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Roblox Plus vs BTRoblox (Which Extension Is Better?) – Appamatix

Roblox Plus Powering Imagination

Using Roblox extensions like Roblox Plus is almost like throwing sauce on your food. Yeah, your food might be delicious, but high-quality sauce will enhance the flavor while bringing out flavors that you didn’t even know existed.

The same goes for Roblox extensions, and Roblox Library for that matter, if we’re making a list.

Playing the game without extensions may be a fun experience, but installing one or two will make your gaming experience ten times better.

Both Roblox Plus and BTRoblox are awesome, free extensions, but which one is better? Let’s find out!

What Is Roblox Plus and BTRoblox Extensions and Why Should I Care?

Roblox Plus and BTRoblox are both among the Chrome based browsers extensions that are easy to install and enhance your Roblox gaming experience.

Roblox Plus Browser Extension

Roblox Plus

Roblox Plus is a Chrome extension created by WebGL3D. He works at Roblox as a QA tester and one of the administrators for the Roblox website. This gives Roblox Plus a first-hand understanding of how Roblox works internally, which similar extensions don’t. Roblox Plus adds features such as the following:

  • Provides ability to search through the game server for a player
  • Converts current Robux amounts to USD dollars
  • Checks whether a user is following you
  • Brings missing information about items/games back to their homes
  • Estimates USD earnings with ease from any given asset on Roblox
  • Adds an auto-bump button at the bottom of the forum page
  • Allows you to remove friends with ease
  • Allows you to know the value of a trade quickly by clicking on the extension icon and searching
  • Provides Roblox Plus Catalog Notifier to snipe items at a lower price. Also alerts you when new limited items are available at your requested price.

You can also use Roblox Twitter via the Roblox+ Notifier to receive notification of changes. An alert is triggered for every change in the Roblox Library. How great is that!

Roblus Plus Notifier

Roblox Plus is free and easy to set up. It also provides awesome benefits to players who trade regularly, which I like to call, “Roblox entrepreneurs”. Some awesome quirks that the Roblox Plus extension provides include:

  • A button to unfollow all users you’re not friends with
  • A button that follows all users you are friends with
  • An option to cancel all outbound trades
  • And they notify you when your friends are online or have joined a game.

BTRoblox Browser Extension


After reading about all those features, you might think that another extension can’t beat them. And that’s true, but BTRoblox comes real close.

BTRoblox is an extension for Chrome and Firefox created by AntiBoomz0r. BTRoblox adds features such as the following::

  • Hide ads
  • Minimize the chat button
  • Show who’s online
  • Redesign your Roblox profile

Also, if you work in a Roblox group, you must install this extension because it notifies you of group shouts.

Now that we know what each of these extensions are and what features they provide, let’s find out how to install them.

How Do I Install These Extensions?

But before we install each extension (chrome based browsers), let’s talk about online safety.

I highly discourage you to install any other Roblox extension since most of them are full of viruses and malware that’ll hack and take over your Roblox account. Your personal data may be at risk. Many people have been burnt because they were tricked into downloading the wrong extension, and this cost them their Roblox account.

So with that out of the way, let’s install these extensions.

Roblox Plus Extension

Simply head on over to the Chrome Store and search for “Roblox Plus”. Now, this is the important part. Make sure you download the extension created by WebGL3D. It also has over 1 million active users. Any other extension is probably a copycat designed to trick people into clicking on it. It could be a security issue, and it certainly won’t provide all the features available in Roblox Plus.

Once you’ve installed the proper extension, simply click on it and you’re good to go.

BTRoblox Extension

Installing the BTRoblox extension is similar to Roblox Plus. Both are found on the Chrome Store. Simply go to the Chrome Web Store, search for “BTRoblox” and look for the one with over 1 million users. This is also the one created by AntiBoomz. Again, it’s important to select the correct one so you can enjoy all those awesome features!

Once it’s installed, simply click on it and your Roblox experience will be ten times better.

Now that we know how to protect ourselves from copycats and install the correct extension, let’s look at the benefits of each.

What Are The Benefits Of Each Extension?

Each extension has benefits that the other doesn’t. This makes them unique and awesome in their own right. So let’s start off with one of my favorite benefits.

BTRoblox Allows You To Hide Ads

Everyone hates ads. Whether it’s before and during your Youtube video, or during your Roblox game. They’re annoying and nobody has 5 seconds to wait to skip it. But this is where BTRoblox comes to the rescue.

Installing BTRoblox will block all ads. This allows you to play your favorite Roblox games uninterrupted. No more annoying ads, simply play away.

Roblox Plus Shows The RAP of Limited Items

RAP or recent average price is the average price of a limited item on sale. Roblox Plus allows you to see your own RAP, as well as other player’s.

This is great for players who are constantly trading limited items and accessories. 

But before you can see your RAP, you must go to settings. Click on “other” and click the tab that says, “display users RAP in header”. Lastly, scroll down and click the tab that says, “live numbers remaining counter for limiteds”.

Now you can go to any profile, including your own, and see the RAP. You can also click on the RAP and see all the limiteds that the player owns.

BTRoblox Shows Who’s Online

What I like about BTRoblox is that when I’m bored and decide to play Roblox, I can simply look for who’s online and play with them.

This helps a lot when trying to organize games with your friends. Sometimes some of your friends live in different time zones and it’s difficult to calculate what time your game should take place. But with BTRoblox, all you need to do is see who’s online and play away.

Roblox Plus Notifies You About Everything

This is by far my favorite benefit. I don’t have time to log into Roblox every 20 minutes to check if there’s a new game, and I’m assuming you don’t too. So instead of wasting time, simply install the Roblox Plus extension and wait until Roblox Plus notifies you.

You can choose which notifications you receive. Some notifications include:

  • When an item goes on sale
  • Whenever there’s a cool release
  • Group shouts
  • When your friends update their status
  • When you’re friends come online
  • And when you get a trade.

Obviously, you can turn off certain notifications if you don’t care for them. For example, if you don’t want to receive a notification every time your friends update their status, simply turn it off.

However, if you’ve saved up some current Robux, turn on your notifications for when a new item goes on sale because you’ll don’t want to miss it. Now you don’t have to log into Roblox every time to check for sales.

And the main reason I use notifications is that when there aren’t many new games on Roblox, I’ll stop playing for a while and wait until there’s something new released.

BTRoblox Has An Awesome Feature Called Fast User Search

When searching without the BTRoblox extension, you’ll have to type in a player’s full name to find his profile. But the BTRoblox extension gives you suggestions for players you might be looking for.

This is helpful for when you’re organizing a game with your online friends and you forgot what some of their names are. 

Now that we’ve covered the benefits of each, let’s look at the complete list of pros and cons so that we can make a better gaming decision.

Pros and Cons Of Each

In life, and especially in gaming, nothing is perfect. Even the best games have flaws to them and the same goes for Roblox Plus and BTRoblox. So, let’s cover the pros and cons of installing Roblox Plus.

The Pros Of Roblox Plus

  • It shows you the RAP or Recent Average Price
  • You can skip to the first or last page of servers in Roblox games which helps you easily find empty servers
  • You can choose what notifications you’ll receive
  • You can track your Robux history and it shows a chart of your Robux amount for the past month.
  • And you can see other player’s limiteds.

The Cons Of Roblox Plus

  • The only real con is that some features don’t always work like they’re supposed to. Users have complained about the item tracker and notifications being a bit slow.

The Pros Of BTRoblox

  • It blocks those annoying ads on Roblox
  • It notifies you when group shouts happen
  • It shows who’s online
  • You can design your profile to meet your specifications
  • And it has fast user search.

The Cons Of BTRoblox

  • It doesn’t show any stats about your profile like other extensions would.

So, Which Is Better?

Why not use both?

Both Chrome extensions are free so you’re not losing anything by installing them. Each extension also has its own unique benefits that rarely overlap. For example, you can install Roblox Plus to see other player’s RAP and limiteds and use BTRolox to block those annoying ads.


Roblox is an awesome platform that allows you to play every single type of game. Everything from first-shooter to sandbox games are available. So why not enhance your Roblox gaming experience by installing both of these Chrome extensions? They both provide complementary features that you will certainly utilize during the game!

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