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RainierLand Alternatives

Rainierland Alternatives: Rainierland is very popular for providing high quality videos, movies, dramas etc in free. Rainierland has huge content which you can through the categories.

Rainierland Movies Online 2022

RainierLand Alternatives
RainierLand Alternatives

Rainierland is banned because it’s violating copyright laws and that is why it is declared as illegal website. Lots of people has confusion that it is Rainierland is illegal site? For them, the answer is yes.

RainierLand Alternatives

About RainierLand

Rainierland is website which allow users to watch movies, dramas, videos in high quality. It has huge amount of data, you can search or find through categories.

The best thing I love about Rainierland is, they don’t have any ads on their site or you can any interruption while watching movies.

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RainierLand Features

We have mentioned earlier that Rainierland has lots of features which attracts users. So below are features which is popular about rainierland.

  • You can watch all video or any episodes in high quality.
  • In rainierland you don’t have to pay single penny to watch movies in high quality.
  • Rainierland has huge collection of movies, dramas, episodes, seasons, and much more.
  • You can enjoy watching movies without any interruption, this means there will be no ads.
  • You can’t download any movies, episodes, etc.
  • The contents of Rainierland is updated regularly, they update their site within 4-5 days. Within 4-5 days they add all latest movies, episodes etc.
  • In rainierland you do not needed any sign up or any credit card details for watching movies.
  • Their homepage is unique and amazing, it attracts people. In homepage you can see lots of featured movies which you can watch.

Is RainierLand is a Legal Website?

In 2016, Rainer Tamayo, the owner of Rainierland was arrested for running a pirated site. So lots of people started thinking about what will happen to Rainierland, Is site will stop?

Here are the answers, Rainierland is an illegal site. They upload content which does not belong to them. So it’s violating the law which leads to copyright laws. But this does not mean that if you are watching anything on rainierland then you will be arrested.

Is there any Future of RainierLand?

Well, I can’t tell you exactly but yes it might be ban because it’s an illegal site and the site is also in the eye of laws enforcement.

So here is the Rainierland alternatives, which is much much similar to Rainierland site.

RainierLand Alternatives

There is about 20+ rainierland alternatives but we are telling you working and best rainierland alternatives. So without wasting time let get started.


Xmovies8 is most popular website after Rainierland. They are much more similar but the good thing about Xmovies8 is that they provide latest Netflix series too which makes it first in the list of our Rainierland alternatives.

Xmovies8 provides full HD video, the best thing is that if your net is slow then you can adjust your resolution according to your choice.

I seriously love xmovies8 and have put first in the list of site like rainierland. Their homepage is unique and user-friendly too.


#2: StreamLikers

Streamlikers which is famous after Xmovies8. Streamlikers homepage is so friendly that you will 110% love their website. It has huge collection of data after rainierland. This site is ranked second in our list of rainierland alternatives.

The good thing I love about streamlikers is we can able to download videos or you can say we can watch videos offline.

If you open the streamlikers site, you will directly able to see the ” Search ” option, from there, search the movie which you want, or you can browse through the categories. They have a menu called ” Most Viewed ” where you can see most trending movies, episodes, etc.


#3: Putlocker

Putlocler is another site which is a popular huge collection of media ranging from popular movies to TV shows. This site is originated from the United Kingdom in 2011, and from that time it is popular. Putlocker has its own lots of alternatives site.

Putlocker is listed third in our list of rainierland alternatives because of their high quality of videos they provide. The good thing is that you can download in any quality you want.

Lots of time putlocker was shut down and shifted to a new domain but remember their interference is always the same. But this time they have changed some interference. If you don’t above websites then let’s check out another best sites like rainierland.


#4: HubMovies

Hubmovies is considered as most ideal or you can say the fastest site to be opened in our list, sites like rainierland. But Hubmovies does not have huge collection of movies but yes they have a huge collection of TV serials, episodes.

If you ask what is the good thing on this website then I will say, I love their site speed and the quality which they provide for their videos.

This website is not that much popular as above are, but yes this site is also great as the above sites. You must try this rainierland alternative.


#5: FMovies

FMovies is one of the best rainierland alternatives which I will recommend you to try. Fmovies have extraordinary features of the free online streaming website are very incredible for the users.

It is the most popular because they have a collection of different great popular movies and TV shows of all time. The best thing I love on this site is their site interference and user-friendly.

Fmovies supports almost 13 different languages including English. Another good thing about Fmovies is that they have fewer ads as compared to other sites likes rainierland.

The bad thing about Fmovies is that you can’t download videos to watch later. But overall this site is best for rainierland alternatives.


Conclusion of RainierLand Alternatives

Here finally we have completed our post on RainierLand alternatives, if you want us to add more then we will surely add.

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