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20 Sites Like SolarMovie To Watch Movies And TV Shows Online {2022 Updated}

Movie buff or a soap opera lover? SolarMovie is no doubt one of the best platforms to opt for feeding on famous TV shows and popular movies. As the website does not store anything on the server, users can watch their favorite entertainment content without any unnecessary interruptions.

100% Working SolarMovie Mirrors

A few might find that the existing domain for the site may not work correctly. It is due to piracy and copyright issues. Use or to reach out to the SolarMovie website in a jiffy and explore a plethora of movies and Tv show options.

Still, if this site can not satisfy the hunger or settle the butterflies in your tummy, then you can choose different alternatives to this site.

Top SolarMovie Alternatives in 2022

Here is a list of top alternatives to this popular website, which are working smoothly. Choose any of the options which best suits your requirements and start feeding on different popular movies and TV shows.

1. YifyMovies

“A place of Magical Movie Experience”

YifyMovies is an excellent alternative to binge-watch any movie of your choice. There are numerous options to watch anytime, anywhere. This website is a great portal to binge-watch. Moreover, everything is available at zero cost, and you do not have to pay a single penny to watch anything of your liking.

There are many filters available to sort the movies and TV shows according to your ease of use. You can filter based on genre, year released, and many more choices are available on the platform. Also, you can see the rating of different movies and soap operas to select good ones for your leisure time. There is no need for registration on the site to watch the content.

You may encounter some irritating ads, but with oodles of movie options, these ads seem minuscule. Just reach out to the site and start watching your favorite content on the platform.

Try it out!

2. Vumoo.To

“A Place loaded with Unlimited Entertainment”

Vumoo is yet again another website for watching movies that will never fail to amuse you. Not just for movies, but you get a bonus of TV series as well. That’s what you call icing on the cake. Wait, the bright side doesn’t end just yet. Everything is available for free. It means that you can have unlimited entertainment without having to pay for anything.

The downloading option is available as well, which saves you from the troubles of going through annoying ads. Though there is one negative factor present on this website and that’s the tricky navigations. However, you will get used to it once you start using this website. Overall, this site is an excellent replacement for SolarMovies.

Try it out!

3. Movie4k

“Your All-time Movie Buddy”

Movie4K can be your best buddy at times when you are bored and have nothing to do. This site will always entertain you with the loads of options it has. In a feel to cry over romantic dramas or laugh till your belly hurts on comedies? Movie4K has covered it all. And the website totally follows its name like the movies are available in HD quality, that will give you the theatre adventure. The fun doesn’t end here; everything is for free.

Moreover, options like “new releases” are also available that will make it easier for you to catch up on the latest trends. Overall, this website is perfect for anyone looking up for a reliable option in contrast to SolarMovies, and get on the roller coaster ride of emotions and fun.

Try it out!

4. Los-Movies

“Movies or TV shows: We cover it all”

Up for some random movie or TV show? Los-Movies will be your partner in crime and help you find the popular movies and TV shows of all time. The video quality is found to be excellent and will surely make your idle-time more interesting!

Los-Movies has a collection of all the latest content that is quite renowned all over the world. Viewers from different parts of the world choose this free platform to entertain themselves in their leisure time. It has a straightforward UI that enables the users to get unmatchable show time experience.

Thus, it is an excellent option in case you are looking for a platform that is loaded with all the superb video content as well as outstanding filters to get your favorite video content quickly! 

Try it out!

5. SideReel

“Have fun anytime streaming your fun”

SideReel is a prominent alternative option for the SolarMovie site. This website allows you to stream movies and that too for free. It is not necessary to sign up. However, if you want, then the option to register is available. The site has a plethora of options. 

This site has an interactive UX and is pretty quick to navigate. Moreover, the options like Recently Added are available on this website that makes the movie experience even more amazing. So, whenever you want to call it a movie night, you must try SideReel as this website will not disappoint you.

Try it out!

6. Movies4u

“All-time HD quality films”

Another website to watch amazing content is Movies4u. It serves as an excellent alternative. Similar to SolarMovie, Movies4u also has a wide range of films and shows available with great varieties in the genre.

The option to download movies is also available, and films are available in HD quality. And the best part is that everything is free and you do not have to pay anything to watch or download movies. Moreover, the site is pretty organized as well, and therefore, the navigation and use of this website is not a difficult task. 

However, there are pop up ads, but not in a high number. Overall, this site is a perfect site to go to.

Try it out!

7. Yes Movies

“Binge-watch content from all Genres”

The name of this website is saying itself that it is time to say yes to movies. Yes movies again is another great website that offers various films to watch. In addition to movies, it also has a TV series available, and everything is absolutely free to watch.

Moreover, this website has movies from a lot of countries, including Afghanistan, Algeria, and so on. The genres are also pretty extensive as you can watch dramas, comedies, tragedies, or even biographies. 

Storylines are also available on movies on this website, making it easier for you to choose what to select and what to avoid. Navigation can be a little complicated at times because of ads, but overall, this site is suitable for movie watching.

Try it out!

8. Cmovies

“Explore amazing movie content free”

CMovies presents itself as an outstanding alternative. The site has a wide variety of movies as well as shows, which are totally free to explore. The site does not require any kind of registration at all, so you can simply visit the website and start watching.

The website has a wide variety of movies available. And not just for movies, but even TV shows are available on this website to watch for free. Overall, the site provides excellent content, and you will never be bored with this website. Moreover, the content is pretty much organized as well, which makes it easier for you to navigate and find out what you want to watch.

The only thing negative about this website is the redirect links and pop up ads. There are several pop up ads on this website. Sometimes users get irritated with these ads. However, once the movie starts playing, then there are no ads, and you can watch the content smoothly.

Try it out!

9. Disney+Hotstar

Find endless popular content On-demand”

The last but not the least platform to watch movies and even TV series is Disney+Hotstar. It is a trendy website, and also the app is available on the play store or apple store to download. There are a considerable number of movies and TV shows with varieties of genres available on this website to watch.

However, not everything on this website is free. Moreover, some of the free content is removed over time. You can always opt for the purchase option for a more unusual and premium experience. Live telecasts of cricket matches are also available on the app of this website, but to watch those you need to be a premium customer, that is, you have to pay for them. There are ads for free users, but not much. Pop up ads do not come upon this website.

Overall, the website and the app provide a great experience even for free users, and therefore the website can be used as a good option to watch movies and TV shows. 

Try it out!

10. Hulu

“Best platform for amazing movie content”

Hulu is a widely used website for movies. This website has both retro and latest releases. So, in one moment you can feel all James Bond, and in the other, you can enjoy the horrors of IT Chapter 2. This website doesn’t even have ads, and the reason for it is because this site is free to use only for a month.

After enjoying the free trials for one month, you will have to pay for the services. The cost of the plan is $5.99 per month. The website also has its own Live Tv in which they telecast their own developed content. However, to pay for a live Tv, you will have to pay more. Overall, this website is excellent and offers one of the best services, but you will have to pay to enjoy these services for more than one month.

Try it out!

11. 123Movies

“Easy navigation & exciting content point”

123Movies is a great option for movie watchers and is also a prominent alternative for SolarMovie. The website has a plethora of movies available to watch, in different genres.

In the love of comedies or a fan of sci-fi and thrillers, everything is available to watch. And everything is for free. You do not need to pay or register on this website. The navigations are also pretty simple, with options like “Most wanted” available. You can also select countries to get better experience and preferences for movies.

Overall, the site offers useful content and is available for free, and so you can definitely try this one out.

Try it out!

12. Vex Movies

“Movies and TV shows that enrich your experience”

Vex movies again offer great content of films and is totally a go for with the varieties and ranges of movies available. Moreover, everything is for free. One of the major perks of the site is that you will not be annoyed with pop up ads.

Even animated movies like Frozen 2 are available on this website to watch. And you can also view the movies in HD quality and have a better movie experience. Though you might not find the latest releases on this website, there are a lot of entertaining videos available on this website that you must try watching.

So, the next time you do not feel like calling it a night and indeed wish to watch something entertaining, you can definitely go for Vex Movies.

Try it out!

13. Primewire

“Stream the latest content with best the ultimate tool”

Primewire is an ideal solution for all those who are looking for streaming great movies and web series for free. This website is apt for those who keep looking for the latest content that is released in just a few days. Also, the site is well-structured that allows a user to get the required movie or TV show in no time. 

People from all around the world are satisfied with its high-quality picture quality and great features. The website also comes with a premium option of getting access to different Primewire’s premium membership. 

Its super-smooth streaming capacity makes it a perfect option for all the people who want a great user experience. So, what are you still waiting for? Quickly open the website and start binge-watching all the top movies and web-series!

Try it out!

14. BMovies

“Enjoy countless popular movies and TV shows hassle-free”

In a mood to try something new rather than the regular genres? If so, it’s time for Bmovies. BMovies is a popular website for movies, and the biggest reason for its fame is the variety available even in terms of language.

With this website, you bcan easily avail the entertainment of Asian Dramas and oscar-winning movies like the Parasites. Dubs and subs are both available for various popular and exciting films, and all the services are free.

Even though you have to face the troubles of pop up ads and redirect links, this website is still a great option for some classy movie entertainment.

Try it out!

15. Yomovies

“Awesome Movies & Music on the go”

Want to have some fun streaming experience? Yomovies is again another helpful alternative to SolarMovie. The genre and varieties of movies available are vast, and above all, you can also have access to Tv series, and that too for free. The one thing that makes this website different and unique from any other competitor is that this website also offers mp3 music to listen to and download for free. 

So, you get the benefits of not only exciting movies and shows but also soothing movies. It totally makes Yomovies unique and special. The navigations are pretty simple as well, so it won’t take the users long to decide on what they want to go for. However, like any other free website, this site also has tons of ads, but you always have the download option to get rid of those ads.

Try it out!

16. Fmovies

Always an entertainment friendly site

Fmovies is one more accessible website that makes it into the list of the top 20 best alternatives for SolarMovies and it is because of the varieties and availability of numerous movies. From serious wars to cute animations, every genre is available on this website.

And the thing that makes this site even more amazing and worth trying is that it is free, and there is no need to sign up or add information. All you have to do is simply visit the site, search for your desired show or movie with the help of the search engine, and you are all set to serve yourself with great entertainment.

However, there exists a negative factor, and that’s the presence of ads. This website has ads more than any other, and it can be complex to close the redirect links. Other than that, this website is a great path to choose from.

Try it out!

17. Putlocker

“An All-in-one package for all-time fun”

Are you movie-junkie? If yes, Putlocker is an ultimate option for hassle-free binge-watching. Once you open Putlocker, you can select from different categories from which you can download movies and web series of different genres. 

It is well-equipped with numerous features such as fast navigation, HD quality web series and movies, availability of subtitles, excellent categorization for quick filtering process, and many more. If you want to watch a video later, you can even download it as Putlocker provides access to download it in no time. All these exciting features make it a worth-try option!

You can be from any region, be it US, UK or by part of the world, Putlocker becomes a one-stop solution for your movie-time. So, quickly download your favorite movie from Putlocker and watch fantastic content without any further ado. 

Try it out!

18. IOMovies

 “Go to site for movie lovers”

IOMovies is an easy-to-navigate website for movies, and the range of movie genres are indeed vast and surprising as you can catch up with almost any video you want. Moreover, besides movies, you can also watch TV series and soap operas as well. 

The platform proffers both simple and high definition content. The resolution is adjusted automatically according to your internet speed. Also, you can change it manually. There are many more features that you can explore and make your experience enjoyable.

Ads do pop up on this website, but that is bound to happen on any free site for movies. Overall, this website is totally worth it.

Try it out!

19. MoviesTime

“All-time Movies For You” 

Now the website MoviesTime literally has every movie to watch. From Hindi to English, a massive number of languages are available on this website, and everything is for free. Even the app is available where you can have more customized services and download options.

The website offers you Hollywood and Bollywood contents, and besides that, you can get dubs and subs for other movie languages. The range is pretty broad, and so is the genre. From the latest releases to old movies, this website indeed has it all.

This website requires VPN access to function. Movies like Joker, IT chapter 2, Adventurous of Olaf, and so on are available on this website. So basically, from tragedies to horror to animation, every type of movie is available to watch on this website. And for better functioning and to avoid ads, you can download the app and enjoy better movie services, which leads to a better movie experience.

Try it out!

20. Movie watcher

“Watch all Latest Movie Buzz For Free”

Movie watcher is another free website that offers excellent movie content. However, unlike most of the other sites, you have to create an account on this website to get on the road to watching various marvelous movies.

The best thing about this website is definitely the navigations. Columns like “latest releases” and “most popular” are available, which makes it easier for users to catch up with the buzz going around. These customized features are the reason why this site is liked and appreciated by its users.

The movies are also available in HD quality to watch for a higher definition experience. There are ads but not to the extent of bother, and that’s just the case with most of the other websites. And if the ads do bother, then one can simply download and watch it offline without having to worry about pop up ads. So, in one way or another, this website can be your real mate when it comes to movies and entertainment.

Try it out!

Final Verdict

Here is the list of popular alternatives to SolarMovie. All the other options are easily accessible so that they can reach out to them easily from the links provided. YifyMovies is one of the best alternatives which contains a lot of fun content for free. You can find your favorite movie or Tv show here. 

Vumoo and Movie4K are two other good alternatives which are at your service to provide lots of entertaining movies and TV shows. Explore through all the other options and get ready to indulge in fun and loving entertainment nights with your family and loved ones.


1. What Does SolarMovie Proffer?

With SolarMovie, you get plenty of options in movies and Tv shows with different genres to watch for free. You can easily find your favorite movie or show and feed to your cravings of different moods.

2. What About The Status Of The SolarMovie Website?

SolarMovie is running with active status. There might be some issues with the previous domain of the website. But with the links mentioned above, you can easily reach out to the site and have fun watching different movies and TV shows.

3. Are There Any Good Alternatives To The SolarMovie Website?  Which Are The Top 3?

Yes, there are plenty of alternatives to the site. YifyMovies tops the list and is no doubt one the best places to watch free content for entertainment. It is a popular alternative to SolarMovie. Vumoo and Movie4K also offer tons of free content. 

You can easily find the working links of the alternatives in the above guide. Explore your favorite choice and have fun watching your favorite movies and Tv shows.

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