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Stream2Watch Alternative 2022: 10+ Sites Likes Stream2Watch


Stream2Watch is a renowned open-source platform for streaming live TV sports channels online. This spectacular site offers a vast range of live streams to watch sports that run the gamut from Baseball, Football, NBA, Table Tennis, to Hockey, Cricket, Billiards, NFL, Tennis, you name it. In fact, you can also watch channels such as HBO, Animal Planet, ABC, FOX, to name a few. 

The most fascinating aspect about Stream2watch is that it is legal and offers free sports streaming. However, if you are not able to access the site for some reason, we have collated a list of the best sites like Stream2Watch. Many of these alternatives to Stream2Watch are also free sports streaming sites that offer similar experience with identical graphical interfaces. So, without further ado, let’s get started. 

10+ Best Sites Like Stream2Watch 2022: Watch Live Sports Online

1) Live Soccer TV

sites like Stream2Watch

Soccer lovers will be in awe of Live Soccer TV since it is tailor-made for all soccer aficionados worldwide. Bolstered by a super responsive UI, Live Soccer TV lays down third party links of all the matches playing all over the world including the English Premier League. 

Moreover, Live Soccer TV provides soccer fans with valuable information about the latest fixtures, team rosters, players, sports news, and more. It is available on both Android as well as iOS platforms. 

2) Fox Sports Go

sites like Stream2Watch

Considered by many as one of the best alternatives to Stream2Watch, Fox Sports Go offers live sports and events from Fox Sports network, including FS1, FS2,  Big Ten Network, FOX Soccer Plus, FOX Deportes, and more.

The most fascinating aspect about this site is that it provides free streams, and is available both for Android and iOS users. Just as a heads up, you need to sign in on Fox Sports Go with your cable TV service provider credentials for an unhindered live streaming experience on the website.

3) LiveTV

sites like stream2watch

A name synonymous with free sports streaming, LiveTV is a neatly arranged repository of working live streams of sports matches that are being streamed on major sports streaming platforms online. Since Live TV merely redirects users to other websites, it is absolutely free. 

Furthermore, Live TV also lets you have access to all the upcoming matches, latest fixtures as well watch already live matches. Which is why it is touted as one of the best sites like Stream2Watch where you can gorge on live sports content in full HD resolution.

4) FirstRowSports

strea2watch alternative

Boasting an ultra clean and streamlined interface, First Row Sports is one of the premier destinations to watch sports online. You can gorge on HD streams without any lags whatsoever.

All the streams on this site load faster and smoothly compared to many other similar alternatives. You can watch a plethora of sports like Soccer, NFL, Baseball, Rugby, etc. in HD quality. In fact, there are many sites like FirstRowSports that may offer all the aforementioned sporting events, but the quality may not be the same.

One nifty aspect about this live sports haven is that you can get timely updates about the latest score lines without even streaming the video. However, you may have to put up with ads on FirstRowSports which might affect your streaming experience.

5) Laola1 TV

sites like firstrowsports

Laola1 has become a household name amongst football aficionados across the world. The site came to prominence after it provided live streams of Spanish football La Liga matches, but currently Laola1 TV also offers streams of various other popular international sports as well such as Table Tennis, Badminton, Volleyball, to name a few. 

The streaming quality of videos is exemplary although the interface has remained the same over the years. This website is made explicitly for users from Australia, but you can still use it to stream matches, which are go-restricted for you.

6) Feed2All 

sites like firstrowsports

True of its name, Feed2All provides live sports streams to everyone around the world for free. The site is pretty famous among hardcore sports enthusiasts as it can even provide live streams of Olympics, Winter Olympics and several such events. Feed2All offers easy navigation and features a dark mode by default.

Sports buffs can easily search for matches in various international or national leagues of various games such as soccer, NFL, Rugby, Ice Hockey and choose their time zones as per preference.

7) Bosscast

free sports streaming sites

Primarily fixated on sports such as American Football, Baseball,  and Basketball, Bosscast is an American streaming site that has received rave reviews from sports critics. You can easily sift through multiple sports channels on it’s straightforward interface whilst checking out the review of your chosen channel(s). 

If you want to engage in some animated and lively conversations centered around your favourite sport, then there’s a chat box on the right side of the screen to read inputs by fellow sporting enthusiasts. All together, Bosscast is one of the best Stream2Watch alternatives out there on the market. 

8) CricHD

sites like Stream2Watch

Although the name CricHD evokes a site centered around Cricket, that’s far from the truth. After starting out as a Cricket only live streaming site, CricHD has now branched out into providing HD videos of other trending sports such as Basketball, Baseball, Soccer, etc.

This site provides a clean and fantastic user-friendly interface. On the left side of the You can suss out all the latest sports TV channels to watch for free by hovering your mouse onto the left side of the homepage. While the UI is spic-and-span with nice overlays, CricHD also displays TV channels in many international languages, however, English channels provide the best HD video quality.

9) Sports RAR TV

stream2watch alternative

A relatively new site, Sports RAR TV has rapidly risen through the ranks to become a premier sporting destination to watch all your favorite sports. On the homepage, Sports RAR TV shows all the games stacked in groups which are live as well as all the upcoming matches and fixtures from various leagues around the world. 

You may also refer to a calendar to keep up with all the previous scoreliness of past matches. One of most striking aspects about Sports RAR TV is that it only provides legal streams available in your country and this is what makes it a viable alternative to sites like Stream2Watch. 

10) CricFree

stream2watch alternative

On the lines of CricHD, CricFree rapidly rose in popularity as a Cricket-only streaming site, however of late, the site has traversed into other sports feeds as well. Better still, Cricket streams are still the primary attraction of this site since it offers feeds from channels such as Sky Sports 1 and Sky Sports 2.

Interestingly, CricFree also redirects users to third-party sources such as Live TV for more streams of their favourite sports. On the downside, the user interface of CricFree is not quite great and you may come across too many advertisements and pop-ups.


We are pretty sure that after going through this list, you have found some great new4 sites similar to Stream2Watch, which are also filled to the brim with free HD sports streams and variety. 

While some sites offer free, quality streaming and are focused on one particular sport or league, others provide a ton of  streams traversing a plethora of sports. Hence, the ball is in your court to decide which of the aforementioned sites perfectly fit into your scheme of things.

And..that’s a wrap! Did you like our list of the best sites like Stream2Watch? Sound off in the comments.

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