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Sites Like LiveLeak: 10+ Best Alternatives in 2022


LiveLeak has become a great repository of finding and sharing videos encompassing tons of genres and topics from politics, sports, memes to Hollywood gossips and all that comes in between. However, in lieu of certain controversies surrounding shocking and graphic imagery of its content, LiveLeak is geo-restricted in many countries across the world. Worry not, we have collated a list of sites like LiveLeak that will fill the void for your video content related needs.

These LiveLeak alternatives are just as popular as LiveLeak, and also offer a robust library of millions of free videos online. So, without further ado, let’s dive right in.

10+ Best Free Sites Like LiveLeak List 2022

1) AOL Video

sites like liveleak

The numero uno entrant on our list of sites like LiveLeak is AOL Video which is a hugely popular video hosting platform. With its gigantic database hosting hundreds of thousands of videos, AOL Video ensures that it caters to users of all hues and regales them so much that they keep on coming back to the site.

Although the primary focus of AOL Video is on its own video content, one can also discover videos and entertainment-oriented content from other sites as well. You can sift through the site via categories such as Explore, My Queue, shows and more. Better still, you can dig up their archive footages from yesteryears.

The best part is, AOL Video doesn’t explicitly require registration or any formal sign up process to watch the videos and provides easy navigation throughout the website.

2) Metacafe

sites like liveleak

Designed on the lines of LiveLeak, Metacafe is a good respite for those who still yearn for LiveLeak’s beautiful interface and video library. What’s more, Metacafe is updated constantly with new videos and features tabs such as trending, latest, popular, videos that make exploring the site a cinch.

Besides navigation, Metacafe also boasts an extensive library of videos spanning genres such as comedy, science, sports, pop culture, how to, video games, entertainment, et al. Like on many sites like LiveLeak, users can watch videos without signing up albeit you ought to register an account for uploading videos on Metacafe.

3) DailyMotion

sites like liveleak

If you want to stay abreast of the current happenings around the world, simply scroll down your feed on DailyMotion and consume tons of videos for free. From popular topics to popular artists, Dailymotion is a popular video hosting and sharing service that covers all sorts of topics for free. Also, you can follow interesting channels to get their content posted in your feed.

Although you can suss out as many videos as you want, there are no particular types of categories for the same on DailyMotion. Nevertheless, you can freely explore the site and stumble upon interesting videos.

4) Vimeo

sites like liveleak

Without a doubt one of the best sites like LiveLeak online, Vimeo is way more organized than many of its free online video sharing peers. Apart from offering free video content, the site also offers paid subscription plans which provide even better features.

That being said, Vimeo is renowned for its high-quality library of video uploads albeit the video content is a mix between site hosted and user generated content.

5) YouTube

sites like liveleak

This behemoth doesn’t demand an introduction and reigns supreme as the go-to destination for all things video. Arguably amongst one of the most popular sites like LiveLeak, YouTube has all types of video content to garner to a wide range of audience globally.

In fact, the site has so much personalized video content, it will keep you hooked to your screens for hours on end. Absolutely free of cost to upload and access videos online, YouTube should definitely not be overlooked as an alternative.

6) Flickr

sites like liveleak

Although Flickr is considered by many as an image hosting service, do you know it also doubles up as a nifty video hosting service? Boasting a ton of vivid video content, Flickr doesn’t disappoint you one bit when it comes to watching free videos. Apart from hosting videos via user generated content, Flickr also manages your media files quite well.

What’s more, Flickr can also be used as a social media handle. However, users are required to sign up in order to upload videos via an account.

7) eBaum’s World

If you have lots of free time on your hands for watching hilarious videos online, then Ebaums’s World should surely be on the radar. It sports a variety of videos spanning diverse genres and is similar to sites like Rabbit in that context. You can sift through video content by categories such as fails, fight videos, jokes, etc.

In fact, Ebaum’s World is one of the best sites like Liveleak where you can checkout images, games and various channels for free. The only downside to this website is that its interface is laced with intermittent ads but at least you you can even upload your own videos on the site and get famous!

8) MyVidster

sites like liveleak

Another nifty LiveLeak alternative that lets you explore free videos, MyVidster also provides seamless integration with other platforms so that users can assemble all their favorite videos on a single platform. Sounds good? There’s more in the offing. MyVidster also lets you share videos as well as follow various users on its platform to access videos posted by them.

All together, you can not only enjoy a huge variety of videos on MyVidster but also get to check out collections from other sites like LiveLeak, Vevo, Funny or Die, and many more.

9) Veoh

sites like liveleak

Sporting a pretty hands-on and intuitive interface, Veoh features a ton of free videos, movies, music, et al. that will entice visitors at first glance. Veoh’s video content spans across a plethora of genres such as how to, action and adventure, comedy, horror, you name it.

It is also a top-notch destination for discovering new anime content and watching latest movies online. But, what’s the downside, you ask? In order to be able to upload their content, users have to register on the site first.

10) FunnyOrDie

Wanna stream hilarious videos and grin from ear to ear? FunnyOrDie is a must have for memeholics who cannot live a day without their daily dose of “dank memes and funny videos”. FunnyOrDie is renowned for being a versatile discovery platform for finding funny celebrity videos.

Besides videos and memes, FunnyOrDie also showcases funny articles that guarantee a great read. What’s more, FunnyOrDie sports a mega clean and neat interface that will surely keep you glued to your screens.

And..that’s a wrap! Did you like our list of best sites like LiveLeak? Sound off in the comments!

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