 

To watch movies with your friends and family, you have to download movies on your computer. You can use a media player like VLC to play the videos and then Sync Play will broadcast the movie in the chatroom that you created. 

This software is great for sharing content with other people. The only downside to it is that it does not have any interactive features that let you chat or send funny stickers with the other members of the chatroom. 

This may not be the best app for you if your personal aim is entertainment. It is, however, pretty useful for collaboration. 

If, for instance, you are needing to share content with a group for a thesis or school project, Sync Play will most certainly be of great help. 

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5. Sharetube

This is for people who don’t want to subscribe to streaming channels such as Netflix and Hulu. The site is pretty straightforward as well. When you visit the site, you can either join a room or create a room. 

Once you join or create a room, all you have to do is look for a YouTube video and enter the URL in your room. The video will be viewed by everyone who was invited to the chatroom. 

Of course, due to the simplicity of Sharetube, it doesn’t have as much as functionalities compared to the rest of the sites listed in this article. It doesn’t let you send stickers or photos of each other but you will be able to interact and chat with each other in the chatroom. 

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6. Parsec

Parsec is specifically a gaming platform but you can also use it to stream your videos as well. Invite anyone that you want in your chatroom. The members will be able to watch your video content in real-time. 

You might be wondering why Parsec has this kind of feature if it is a gaming platform. The company believes in the power of having fun. They believe that no matter what age you are, it is still important to have fun. 

Due to this being the main theme of their company, they want their website to be a source of enjoyment for all their clients as well. In that case, they let people hang out and enjoy themselves while using the website. 

Aside from being able to watch videos together, members can also listen to music together as well. 

Compared to the other Rabbit alternatives in this article, Parsec is the only one where just a single person can control the playback feature. Specifically, the one who controls playback is the one who created the chatroom. The rest of the members will just be able to watch the video and message each other in the chatbox. 

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7. Twoseven

We might have placed this as number seven but this actually one of our favorites among the list. Out of all the sites here, this can give you one of the best experiences. The reason is that the site supports webcam and audio functionality. 

This means that aside from being able to chat with everyone and watch the same movie as the rest of the group, you also get to see each other in real-time through the webcam functionality. You will be able to see the reaction of your friends and family to certain scenarios in a movie. 

One thing we need to clarify the audio functionality is that it doesn’t work in real-time. This means that even though you are able to use the webcam, people won’t hear you. You can, however, record an audio and send it through chat. 

You have to synch Twoseven with your streaming services. It could be Netflix or Netflix. There is a long list of streaming services that Twoseven supports. You can also choose to install a Chrome extension that lets you stream any video anytime. 

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8. Netflix Party

This is an excellent app in terms of the features and functionalities that it offers. One can even say that it is almost similar to the original Rabbit website. The only downside is that it only works for Netflix. Meanwhile, it really is not that bad since most people use Netflix these days anyway. 

Another great thing about Netflix Party is that you don’t have to download and install any heavy software. You just have to log in and out of the website. 

The site supports chat functionalities. You can message your friends as you watch a movie together. You can also send GIFs and stickers. 

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9. Watch2gether

This is a great site where you can create a room and invite your friends without having to pay a single cost or registering an account. 

Compared to the other Rabbit alternatives here, this one lets you search for a video that you can stream in the chatroom. 

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10. Rave

You can download the app for Android or iOS. If you are into VR experiences, you can also do that as well as long as you have a VR machine. 

This gives you the ultimate experience of being able to chat with your friends while watching movies in real-time. 

You can sync this app with whatever streaming service that you use. You can also use Rave to play music through various devices. This creates a really powerful speaker. 

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11. Anime Party

This is a site for all the otakus reading this article. Anime Party is dedicated to letting people create chatrooms and watch anime together with their friends. 

The site comes with a built-in library where you can look for various anime titles that you want to watch with your friends. 

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12.  My Circle

This site lets you watch videos with your friends and family in such a seamless manner. You don’t need a subscription to Hulu, Netflix, or any other paid streaming service. 

You can create a room and watch videos directly using this platform along with the rest of the people who you invited to join the chatroom. There is a chat function where you can send messages and emojis. The downside of this website is that it does not support audio and webcam. 

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13. Togethertube

It gives you both interaction and entertainment at the same time. The difference between this site and the rest of the Rabbit alternatives listed in this article is that you can even watch movies that are saved on your Google Drive. 

You can also participate in voice chat with the other members of your chatroom but you cannot watch a movie while seeing each other on webcam. 

You can also play music along with your friends using this website. 

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14. &Chill

This site makes use of proprietary technology to enable multiple people to watch movies together online. The user experience is seamless with almost no latency. 

It supports media streaming services such as Netflix, Hulu, and YouTube. However, unlike Rabbit, this one does not let you download the videos nor can you engage in a video chat with your friends. 

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15. Let’s Gaze

We all love movie nights. The problem is that sometimes you go separate ways with the people you used to spend movies with. 

This is an issue that Let’s Gaze aims to solve. For one thing, regardless of distance, this site lets you engage in immense messaging and video chat with your buddies from all around the world. 

Apart from that, Let’s Gaze also have some functionalities that let you share and stream videos with the people that love. There are also multiple formats in which you can play your audio and video. 

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16. Synap Top

We saved the best for last. This one is not just good for entertainment but also for collaboration. The site is not known for chat functionalities but you can engage in a video chat with your friends and watch movies together. 

If it is for a work or school collaboration, you can set a meeting online if you cannot see each other in person. This way, you are able to discuss with your partners the things that have been accomplished as well as the ones that need to be worked out. 

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The Things You Can Do Online

There was a time when people only used the internet to search for an assignment on Google. No one really imagined that this technology is ever going to have this contribution in our lives the way it does now. 

People usually had to message people through Facebook Messenger or Twitter if they want to get in touch with a relative or a co-worker. However, most of the time, this is not enough to effectively communicate important conversations with a person. 

But due to the creation of Rabbit, new websites followed suit that contributed a great deal to how people collaborate. 

Rabbit was a website that focused on letting people create chatrooms for a specific number of people. Members of this chatroom are able to share media content altogether. 

One might call it a virtual movie session with friends and family. It might even seem similar to an actual movie night because you also get to see your friends in the process. Rabbit used to support webcam functionality in the chatrooms so that users would be able to see how their friends reacted to certain scenes of a particular movie or video. 

However, it did not take long before the site had to shut down due to intellectual property issues. The great thing about this is that not all hope is lost. Rabbit may have shut down but the creation of this wonderful website made way to the development of greater technology that people can use to collaborate and spend time with people the way they normally would do so in person. 

After the downfall of Rabbit, lots of other websites followed suit and served as an alternative. At first, they couldn’t quite live up to the kind of functionalities that Rabbit offered. Some of them could only offer simple chat features without emojis or stickers. Nor would you be able to engage in video chat sessions with your room members. 

But a few years later, more advanced versions of the websites came along. 

The innovation did not stop there. All of a sudden, it was no longer just about having fun or enjoying media content with your friends and family. Some developers had an idea to create software that can also be used for school or work collaboration. 

No one thought that there would be a work collaboration tool that can be as efficient as Slack or Skype but the developers did it. 

As indicated in the list above, some software lets you share content with a specific group of people. At the same time, you can start a video call with a group and then you will be able to interact with the content altogether. This way, it is as if you are in an actual meeting with your team. 

The Industry Is Still In Its Infancy Stage

The industry for this technology is still quite young. We are quite proud of what these developers have accomplished over the years but we are also confident that there are more things in store for this industry. 

It is quite exciting really. We might just be edging closer to a time when all the things we can do with people in person, we would also be able to do online. 

We invite you to check out our website from time to time. The list of all the Rabbit alternatives is bound to change from to time. We make it our duty to fill you in with the best sites to visit. 

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