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30 Best Sportsurge Alternatives in 2022

Sportsurge is one of the best free sports streaming platforms which allows users to watch NFL, NHL, NBA, MMA, and boxing games. 

However, there are times when the Sportsurge website is inaccessible.

Have you tried finding alternatives to Sportsurge that work just as well and failed?

Bother no more. The most exhaustive list of best Sportsurge alternatives in 2022 is here! 

In a hurry? Check out these 5 alternatives to Sportsurge:

  1. MLB TV – Best option for baseball lovers looking for free streaming
  2. Stream2watch – Online platform for watching live games through channels like HBO, ESPN, CNN, and more. 
  3. Volokit – Full package providing free streaming of games, on-demand content, highlights, and shows.
  4. Fite TV – American video streaming platform with over 4 million registered users.
  5. Strikeout – High-quality streaming service for sports lovers without any restrictions.

Sportsurge Official Website and Links

While we understand that Sportsurge is your go-to website when it comes to streaming sports games, there are situations when the official website of Sportsurge is blocked or inaccessible. For those situations, you can use the following list of alternative links.

Link 1

Link 2

Link 3

Link 4 

What is Sportsurge?


Sportsurge is an all-in-one sports streaming platform that allows you to watch live games. All major sports like basketball, football, boxing, baseball, and cricket are available on Sportsurge. Not only is the website free to use, but it also offers users the added advantage of using their mobile application for streaming live games with real-time statistics. 

How Can I Safely Stream Live Games on Sportsurge?

Due to copyright and other legal issues, access to free streaming platforms like Sportsurge is often banned or restricted in many countries. It is important to be aware of the pitfalls of using these sites without adopting measures for your safety and security. 

If there is only one step that you are willing to take to protect yourself, it should be using a VPN. Doing so protects you in two major ways – first, by changing your location online, it hides your identity, and second, by ensuring that your network is safe and secure, it protects you from intruders in the form of viruses. 

Best VPNs for Sportsurge

If you are someone who is not very well versed in the nuances of a VPN and are having difficulty choosing the right VPN, we have here a list of VPN service providers which are perfect for streaming sports on Sportsurge. 

  1. ExpressVPN – ExpressVPN is loved all across the globe as it is one service that has only bettered itself with time. Backed by a large server, ExpressVPN ensures super fast speed while streaming live matches. What’s more, it also protects you from malware. 
  2. NordVPN – If there is one service provider which comes close to ExpressVPN, it is NordVPN. Known for its stable network and compatibility with all major OS, NordVPN is the preferred choice of many streamers.

Best Alternatives To Sportsurge – 100% Working (2022 Updated)

It is always better to have a list of alternatives handy so that you do not miss watching crucial games due to the inaccessibility of Sportsurge. 

Below, we have compiled the list of 30 alternatives to Sportsurge that will save the day for you. 



Known for the amazing quality of its streaming service, VIPLeague is one of the most sought-after platforms. The chat box feature in VIPLeague ensures that sports fans can get the feel of watching the games with other sports fans, thereby enhancing the viewing experience. VIPLeague is free and covers all major sports like football, basketball, baseball, hockey, F1, and so on.

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If you are someone who is super excited about all sports covered on NBC, then Peacock is something that you must check out as it is NBCUniversal’s official streaming service.

There are three plans from which you can choose – Peacock Free, Peacock Premium with ads (subscription fee is $5 per month), and Peacock Premium no ads version (subscription fee is $10 per month). 


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Fite TV 


For MMA fans, Fite TV is the best option. It also features boxing, wrestling, and combat sports like martial arts. With a vast video library, there are two models for users to choose from – the free and paid model. It is one of the most popular American video streaming services which has over 4 million registered users.


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As the name suggests, Rojadirecta is a website that acts like an aggregator where you can find links to all the live sports streams online. Among the interesting features of this site are highlights, tutorials, and the crucial download option which lets users download sports events. Moreover, you will find all the important games right there on the home page.


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This is a paradise for baseball lovers. In fact, it is perfect for those looking to watch out-of-market MLB games. Apart from all the games that you can watch, MLB TV also features documentaries on baseball, videos capturing memorable game events, and lots of series films.

One of the best features of MLB TV is that when you click on a game to watch it, you get to choose the home or away option. This will affect the commentary that you will hear along with the game, giving you a customized viewing experience. 


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Just like MLB TV is renowned for baseball, myp2p is the favorite of football lovers. This does not mean that it does not cover other sports like basketball and boxing.

There have been user complaints about myp2p with specific reference to connectivity problems but the site has ensured that it addresses these grievances and caters to the sports lover. As the name suggests, it works on a peer-to-peer network which most believe is not the most updated technology in the present times. 


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This is one streaming platform that caters not just to the sports lover but also ensures that the movie buffs are happy. Crackstreams features sports like NBA, NFL, and MMA with a database that is regularly updated. Along with sports, Crackstreams features a lot of movies too.


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NBA games have a following of their own and NBA fans prefer that the site they use for streaming games features all NBA games in one place. NBAStream fits the description perfectly

The only minor issue with NBAStream is that while it asks you to register for a free account, you will still be required to enter your payment details which may be a bummer for some people. 


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This site is true to its name and allows users free streaming of live football games in Europe from the biggest league teams. Apart from this, it claims to be a complete website about Christiano Ronaldo and provides not just videos featuring him but also a short biography of the player.


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Like Rojadirecta, this is also a sports streaming aggregator. However, this site has been banned in the USA and Uk in the past. It is working in the EU though.

ATDHE is not restricted to one sport and you will be able to find working links to lots of live games on this website. 


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VIPBox is one of the most comprehensive streaming sites for sports as one can find all sports at one place.

The streaming is completely free and major sports covered include UFC, NBA, WWE, football, hockey, and the list goes on. 


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Many times sports lovers who watch live games miss a sense of community. Volokit makes sure that its users from around the world do not miss this sense of community while watching sports online. It provides access to a full list of sports streams that can meet the needs of any sports fan from any region of the world. 


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It has been seen that a lot of sports lovers use smart devices like Firestick to stream live games. One streaming site which caters to this need is Footybite. Apart from offering streams of popular games like football, basketball, baseball, hockey, and wrestling, it also features insightful articles on sports teams and players.


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Redbull TV


This is the official app by Redbull which provides users access to live events, music, sports, and entertainment from across the world. This ensures that users get to know their athletes apart from streaming various F1 races, mountain bike races, and eSports championships among other events. 


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Sony Liv


From the world of Sony, this mobile application allows you to stream sports events that you would generally watch on channels like the Ten channels and Sony ESPN.

Apart from watching these channels (in HD too), you can also watch and download past events. This makes it one of the most popular applications on the Google Play Store.


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Think American Football, think Feed2all. If there is one site that is dedicated to all football that is played in America, be it the national level games or even the college games, it is Feed2all. The best part is that you will find games at all stages, from playoffs to special events. 


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Fubo TV


Started in 2015, Fubo TV was initially focused on meeting the needs of soccer fans. Over time, though, it has transformed into a full-service sports streaming service. It is supremely popular in the online world with its number of users expanding rapidly. 


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Stream2watch was an early adopter of the online streaming service industry and it is no wonder that this site features the full range of sports events. Apart from sports, it also allows users to catch up on some entertainment by watching channels like the supremely popular MTV, ensuring that its users do not get bored for one second. 


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Two major sports that account for the majority of sports lovers across the globe are football and baseball. Initially, Strikeout focused on baseball events and with time, it expanded into football too.  

The only issue with Strikeout is that users need to be mindful of various suspicious links that one may click inadvertently leading to intrusion into your network or device. 


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VIPRow Sports


VIPRow Sports is another alternative to Sportsurge that covers all major sports on its platform. The ease of access to this website is one of its key features. 

Since it is free, there will be lots of ads to contend with. But it is secure in the sense that you do not need to sign up on the website so if you are using a VPN, you do not part away with any sensitive information about yourself or your network


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With the rise of unofficial streaming sites offering content for free, TV channels are also waking up to the world of streaming. In this context, WatchESPN is one of the best sites for watching NFL, MLB and soccer games live.

The loophole here being that this site caters mainly to those who have subscribed to ESPN. However, even non-subscribers can watch sports events if they have subscribed to apps like Hulu or YouTubeTV as ESPN has tie-ups with them. 


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Stream East  

Stream East is certainly a good alternative to Sportsurge with the only problem being that it is not easily available in all countries. The search engine feature of the website which lets you search for the stream of your choice in a matter of seconds is to die for. 


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CricFree TV


Asia and the UK are two areas of the world that house a lot of cricket fans and it would be unfair if a streaming site with a focus on the sport was not included in this list. 

The model of CricFree TV is this – it provides cricket lovers with a decent number of links to global sports events. 


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Sports news as a category on streaming sites is an area that has been explored by Buffstreams. Apart from being a free streaming service, Buffstreams also features sports news on its platform. Its database is updated quite frequently, making it one of the popular sports streaming platforms. 


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If you are interested in sports like Ice Hockey and are fed up with the fact that you cannot find one genuine site streaming them, then Firstrowsports is what you are looking for. Apart from the sports mentioned earlier on in this post, Firstrowsports also features sports like Ice Hockey and Cricket. Furthermore, it allows one to stream using devices like Firestick. 


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This is a website which you can use to get up-to-date information regarding all football matches. From the schedule of matches to the channels which will be hosting those games, Hesgoal has it all. More so, it is also where one can watch the games live. 


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Like Cricfree TV, CricHD is also a hit among cricket lovers. All you need is a device and a working internet connection and you are all set to catch the latest action in the world of cricket. 


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Hotstar is an Indian brand of streaming service owned and operated by divisions of The Walt Disney Company. It is a full-service streaming platform covering TV shows, movies, and sports. Live cricket and football matches can be streamed using the Hotstar app. 


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The name couldn’t be clearer. NFLbite is a site where you can stream all NFL games for free. The best features of NFLbite include its high quality of streams and superb coverage of NFL games. The dampener is the fact that there is not much content apart from NBA and NFL games. 


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NBC Sports


NFL, NBA, Soccer, Nascar, Golf, Cycling, Horses, Olympics – name the sport and you will find its coverage on NBC Sports. Despite having such comprehensive coverage, NBC Sports evokes reviews that are completely opposite to each other. While some reviews tout it as the best sports news website, other reviews of NBC Sports are not much to brag about.

For those looking to catch up on some free sports content, using the Peacock app makes more sense than this site as it has a lot of free content. 


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Sportsurge – FAQs

  • Can you stream games on Sportsurge on your mobile too?

Yes, you can stream games on your mobile too using the Sportsurge app or website. 

  • Is the Sportsurge website down?

The Sportsurge website is currently functional. 

  • What are the ways in which I can reduce risks while using Sportsurge?

Use of VPN is strongly encouraged when using free streaming platforms like Sportsurge.

  • What are the alternatives to Sportsurge?

Contrary to popular belief, there are tens of alternatives to Sportsurge like Myp2p, Viprowsports, Peacock, Hotstar, Sony Liv, and many more.

  • What is it that makes Sportsurge unique?

The one feature that distinguishes Sportsurge from other sites is that it has real-time statistics and player information along with living games. 

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