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Reasons Why Your Infographic Isn’t Attracting People’s Attention

We all want to get more traffic on our blogs, but then how are you going to get it if your infographic isn’t attracting people’s attention? Don’t feel bad. It is extremely frustrating when you go through all of this work, only to receive little or no attention on your product. Here are some reasons why your infographic is falling flat on its face.

  • You are not particularly making an infographic about something that is trending.

This is the most crucial mistake that people make when they decide to create infographics. They take a random topic, instead of reading through online articles and finding out what is trending. Something like, “10 Tips To Instantly Increase Your Iq” will get more attention than something like “10 Proven Health Benefits of Drinking Hot Water”. Simply because hot water isn’t a trending topic. Well, the latter might be the case in some specific regions perhaps, but not on a global scale.

  • Your infographic is visually unattractive.

Remember that people don’t really go through a lot of text when they are looking to read an infographic. They go through the visuals, and they extract the information that they want. So, if your infographics have text or text-like images scattered all over them, people won’t even bother clicking on them.

Your font size should be readable by people who have 20/20 vision (which is basically everyone). There should be proper white space between the different elements of your infographic. Your pictures should look like pictures and not texts with a random photo in them.

  • Your infographic is filled with jargon.

This means that you can use an excessive amount of industry-specific terminology in your infographic, and you might get people who are familiar with such vocabulary to read it.

But, what about the others? People who are not well-versed with your industry vocabulary will just ignore it. So, instead of using huge words that only 2% of your audience will understand, use simple language that is easy to comprehend for everyone.

  • Your infographic is boring/not useful.

This is a major reason why people don’t click on infographics. They don’t want to read something that won’t provide them with any useful information, or just something that is boring.

So, if you are thinking about creating an infographic without putting much effort into it, then you might as well not create one at all. If your customers don’t like your infographic, they will ignore it. So, you might as well work hard to make an infographic that people love.

  • Your infographic uses old data.

There is nothing wrong with using old data in your infographics. But, it shouldn’t be the only thing in the entire infographic. When you use only old data without any new information, people will think that your company hasn’t updated its information in decades.

And that is just embarrassing for your company. So, you need to find relevant data that has been published recently and use it in your infographic to keep it up-to-date.

  • Your timeline for creating an infographic was too short.

If you want attention, then make sure your infographic is created by professionals that have experience in infographic design. Don’t outsource your infographic to some random person on Fiverr; it will probably end up looking like a 5 dollar job. 

But if you’re on a budget then consider using Venngage — a free infographic maker that offers a wide range of infographic ideas for everyone. Here are some cool infographic examples from their website!


  • Your infographic isn’t being shared across the web.

This is one simple reason why your infographic isn’t getting attention. If it is not being shared across the web, then people are not going to learn about it. Maybe they are not even aware of its existence. So, make sure you share your infographics on Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, and everywhere else that you can think of!

  • Your infographic is only available on your website.

This means that people cannot share, like or retweet it by themselves. You need to make sure you allow them to do this if you want them to spread the word about your infographic.

  • Your infographics contain too much text.

Visuals are what users look at first when they visit an infographic. So, if you want them to like your infographic, then it should have more visuals than text.

You need to make sure that your infographics are not cluttered with text because people won’t be interested if it has way too much text. People like infographics because they are visual in nature. So, try only using the bare minimum number of words on your infographic.

  • Your infographic is not mobile-friendly.

We live in a world where people do most of their work on smartphones and tablets. So, if you expect them to read your infographic on such devices, then it has to be optimized for such mediums. People don’t like reading long articles or infographics on small screens; so you need to make sure your infographic is mobile-friendly.

  • Your infographic has too many pages.

Don’t put too much information into a single infographic. You need to split your infographics into multiple pages. This will encourage people to keep clicking on the next page, and they might even share it across their social media profiles as well if you have made it engaging enough.

  • Your infographic is hard to understand.

This is the biggest reason why people don’t like it when an infographic doesn’t provide them with any useful information. People hate it if they spend 2 minutes looking at your infographic and at the end of it, they still don’t know anything. So, you need to make sure your infographics are easily understandable.

We hope this article will help you make infographics that people like. You need to remember that if your infographic doesn’t get any attention, then it serves no purpose at all. So, you need to work hard to ensure the success of each and every infographic campaign so that your customers learn more about your company than they did before.

If you’re having a hard time starting from scratch, then consider using Venngage infographics. What are you waiting for? Make the best infographics today and start marketing tomorrow! 

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