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SINoALICE Tier List (September 2022) Best Weapons and Classes

SINoALICE Tier List (2022) Best Weapons and Classes

SINoALICE is a Japanese mobile game. The game features a unique combat system that allows players to use a variety of weapons and skills to defeat enemies.

The game has a large number of characters, each with its unique weapons and abilities. In this article, we will be ranking the weapons in SINoALICE from best to worst. This will be based on their usefulness in combat, as well as their rarity and overall power.

The SINoALICE tier list is helpful for players who are wondering what weapons they should be using, as well as for those who want to know which weapons to avoid.

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SINoALICE – A Quick Introduction

Pokelabo and Square Enix collaborated on SINoALICE, a mobile role-playing game. The game was released in Japan in June 2017 and subsequently released globally in July 2017.

SINoALICE - A Quick Introduction

It has several modes such as singleplayer and multiplayer, as well as different genres like role-playing and mobile gaming. It is available on Android and iOS platforms. In SINoALICE, players take on the role of one of several fairy tale characters who are brought to life in a dark world by the book that Alice wrote. These characters must work together to defeat the villains and save Alice.

If you are into RPG games then you will love what SINoALICE has to offer. The storyline is great and the characters are very likeable.

SINoALICE Tier List (2022)

A tier list helps you quickly see which weapons are the best in SINoALICE. This is our initial release and we’ll be sure to keep it updated as new information comes out. For now, these are the units you should focus on if you want to build a powerful team.

SINoALICE Tier List (2022)

The SINoALICE tier list will be helpful in seven ways:

  • You can quickly see which items are the best in SINoALICE.
  • The list helps you plan your strategy.
  • You can make informed choices when spending your resources.
  • You can learn about the game’s mechanics.
  • You can find out which weapons are viable in the current meta.

SINoALICE Weapon Tier List (2022)

A tier list is a ranking system that allows players to see which items are the best in the game. It’s important to note that a tier list is not set in stone; it will change over time as new information comes out and as the meta shifts.

SINoALICE Weapon Tier List

The weapons in SINoALICE are categorized into two different tiers – S, and A – with S being the strongest and A being average.

SINoALICE Weapon S Tier List (2022)

SINoALICE Weapon S Tier List

Here in this list, we have the top weapons that you should be using in SINoALICE. These weapons are the strongest and most powerful in the game. If you have these weapons, then you will be sure to dominate your opponents.

Weapon Type
Staff of Bondage Staff
Fiddle of Dlusion Instrument
Blade of Depravity Blade
Tome of Dependence Tome
Staff of Masochism Staff
Accursed Gun Projectile
Retainer’s hammer Heavy
Ceremonial Spear Polearm
Swordsmith’s Spellbok Blade
Demonic Arm Tome
Sealed Water Instrument
Soul Shell Heavy
Holy Dragon Lance Polearm
Omniscient Book Tome
Death God’s Bow Projectile
Holy Knight’s Pistol Projectile
Gluttonous God’s Rod Heavy
Artisan’s Spear Polearm
Knight’s Diary Tome

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SINoALICE Weapon A Tier List (2022)

SINoALICE Weapon A Tier List

These weapons are not as strong as the S-tier weapons, but they are still powerful and can be used to great effect. If you don’t have any of the S-tier weapons, then these are the next best thing.

Weapon Type
The Lord’s Hammer Heavy
Imperial Scout’s Notes Tome
Shameless Ambition Bladet
Insect Harp Instrument
Rebirth Gem Artifact
False Victor Blade
Ancient Violin Instrument
Gluttonous Scythe Polearm
Hammer of Endtimes Heavy
Fool’s Desire Artifact
Sympathetic Blade Blade
The Destroyer Projectile
Warden’s Mallet Heavy
Hunter’s Soul Polearm
Risen Staff Staff
Tome of Absolution Tome
Dwarven Spear Polearm
Ginger Stage Staff
Irreconsilable Enemy Staff
Naive Miracle Staff Staff
Tracker’s Bow Projectile
Astrologer’s Manastone Artifact
Harpy’s Harp Instrument
Substitute Bow Projectile
Record of Humanity Tome

Best Character Classes in SINoALICE

As you know, each weapon in SINoALICE is exclusive to a certain character class. In this section, we will guide you with the best weapon type associated with each class.

Best Character Classes in SINoALICE
Class Best Weapon Type
Breaker Blade
Crusher Heavy
Paladin Polearm
Gunner Projectile
Cleric Staff
Minstrel Instrument
Sorcerer Tome
Mage Artifact

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Who is the best weapon in SINoALICE?

This is a tough question to answer because it is influenced by several variables. However, we would recommend Staff of Bondage as it is a well-rounded weapon.

2. Is this SINoALICE weapon tier list updated for the latest patch?

Yes, this SINoALICE weapon tier list is updated for the latest patch. However, it is important to note that the meta can change at any time and that these rankings are subject to change.

3. Which tier should I focus on?

If you want to build a powerful team, then you should focus on the S-tier weapons. These are the strongest and most powerful weapons in the game.

4. What is the difference between S and A tiers?

The difference between S and A tier is that S-tier weapons are the strongest and most powerful in the game, while A-tier weapons are average.

5. What is the gameplay like?

The gameplay of SINoALICE is a mixture of real-time and turn-based combat. Players control a party of characters who battle through waves of enemies. In addition, there is a gacha system in the game, which allows players to acquire new characters and items via chance.

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Final Words

SINoALICE is a mobile game with gacha mechanics, meaning that players will have to summon new weapons through a random number generator. However, not all units are created equal; some are simply better than others. This is where a tier list can help.

That is all for our SINoALICE tier list. We hope you enjoyed it. If you have any queries or ideas, please feel free to leave us a remark below. Thank you for taking the time to read this article!

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