Should You Use Vertical Monitors For Gaming?

Most consumers prefer a horizontal display when shopping for a new laptop or computer. Monitors, however, have developed tremendously as technology and trends change. Although uncommon, vertical monitors are excellent for various writing, reading, and gaming tasks.

That’s right, gaming on a vertical display will undoubtedly take you to a new level of experience horizontal monitors can’t offer. However, it will be best if you also consider the characteristics of the games you intend to play. If you intend to use your monitor for gaming, a vertical monitor is ideal for games created particularly for portrait viewing.

Gaming on a Vertical Monitor

The rise of PC gaming and live streaming has changed the traditional landscape monitor orientation. Video game streamers use vertical displays to display their chat, making it simpler to read during a live stream. If you want, you may also consider getting a dual monitor setup which most streamers and gamers usually get to multitask.

However, if you are interested in playing games on a vertical display, you need first assess the sorts of games available. Some games are intended to be played vertically. Compared to horizontal displays, there aren’t as many games suitable for this orientation.

Best Games Suitable on Vertical Monitors

With vertical monitors, you can enjoy larger-scale mobile games. You might be into mobile games (like Candy Crush) right now, and having a portrait screen will surely improve your experience.

Gaming in portrait mode is also ideal for racing and arcade games. You’ll be pleased with how many games support this mode; to name a few, there are Tetris, Pinball, and simulator games. You can even play play-to-earn games using bitcoin, such as online pokies at Ignition. There are more games available online; all you have to do is choose the ideal one for you.

Benefits of Using Vertical Monitors for Gaming

Gaming on a vertical monitor is worth trying as it will provide you with a unique gaming experience. Vertical monitors are popular because they are more comfortable and do not induce straining. With horizontal displays, the angle may get so broad that you get eye strain. Portrait displays are better, particularly if you select a game that won’t be affected by the scale changes. 

A vertical monitor allows for additional options in terms of flexibility. Additionally, vertical screens make it simpler to examine various gaming features and settings, which improves your chances of selecting the ideal game.

A vertical display allows you to lessen scrolling for additional information when changing a game’s settings or reading a lengthy text or narrative from a game. An extra monitor also eliminates the need to minimize or quit the game to search. Having a vertical monitor as your extra enables lengthy content to fit on your screen.

Purchasing a vertical monitor is highly significant, given that most people use mobile devices and most casual mobile games are played in portrait mode. You’ll be able to utilize the monitor more thanks to the ease of doing so. In addition, most game developers create suitable games for portrait viewing. So, if you choose a vertical display as your second monitor, you’ll be able to do tasks simultaneously.

Vertical Monitors Are Not For Everyone

Despite its plenty of use and great design, vertical monitors are not suitable for everyone. If you are a graphic designer, photographer, or video editor who requires a lot of editing, this setup may be difficult for you. Aside from that, certain games perform significantly better on a horizontal display.

Other Use of Vertical Monitors

Aside from authors and researchers, programmers and coders are the most common consumers who prefer vertical displays. They frequently operate with long lines of code made up entirely of lines that never extend wider than a vertical arrangement can support. With a vertical monitor, they do not have to scroll between codes constantly.


Although vertical monitors improve the writing, reading, and programming experience, having an entirely vertical monitor arrangement may not be the best option. Today, people use vertical monitors on top of their horizontal ones, so it is recommended to go for this setup. You can find affordable monitors for gaming online and set up your own.

Any additional monitor provides you with extra workspace and productivity, so adding one to your setup is always a wise idea. Regardless of whether you plan on using the vertical monitor for gaming, you may utilize it to view information better for gaming to work-related activities.

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