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10 Best Sockshare Alternatives In 2022 For Online Movie Streaming

Not many people have the leisure of going to expensive movie theatres or binge-watching Netflix with a premium subscription. Even torrent magnets are illegal these days in various countries due to piracy regulations. You need to think of some solutions. Many online sites allow you to stream content without any membership or any other hassle. The most renowned in this area is Sockshare. 

 Sockshare is one of the leading providers of freely available movies, TV shows, and episodes. Earlier it was the go-to hub of unlimited content, which you could stream without having to create an account or take any membership. There were no hassles in downloading the material before viewing it. This meant that viewers could simply visit the site, select the content of their choice, and stream it. 

However, due to some unforeseen reasons, the site has recently been grounded. Critics claim that unlicensed content and other copyright-based legal suit issues forced SockShare to shut down. Well, the site sometimes crops up under mirror sites and is reported to be shifting to a new domain, but its popularity and internet traffic have taken a hit. 

 Top 10 SockShare Alternatives 2022

Many other alternative sites can serve the purpose, however. They, too, like SockShare, provide the latest content and streaming but have some intermediate differences with the website. Let’s have a look at these:

1. Crunchyroll: The All Rounder of Movie Content

This site has it all from anime shows to the latest films. Crunchyroll is just a hub of all infotainment features from across the world. It even has its daily news releases about the hip and happening events in the entertainment industry. Mainly focused on the anime industry, it has also spread its wings to movie streaming. 

Enjoy its premium features by signing up as a member or subscribing to its daily newsletters about the latest movie or anime launches.

2. YIFY TV And Movies: Get Unmatched Quality Content Here

Yify has grown exponentially following the decline of Sock Shares’ popularity. However, it has had dedicated internet traffic for a long time now. Its content quality, genres, and a vast bunch of movies require no signups or memberships. Users can just hop into their site and watch movie trailers, and reviews, and even download their favorite content. 

It contains a comprehensive list of movies, TV Shows, and Episodes across numerous genres. The most significant advantage it gives you is a semi-ad-free site, meaning that there are minimal ad-clicks when you visit the site and also limited data consumption. It also has an integrated streaming platform embedded within its website, and you can also choose a mirror site if you want to. 

Compatibility has never been an issue with Yify, and you can easily stream it to TV-based browsers too. It also has filtered content based on release year, alphabetic order, countries of origin, and user ratings. Sorting from a list of famous films has never been so easy. 

3. 123Movies: Stream Within 3 Seconds

If you are opting for a site with an excellent look and feel, which poses a tight contest to SockShare, 123 movies are your go-to website. It has a massive list of content sorted under different categories, genres, and also based on IMDB Ratings. You can easily find fortnight-old releases up on 123Movies and surf or download it for free. 

However, the latest patches of the movies are sometimes not very good copies or just DVDRip versions. If you want HD or Blu-Ray versions, choose to wait for at least a month before searching them. 

This site sometimes changes domains because of legality issues, but its internet traffic is beyond the competition. The site contains a huge list of American sitcoms, movies, and the latest released web series and other binge content. The searching features are pretty good, and you can easily surf for high-definition content on the site. 

4. BMovies: Delivers Pre-Releases Sometimes

Well, BMovies offers you supreme quality content without any hassle. Surf ad-free HD movies and web series with good quality, an integrated media player. There is an older version of the site which has a previously docketed list of content, also updated in the new site. BMovies has a vast source of movies and TV shows, and its simple site outlook is very popular with users. 

Sometimes ad features can cause problems, but if you are using a good-quality ad-blocker extension, rest assured of smooth performance. It also delivers content that has just been released and is not even up on premium streaming channels. This is one of the primary reasons why BMovies’ fans stay attached to the site. 

The search results from the site are outstanding and help users find their favorite content at a moment’s notice. Its media interface is not very good, looking at many advertisements and mirror sites that are majorly dysfunctional. 

However, the vast source of the latest content makes up for all the drawbacks. You can also log in/sign up to the site and store your wishlist or playlist with the materials you wish to watch. You can also assist the website and upload content, earning royalty from the same. 

5. MegaShare Zone: Searching Exquisite Content Ends Here 

MegaShare Zone is one of the best alternatives to SockShare. With its never-ending list of entertainment-based content, this site is one of the leading providers of free content for all movie buffs across the world. The movie range varies from the latest releases to foreign films, all arranged alphabetically or based on genres—Avail direct streaming from the site or alternative mirror sites without the need for any registrations or billings. 

It has a state-of-the-art site outlook with scroll-through features revealing the latest uploaded content on the site. There are scores of new seasons of web series available on the site in high definition—the recently released movies at MegaShare amount to 15000+ and still counting. Also, the amount of content available in the TV and Web Series is appreciable. The easy setup and navigation features of the website are pivotal to its immense popularity amongst movie fans. 

6. Vumoo Life: A One-Stop Free Movie Streaming Solution

Vumoo is quite influential in the field of free movie streaming without any signups or registration. The website talks of an unending series of list of movies, TV series, and other viewable items. The site’s first page gives access to all the content of the site through the first screen includes a large search box. 

You can also look for all the content inside the site if you click on the option below the search box. The link will take you to the content directory of the site where you can stream all the latest content. It also has an interactive Dark Mode feature, which you can use while streaming your movies at night, providing better viewing. 

The non-affiliated third-party viewing concept of this site prevents it from falling into any sort of copyright or legal issues. Still, it has changed domains a few times following excess traffic. Overall the site’s look and feel are really great as it has a simpleton touch, making it easy for new users. Ads are sporadic on the site, but a banner may drop down once in a while if you don’t have your ad-blocker on. 

7. CMovies HD: The Biggest Movie Vault Lies Here

CMovies is the biggest site for movie based-content and had a steady following even before the fall of Sock share. It was so popular once upon a time that dozens of mirror sites cropped up, claiming to be the original one. CMovies did not change domains much or faced legal issues, but internet traffic has always boomed for them. Find the uploaded movie quality written at the corner of the poster.

 It can be a DVD, HD, Blur-Ray, etc., depending on the time of release. Month-old movies are generally available on HD: shorter the time, poorer the quality. Their content list has a varied taste, and you can filter them from the latest to the oldest, all with the highest streaming quality. Its integrated media player can do an excellent job.

CMovies has a feature where it offers you a brief summary followed by IMDB ratings when you place your cursor on any movie poster on the screen. You can also add it to your watchlist and save it in case you have an account on the website. 

Well, it is not only about you watching at CMovies, sharing options are available lest you want to share the binging experience with your friends and family! From Frozen 2 to Bloodshot, CMovies has in store for you an array of content you can simply survive two years on. 

8. Popcorn Time: The Windows App

The premier and free movie streaming site Popcorn Time has shifted to a Windows application but has in store a bunch of content for all movie buffs out there. Enjoy ad-free, browsing, or phishing-free movie streaming through the Popcorn Time application, which has an appealing user interface. You can download the application when you visit their official website. 

The “go-to app” feature redirects you to the download link, and you can start enjoying your favorite movies instantly. 

To make things more interesting, they have a mascot Pocholin (A popcorn ensemble) to interact with you. Enjoy full-HD features while streaming your content along with an unending catalog of movies from across the world. Popcorn Time Windows allows you to watch shows with authentic and integrated subtitling and dubbing, which other sites cannot provide quickly. 

9. CouchTuner: Classy And Rich In Content

Prepare to go all classy and exquisite when you visit Couchtuner as it provides you with content from the oldest collections to the newest. Well, the site has immense popularity and has been pulled down a couple of times because of streaming right-based issues. However, it has consistently changed domains and stayed afloat. This is one site that gave SockShare competition with its variety of content and excellent user experience. 

Just slide back on your couch and watch movies after movies on CouchTuner’s integrated media player, which has fewer ads than other sites and minimum data consumption, meaning lesser buffer. Look for content filtered by years of release, genre, seasons, and episodes. The user interface is remarkable, and it has the best-rated movies on the home screen in HD streaming qualities. 

It also has one of the cleanest UI available for this sector and has a minimum amount of advertisements. However, movies can sometimes freeze while in motion due to streaming errors of the site. This happens due to internet connectivity issues or an unstable network. 

10. YouTube: Browse And Surf From The Google-Curated App

YouTube has all kinds of content from across the world. However, content availability is limited due to legal copyright issues. Individual users mostly upload downloaded content on their YouTube channels and earn monetization from it. Often the material is pulled down citing legal matters; however, in most cases, a variety of content is always available online. 

It has an excellent interface, maintained by Google, and premium streaming options, even with low data consumption. You can even list anime episodes to watch later and also create your playlist of assorted anime videos. The existing playlist available under different sites can be incorporated under your saved playlist. 

The YouTube Premium feature has made it possible for users to watch the latest content on youtube and also watch YouTube’s original web series and episodes. Undoubtedly, this is one of the best applications/websites for movie streaming, and its module is the basics for all other integrated media player sites. 

You can also buy or rent the latest movies on Youtube at nominal prices, depending on the year of release. Subscribe to channels that provide you with the latest movies. Often, you may see that content has been pulled down from the site. This can happen if the uploader has not given due credits to the copyright authorities of the movie/video’


Well, all the sites mentioned above are excellent alternatives to Sock Share, and the experience of these sites may bring back to you all the binge-watching moments you had. Remember to take necessary precautions before surfing these sites, which include a quality VPN, internet-based antivirus, and firewall protection. 

Also, remember to use a quality web browser like Chrome or Firefox that can sense phishing issues and alert your antivirus. Other browsers are not augmented to do so. 

SockShare’s downfall may come as a massive blow to some fans, but these alternatives indeed have the potential to handle all the outgoing internet traffic with their plethora of movie and TV show content. 


1. What is SockShare?

SockShare used to be one of the leading internet sites for free movies, TV Shows, and web series. The most significant advantage of the site was that you could directly stream movies from Sock Share without having to download them. Also, its UI and functionality were superior as compared to other sites in the same category. 

2. What Did Sockshare Have To Offer? 

It provided a ton of movies and tv shows of different genres from across the world. It even included cult and classic films, even those released during the time of the War.

3. What Happened To Sock Share?

Well, the site went off the charts following unforeseen issues, which some indicate to be legal or copyright-based. Often it released movies on its website just a week after it was released, meaning a huge loss for the actual movie distributors. Many production houses claimed that this was nothing short of piracy and vowed to take action against it. However, the sudden expiry of the site is indeed strange. 

4. What Are The Best Alternatives To SockShare?

Popcorn Time, Yify Movies, C Movies, etc. are excellent sources that serve as an alternative to Sock Share. Their plethora of content can contain almost all the fans who were left heartbroken following Sockshare’s sudden exit from the streaming arena. All these websites provide HD content with subtitling and integrated media players. These had their own popularity bases even before Sockshare’s fall but have expanded since then. 

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